2014 IBcon PreConference Day 1 Recap — Intel Announces E2E Solutions, Enters Building Business

Day 1 featured an incredible number of sessions and speakers: CIO Roundtable, COO Innovation Summit, Intelligent Building Boot Camp, the New Sustainability Executive Smart Building Symposium, and the New Smart Building Integrator Summit, which I moderated along with Automated Buildings’ Ken Sinclair. Jim Young prophesied that 2014 would be a game-changer and was proved right with Intel’s announcement of their world-wide deployment of their E2E Embedded Solutions Group’s faster, simpler, easier and secure (McAffee) solutions for the Building Business. IT Security expert, Billy Rios, Director of Threat Intelligence at Qualys, offered prescriptive measures for Systems Integrators, and much, much more! Stay tuned for more updates and coverage.

Eric Stromquist

Eric Stromquist

Eric has been in the controls industry since 1979. His passion for controls and the desire to provide an easy way for HVAC professionals to keep up with the rapid changes in controls technology inspired him to create Controltrends.

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  1. says

    The Intel Quark SoC X1000 product is a definite game changer for the building automation market. It’s definitely something to keep our eye on. Very exciting stuff.

  2. Ken SmyersKen Smyers says

    Intel® Quark™ SoC X1000 series expand/collapse
    formerly Clanton Launched Q2’14
    Platform highlights
    Optimized for thermally constrained, fanless, and headless designs
    Integration of high-speed and low-speed I/O interfaces, clocks, and voltage regulator in a 15mm x 15mm package
    Hardware-enabled security and manageability
    Extended temperature range options
    # of cores1
    power (w)2.2
    cache16 KB
    clock speed400 MHz
    max memory2 GB

  3. says

    “They are scum, they want to take over the world economies and control earth as we know it. This is a software program that has several apps, like My – Wi and My3g. The left soft-key, Start, gives you icons of all your programs and tools.

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