How to Navigate Change in the Building Automation Controls Industry

Thanks to Ken Sinclair, from, for having the vision to put together the Connected Community Collaboratory. We had the privilege of filming the last two collaborators. This video epitimizes the intent of the colloboratory as Andy McMillan, the president of BACnet international, gives some priceless advice to one of the attendees.

Belimo Energy Valve Wins Energy Saving Product of The Year

Congratulations to Belimo! The Belimo Energy Valve was chosen by the world-wide ControlTrends Community as the winner of the coveted Energy Savings Product of the Year. Belimo’s Gary Weber accepted the award at the 2014 ControlTrends Awards event in Chicago. The Belimo Energy Valve is a pressure independent valve, that measures and manages coil energy by using an embedded electromagnetic or ultrasonic flow meter, along with supply and return water temperature sensors.

The Energy Valve also has the patented Power Control and Belimo Delta T Manager logics built-in that monitors coil performance and optimizes the available energy of the coil by maintaining the Delta T. In addition to the standard analog signal and feedback wiring, it communicates its data to the Building Management System via BACnet MS/TP or BACnet IP. The built-in web server collects up to 13 months of data that can be downloaded to external tools for further optimization. Some of these features contribute to LEED points.

Enegy Savings Product of The Year from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.

Bill Jones Tech Tips: Making Liquid Level Gauges Work

Everything you need to know about liquid level gauges but were afraid to ask. Liquid level gauges, like the ones made by Conbraco, are in every equipment room. As simple as they might seem, if you have ever had to replace one, they can be tricky. Not to worry, Stromquist & Company’s, Bill Jones, an expert on Conbraco products, takes the mystery out of liquid level gauges in this informative tech tip. Thank You Mr. Jones!

Johnson Controls Business Conference Update: Meet the ABCS Channel Managers

Rob Allen, our man in the field, meets the new Johnson Controls ABCS Channel Managers. Rob introduces us to Robert Harland, Dan Preston (ABCS Channel Sales Manager) and King Thomas (ABCS Channel Director). They discuss the recent reorganization of the ABCS channel and how they plan to operate in the different regions. Rob and the leadership also discuss some of the ideas from the business track presented at the Conference.

Johnson Controls Business Conference Update: Making The Connected Community Work for You

Rob Allen catches up with Heather Ausmus at the 2015 Johnson Control Business Conference and gets the latest on the Johnson Controls Connected Community website. As you will see, this is quite a tool and a wealth of information.

Johnson Controls Business Conference Update: The New Digital Thermostats

Rob Allen’s latest update comes from the Johnson Controls Product show. Rob gets the 411 on Johnson Controls New Digital thermostats, new features on the Johnson Controls Energy meters.and Johnson Controls wireless pneumatic thermostats.

Rob Allen Live at the Johnson Controls Business Conference: Part 1

Our Rob Allen gets ready for the 2015 Johnson Controls Business Conference in Orlando. In this first segment, Rob get’s familiar with his equipment and resolves a little identity crisis. Stay on top of Johnson Controls’ 2015 ABCS and Distributor Conference here at ControlTrends as Rob delivers daily interviews, updates, and conference highlights to the ControlTrends Community. Johnson Controls’ theme this year is Championship Season 2015, Spring Training.

2014 ControlTrends Awards Best Technical Support Person – Large Manufacturer

Congratulations to Johnson Controls’ Greg Wilmer and Delta Controls’ Greg Holloway co-winners of the 2014 ControlTrends Award Best Technical Support Person of the Year — Large Manufacturer. It was with extreme pleasure to recognize these two most deserving and dedicated HVAC veterans — in such a befitting and exciting venue. Congratulations once again!