CRB Innovative Laboratory Design at the Kansas Bioscience Park Venture Accelerator Building

CRB: Design Innovation at its Finest. This is a great video presentation of how extensive collaboration and teamwork can take multiple system integration from conceptual stage to operational reality for maximum efficiency. The building systems include: solar water pre-heating, energy recovery inside the air handlers, efficient air quality design, daylight harvesting, and a heat pump system that uses the neighboring lake to heat and cool the entire building. The results at the Kansas Bioscience Park Venture Accelerator Building are just plain impressive: ROI in 3.2 years, Yearly Energy Savings of 45%, and Genuine Customer Satisfaction. Take a look!

Ken Smyers

Ken Smyers

Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of the CTA Awards. HVAC and Security Sales Engineer and Integration Consultant with over thirty years of industry experience.

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