Watch Bob Light off a Maxon Burner…….Boom!!!

Stromquist & Company’s Bob Koch demonstrates in a very effective simulation how a typical commercial burner operates, using real and fully functioning parts and pieces (quite professionally, we might add) that create the safest burner environment possible and assure that there is NO BIG BOOM! Bob walks through every aspect of the combustion train, from the main gas pressure and Maxitrol appliance regulators,to the Antunes high-low gas pressure switches, to the MAXON double block and bleed gas safety shutoff valves, to the Honeywell UV scanner and RM7800 series flame safeguard controller with its display module used for start-up and trouble-shooting. Great job Bob!

Eric Stromquist

Eric Stromquist

Eric has been in the controls industry since 1979. His passion for controls and the desire to provide an easy way for HVAC professionals to keep up with the rapid changes in controls technology inspired him to create Controltrends.

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