ControlTrends Awards Highlight: Honeywell Wins 2012 Vendor of The Year!

Scott Cochrane and Ron Bernstein jointly announce Honeywell as the 2012 ControlTrends Vendor of the Year. Whether it is Honeywell WEBs-AX™, WebStat® or WebVision™, Honeywell has a building management solution (BMS) that takes all the aspects of your building and occupant needs into consideration to maximize energy efficiency and make management of your facility simpler and more convenient.

ControlTrends Awards Highlight: On the Red Carpet with J2 Innovations

Scott Muench tells the ControlTrends Community why J2’s FIN Builder was nominated for Automation Graphics Tool of the Year — FIN Builder provides the one tool to do it all. You can now train employees in FIN Builder (who don’t need to understand details about Niagara, Sedona, etc.) to build the entire Graphical User Interface (GUI), lowering your total direct costs on the job.

J2 Innovations Announces The Official Release of Fin 3.0

Congratulations to the team at J2 for the release of Fin 3.0

Here is what they had to say:

FIN 3.0 is the combination of our new FIN Stack applications server, updated FIN Builder graphics tool, and an updated FIN Mobile app. We are also proud of the many successful new FIN Stack installations and its rapid adoption this past year during the early access program. FIN Stack has been even more successful than we hoped and is already controlling and monitoring over 1,500 buildings worldwide!

Visit our website to find out more about FIN 3.0 and how it could help you. To send us a request with any questions you may have click on our “get started” page.

We would also love to schedule a meeting and give you a live demo of FIN 3.0, so if you’re interested, get a hold of us at as soon as you read this!!

ControlTrends HighLight: Werner Buck Inducted into ControlTrends Hall of Fame

Werner Buck’s illustrious career is punctuated by yet another award, as the former president of Belimo Aircontrols (USA) and one of the most recognized innovators in the HVAC industry, is awarded the inaugural ControlTrends Hall of Fame Award for his outstanding professional and community contributions. ControlTrends will continue its efforts to chronicle the origins, people, and legacies of our HVAC Industry.

ControlTrends Awards Highlight: In the Winner’s Circle with ACI’s Brian Stats

Automation Components, Inc. — ACI won the 2013 ControlTrends Awards Small Manufacturer of the Year because the ControlTrends Community voted ACI 2013’s top manufacturer and distributor of sensors and integration accessories vital to the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Industry. Founded in 1991, ACI continues to grow and now employs over 160 quality individuals!

2012 ControlTrends Awards Highlights — HVAC’s Hollywood Reel

The HVAC Industry is alive and full of world-class people! Enjoy this highlight video of the superstars and heroes captured at the 2012 ControlTrends Awards in Dallas,TX. These are the men and women who make the HVAC Industry the important and successful industry that it is today!

Get Ready For The 2013 ControlTrends Awards from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.

On the Red Carpet with Johnson Controls at the 2013 ControlTrends Awards

Johnson Controls’ Vice President & General Manager, Chris Eichmann, King Thomas, Dan Flaherty, and FX Senior Product Manager, Chris Lane join ControlTrends on the Red Carpet for a memorable interview moment just prior to the start of the show. Chris Lane would later become Co-winner of the 2013 ControlTrends Best Technical Support Person of The Year.

Johnson Controls on the Red Carpet 2013 at the ControlTrends Awards from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.

ControlTrends Awards Highlight: Niagara AX Wins 2013 Graphic Tool of the Year

Niagara AX brings home the Graphic Tool of the Year Award. Niagara AX features a comprehensive graphical tool set that enables non-programmers to build rich applications in a drag-and-drop environment. The winning Niagara AX combination brings all the components together to build control strategies, alarming and scheduling applications — as well as create browser-based displays and reports.

2013 ControlTrends Awards Highlights: Live Inside the Winners Circle from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.

Honeywell Walks the Red Carpet at the 2013 ControlTrends Awards

As we prepare for another exciting and entertaining evening of ControlTrends Awards memorable moments, meet Honeywell’s Roger Rebennack, Laura Kevitt, Patty Hall, and the eventual 2013 Executive of the Year, Honeywell’s Tom Rosback as they celebrate the 2013 ControlTrends Awards at NCY’s BB King Blues Club.

On The Red Carpet With Honeywell from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.