The Direct Coupled Actuator you are Looking for not in stock? No problem

One of the really cool things about direct coupled actuators like those made by companies like Belimo, Honeywell, Johnson, Siemens, and Invensys TAC is that they can be usually be inter changed. Meaning if you have a 35 inch pound Belimo direct mount actuator, but there is not a Belimo 35 inch-pound direct mount actuator to be found in your city, you should be able to replace it with a Honeywell 35 inch pound direct mount actuator, or a Johnson 35 inch-pound direct mount actuator. Although each brand of actuator has it’s pros and cons they all for the most part  close in quality and value. So if you have a job that has all Belimo and you need a replacement Belimo actuator but your local distributor does not have one on the shelf and you cannot wait for a Belimo actuator to be shipped then most likely you can find a comparable Honeywell, Johnson,Siemens,or Invensys actuator to handle your emergency.

So if you are needing to replace a Belimo LMB24-3 you could go with the Honeywell ML6161B 2024, or if you had a Belimo LMB24-3-S you could replace it with the Honeywell ML7161A 2008 plus a Honeywell 201052B

You can possible even stay with the same brand actuator for example if you need to replace a Belimo LMB24-3 which is a Belimo 35 inch pound non spring return actuator but your local wholesaler only has the Belimo LMB24-3-S you are in good shape and can use the Belimo LMB24-3-S because it is the same actuator except the Belimo LMB24-3-S has an auxiliary switch on the actuator so you would not wire the auxiliary switch and you would be good to go.

When replacing a direct coupled actuator it is best to think in terms of the application not just the part number. There might be a better actuator for the application and this is where a controls specialist like those at Stromquist & Company can really help. Companies like Honeywell, Belimo, Johnson, and Siemens are constantly improving their products. A control specialist is going to want to know things like what is your actuator mounted on? How much torque do you need? What is your control signal? Is it a 4-20 ma signal or 0-10 volt signal? What size shaft is your actuator mounted on? and are you using any auxiliary switches? The good news is a complete part number will give a control specialist all this information, so you should only need to provide this on new applications or retrofits.

Stromquist has an excellent direct coupled actuator application selection guide on the Stromquist website

Master Distributors like Stromquist & Company handle all the major control lines. Stromquist & Company keeps a huge inventory of Belimo, Honeywell, Siemens, Johnson, and Invensys actuators in stock for same day pick up or same day shipping. For you convenience here is a cross reference of some of the major direct coupled actuator lines:

Stromquist_Cross Reference Guide for Belimo, Honeywell Johnson, Siemens, TAC Actuators

This cross reference comes compliments of Belimo, but the Honeywell, Johnson, Siemens, and Invensys TAC all have their own cross references and selection guides. Your best bet is to contact your controls specialist at Stromquist & Company. If you are not a Stromquist & Company customer or located in Georgia or Florida please contact one of our affiliates at Controls Group North America.

Eric Stromquist

Eric Stromquist

Eric has been in the controls industry since 1979. His passion for controls and the desire to provide an easy way for HVAC professionals to keep up with the rapid changes in controls technology inspired him to create Controltrends.

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    The direct mount actuator article was interesting and accurate in that direct mount actuators can be interchanged because the mouting requirements are easier vs. an old foot-mount actuator requiring swivels, a crankarm and a rod.

    The cross-reference guide is a very good resource tool since replacing a direct mount actuator is a selection process requiring voltage, control signal, Spring vs. Non-Spring and the torque.

    Very nice article

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    Good article on direct mount actuators. Given the ability to mount the actuator on the damepr shaft vs. foot-mounted with all the accessories. Saves time and money.

    Actuator selection is easier than valve sizing. You need to know the torque requirements, Spring vs. Non-Spring Return, voltage and control signal.

    The cross-reference chart is a valuable tool for the serviceman and is used frequently to cross over these actuators.

    The mindset is different on direct mount actuators vs. foot mount; much easier to work with and service.

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