Introducing 2014 Residential Thermostat of The Year Nominee: Honeywell Lyric

Round is cool again! Honeywell introduced the T87 Round thermostats when Ken Smyers, the man, the myth, the legend was but a mere tike. Round gave way to rectangular shaped thermostats and round stats got lost in the thermostatic style wars. It took a guy from Apple, Tony Fadell, to make round cool again when he introduced the Nest thermostat a couple of years ago.

Not to be out done, Honeywell, the original purveyors of round, packed over 100 years of Honeywell control know-how into the ultra cool Honeywell Lyric. Are the Honeywell Lyric and Nest the two front runners in the 2014 Residential Thermostat of The Year Award? Will round triumph over rectangular?

There is only one way to find out…stay tuned for the 2014 ControlTrends Awards.

ControlTrends Training: High Pressure Refrigeration Controls

A special thanks to Mike Glenn from Jonson Controls for putting this training video on High Pressure Refrigeration controls together. You can also check out Mike’s video on low pressure refrigeration controls by clicking here.

These switches regulate critical functions within a refrigeration system and are essential to its proper operation. Low-pressure switches are commonly used to control compressor operation or act as a low-limit control.

High-pressure controls sense compressor discharge pressure and can stop the compressor in case of excessively high pressures. Dual-pressure controls are comprised of low pressure and high-pressure controls mounted in a single housing, with a single switch operated by either control. Other functions of mechanical pressure switches include condenser fan cycling and oil pressure safety control.

DGLogik Introduces Project Assist for DGLux5

Easily creating an application or dashboard to monitor your building data CAN happen in the nick of time with DGLogik’s evolutionary new wizard, Project Assist for DGLux5. Their team has created a “plug and play” wizard that allows users you to start designing and developing data-driven applications with some clicks and drags of a few buttons within a modern-design environment. There are four main menu components that provide a “hand-holding”, design and development experience. Read below.

The Four Main Building Components of Project Assist

Project Navigation

Project Navigation is where users build a navigation tree and prepare relativization through device templates. It allows users to build, organize and define an entire project, query and pull in selected devices and data points. Creating a full project hierachy includes: Regions, Campuses, Buildings, Floor Plans, Schedulers, Charts, Alarms, and Custom HVAC Equipment.

Manage Templates

Managing Templates is where users define tree components with graphical references, zones and equipment visualizations. It’s essentially where one builds all “user side” graphical assets for the entire project. Import all building models and/or floor plans, link relevant nodes, and create fully customizable building equipment with DGLogik’s stock HVAC library entirely via a drag and drop environment. Have some of your own HVAC Graphics? No problem! Project Assist allows users to easily add their own HVAC graphics to the project!

Style Manager

The style manager gives users project property editability and style element flexibility that helps brand the entire application. Project Assist provides users with the modern necessities to customize applications and projects without having to completely think and create like a designer. Control and customize things like: Colors, Corner Styles (Round or sharp), Shadows & Reflections, Background Images & Watermarks. The best part is that you can save multiple themes and save them as style templates.

Launch Viewer

This feature simply serves as your landing page. It gives you the end result of your entire creation. LEARN MORE about Project Assist for DGLux5 by visiting

ControlTrends People: Chris Eichmann from Johnson Controls

Johnson-ControlsI had a chance to sit down and talk with the ever impressive Chris Eichmann from Johnson Controls. Find out what Chris had to say about how Johnson Controls is adding even more to their value proposition, a special Johnson Controls Event for 2015, and what makes the Johnson people and products such compelling choices for the 2014 ControlTrends Awards. Chris Eichmann, VP & General Manager, Controls & BAS Distribution, is a former recipient of the ControlTrends HVAC Controls Executive of The Year, and because of his outstanding leadership and commitment to excellence, is in the hunt for another trophy at this year’s awards.

Why the World Loves The Belimo Energy Valve

See why the Belimo Energy Valve is a finalist for the 2014 ControlTrends Energy Savings Solution/Product of the Year and the 2014 ControlTrends Awards Innovative Product of the Year. The Belimo Energy Valve was recognized and nominated by the world-wide ControlTrends Community. Good luck to Belimo and all the finalist for the 2104 ControlTrends Awards to be held January 26, 2015 in Chicago.

Eric’s Teacher on Ted Talk

Marshall Thurber is a teacher that has had a profound impact on my life and business philosophy. I had the good fortune to study and work with Marshall for many years.I quote him often on ControlTalk Now.To get a feel for Marshall, check out this video of Marshall doing a Ted Talk in Melbourne.

Live Stream Rewind: KMC Simply VAV Training

This is a replay of a Live Steam training class held at Stromquist & Company. Thanks to Doug Miller and Erich Kreuter, from KMC Controls, for this great training session on the KMC Simply VAV controller. Simple to set up, with no software needed, this controller is powerful and functions equally as well as a stand-alone solution or the VAV controller of choice on a BACnet full-blown control system.