2015 Haystack Connect — Day 2 Highlights

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 9.21.37 AMDay Two of 2015 Haystack Connect began with a hoax-busting integration experience, as Jason Briggs and Scott Muench configured a Haystack project involving 10 participating vendors, employing a uniquely entertaining and unprecedented live demonstration of the potency and inevitability of Haystack tagging (Video to follow). Adoption of Haystack’s naming conventions and taxonomies — will make it more cost effective to analyze, visualize, and derive value from our operational data, period.

Keynote speakers Jack McGowan, The McGowan Group reminded the audience that neither the strongest nor the smartest ones are the most likely to survive; but rather, the ones most responsive to change. Electricity is the highest quality fuel we have and the most volatile. The cost of energy is a pain point that the Haystack Community has the skills that can help alleviate that pain, while maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage over non-adopters. Peter Kelly-Ditwiler, North Energy Partners followed with a very powerful message — Power to the Periphery: The Future of Electricity. Peter’s renown stems from global experience and over 200 Fortune Magazine articles, though his humorous anecdotes, including Sprint’s streaming of a celebrity’s funeral that took their global network down, revealed how improbable events will require extraordinary measures of redundancy and foresight.

Many videos and highlights to follow. Visit Project Haystack in the near future for review of all the 2015 Haystack Connect general and breakout sessions.

Haystack Connect 2015: Open Source Community Resumes Plenary Session, Colorado Springs, CO

pikes_peakThe majestic snow covered Pikes Peak contrasted by the wondrous earthy red rock formations of the Garden of the Gods provided a suitably inspiring setting for Haystack Connect as it resumed its mission to adroitly usher in the world of self-defining data — in a collaborative way that no single-minded entity could possibly achieve. Marc Petock and three special guests, Brian Frank, Anno Scholten, and Richard McElhinney join ControlTrends for a pre-reception discussion of why some 240 of the top global automation and IoT professionals are attending the second Haystack Connect meeting, and what the continued growth and success of Project Haystack represents for the future of building data.

More about the guests:

Bryan Frank, founder and president of SkyFoundry, a software company specializing in the storage, analysis, and visualization of data from the Internet of Things. SkyFoundry’s software is used across the world in thousands of sites to analyze and optimize M2M systems including energy, HVAC, and lighting.

Anno Shelton, C.E.M., C.D.S.M. and President of CONNEXX Energy. Anno has spent the last 25 years driving innovation in building control systems and smart grid technologies where he has developed leading edge, smart grid energy products for the commercial building markets. Anno is a widely recognized industry expert and sought after speaker at building automation and smart grid conferences and holds a US Patent on a distributed-architecture building controller.

Richard McElhinney, Chief Software Architect at Airmaster Australia and Conserve it. Richard is a founding member of the Project Haystack 501C corporation and a member of the board of directors. As an early contributor to project-haystack.org Richard was the author of the first Niagara AX semantic modelling implementation which has served as the basis for the current NHaystack implementation.

More Information/Haystack Connect 2015 Agenda:

Day 1 General Session, Opening Comments and Keynote Speakers: David Mantell, Vodafone and Dr. Milan Milenkovic, Intel.

Day 2 General Session, Multi-Vendor Demo and Keynote Speakers: Jack McGowan, The McGowan Group and Peter Kelly
Detwiler, NorthBridge Energy Partners.

Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy’s: Building America Program

DOE1Dear Building America colleague: The May 2015 issue of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Building America Update newsletter is now available! Read this issue to learn about:
* Building America teams Advanced Residential Integrated Energy Solutions (ARIES) and the NorthernSTAR Building America Partnership, pioneers in innovative building technologies;
* Results from the 2015 Race to Zero Student Design Competition;
* New funding from DOE for Building America team partnerships;
* May 20 Building America webinar: Resolving Codes and Standards Issues to Energy Innovations;
* New Building America Code Compliance Brief for continuous rigid Insulation for cladding/furring attachment. Call for abstracts for Buildings XIII Conference—Thermal Performance of the Exterior Envelopes, due May 29, 2015;
* 2015 Housing Innovation Award application period open through May 31, 2015;
* Upcoming new features for Building America Solution Center: improved navigation, checklists, Building Science Sales Tool;
* Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Buildings Crowdsourcing Community website;
* Call for entries for the 2015 GreenBuilder magazine Home of the Year Awards; and
* Residential success stories highlighting ARIES and NorthernSTAR team projects.

Building America in the news: The latest publications from Building America: measure guidelines, case studies for new and existing homes and technologies, and more!

DOE Building AmericaRead the full May issue for the latest news and information from Building America.

Learn more about the Building America program. And, please forward this notice to interested colleagues.

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Sierra Monitor’s Webinar: Introduction to the EZ Gateway

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 11.50.40 AMRegister today for an educational webinar introducing our new EZ Gateway!

Integrating Modbus devices into BACnet networks is a common field application. Completing this integration in an efficient, reliable, and repeatable fashion is a requirement in today’s environment. Our expert instructor, Richard Theron, will discuss how simple it is to connect Modbus devices to BACnet systems with the EZ Gateway and how to lower commissioning time and costs with features such as EZ Profiles and DeviceProxy™. smc3 REGISTER NOW!

What: Introduction to the EZ Gateway
Date: Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm PST SMC_1

The EZ Gateway, the quick and easy Modbus to BACnet solution!

The EZ Gateway Modbus to BACnet is a quick and easy solution to a system integrator’s Modbus to BACnet integration needs, the integrator or contractor does not need to be a protocol expert to connect any Modbus device to a BACnet system using either BACnet protocol.

DeviceProxy™, our unique device management feature allows each Modbus device to be presented as a corresponding virtual BACnet device, thereby providing granular visibility and control over each Modbus device within a BACnet management framework (examples: offline or online status is visible at the individual Modbus device).
With EZ Profiles, integrators can create or upload predefined configuration Modbus to BACnet files into the EZ Gateway for fast configuration & commissioning.

To learn more about our EZ Gateway Modbus to BACnet, visit our website and watch our EZ Gateway YouTube video.

Contemporary Controls’ BASintegratorJ2: Niagara AX Integration via Haystack

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 9.21.01 AMMay 2015 — The BASintegratorJ2 uses a subset of J2innovations’s FIN stack to create a powerful, yet flexible intelligent gateway that integrates Modbus and BACnet points up to Project Haystack clients.

Built on Contemporary Controls’ open automation Linux platform, the BASintegratorJ2 can discover points and apply Haystack tags to serve up to building supervisors such as Niagara’s AX Supervisor. Using an open and free Haystack driver in the AX Supervisor, the AX Supervisor only needs to know the IP address of the BASintegratorJ2s in the network for a seamless interface to all points on a job regardless of the type of point. The result is an inexpensive, yet modern approach to building automation where access to structured data is critical.

Project Haystack is an open-source initiative that incorporates a data model that creates structure to this data through naming conventions. The tagging convention is driven through public comment. Using Project Haystack conventions, the BASintegratorJ2 not only provides structure to data but also captures the data in a cost-effective manner while delivering tagged field data up to building supervisors.

Haystack Connect 2015: Smart Data. Smart Devices. Smart Buildings => Smart Business

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 9.21.37 AMHaystack Connect, THE conference that focuses on real world solutions for connecting data from diverse systems and devices from across the Internet of Things, begins on Monday May 18. There is still time to register to attend this important and informative event. For professionals involved in systems integration, and applications that utilize sensor and operational data its not to be missed.

Here are just a few reasons to attend:

* A stellar lineup of keynote speakers including: David Mantell, Vodafone, Dr. Milan Milenkovic, Intel, Jack McGowan, The McGowan Group, Peter Kelly Detwiler, Northbridge Energy Partners
* Technical sessions by industry experts on topics including: Data Modeling in the real world, Wireless Technology – from cellular to the sensor, Analytics, Key Business Trends Affecting Systems Integrators, Cyber Security, and Data Visualization
* An in-person, working group meeting of the Project-Haystack community
* Key announcements about Project-Haystack
* The return of the Interoperable Blues Band — an industry legend!
* J2 Poker Tournament

And… the unique camaraderie and networking provided by the only industry conference produced by and for the community.

There is still time to register at: http://haystackconnect.org/

We hope to see you there!

Realcomm & IBcon General Session Program Announced — Register NOW!

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 12.16.47 PMGeneral Session Program Announced! June 8-10 meeting in San Antonio, TX. Be sure to take advantage of the special ControlTrends Rate: $895.00 — valid till 6/1/15. Use Promo Code: IB15CTL1.

The impact that technology, automation and innovation have had on the commercial and corporate real estate industry over the last 3-5 years is unprecedented. These changes are most clearly seen in four specific areas; 1) how we use information management solutions to organize our business processes, 2) how we communicate with our customers and partners, 3) how the Internet of Things is influencing the next generation of high-performance, smart buildings and 4) how we use space as seen in office space utilization and the online assault of bricks and mortar retail.


Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 12.17.17 PMNew ideas and innovative ways of looking at the world are the catalysts for change. Few understand more about nurturing ideas and waiting for the world to understand them than Bran Ferren. Bran is an American technologist, engineer, scientist, entrepreneur, and inventor. He is the former President of R&D for Walt Disney Imagineering, as well as founder of Associates & Ferren, a multidisciplinary engineering and design firm acquired in 1993 by Disney. Today, he is Chief Creative Officer of Applied Minds, which he co-founded in 2000 with fellow inventor, Danny Hillis. Apple’s “pinch-to-zoom” patent, which features prominently in its legal battle with Samsung, was invalidated by the US Patent and Trademark Office in 2013 based on a 2005 patent by Ferren and Hillis for multi touch gestures. Bran was also involved in the technology that could prove to be the framework for the next generation of Google Search.

His current company, Applied Minds, has worked with some of the world’s largest corporations on innovation, change and transformation, including Intel, Lockheed Martin, The Smithsonian, MIT Media Lab and others. Bran is going to use his life-long experience to help us understand how technology and innovation will continue to transform the Commercial and Corporate Real Estate Industry.


• Decision-Makers Representing 35+ Billion SF of Commercial & Corporate Space
• Three Days of World Class Education and Networking
• 1,400+ Professionals in One Location
• Leading-Edge Educational Program Featuring Over 95 Sessions and 175 Speakers
• Demonstrations of Emerging Technologies
• Smart Building Best Practices Showcase Featuring Over 50 of the World’s Smartest Next Generation Buildings
• CIO Roundtable
• COO, CFO & CAO Innovation Summit
• Investment Managers Technology Track
• Sustainability Executives Smart Building Symposium
• Intelligent Buildings Boot Camp
• Smart Building Integrator Summit
• Information Systems & Smart Buildings CYBERSECURITY Forum
• Vendor Expo Featuring 100+ Top Industry Solution Providers
• Conference LIVE News Desk Featuring Live Streamed Interviews with Industry Leaders

ControlTalk NOW for the Week Ending May 10, 2015

Welcome to ControlTalk NOW for the week ending May 10, 2015. Fred Gordy asks if you’re ready to Pre-Act versus React and shares an incredible experience and insight into cybersecurity’s hat society; Marc Petock and Lynxspring posts: NiagaraAX software updates and NTCP Training Update and Niagara 4 Bridge Course Updates, and Cybersecurity and the Boardroom; Sierra Monitor’s Varun Nagaraj offers Industrial Internet of Things insight and Mike Bonner unboxes and demos Sierra Monitor’s BTL Certified BACnet Fieldserver Router; Belimo valve test lab video tour; Honeywell SmartLine training; Tridium offers webinars on JACE® 8000 and Niagara 4 Licensing; and Carl Johnsen reflects on his 42 year career with Honeywell.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.07.25 PMLynxspring Technical Bulletin: NiagaraAX v3.8.38.1 Module Update. We want to advise you that Tridium has released a software patch for various NiagaraAX modules. Upgrading these modules will correct the issues described in the Product Update Notification recently published for this update. If you are currently using version, please read the Product Update Notification and download the upgraded modules by clicking here and extract the files to a known location.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 10.18.34 AMSierra Monitor’s Varun Nagaraj — IIoT: The Search for Equitable Business Models. In this Sierra Monitor post (first of many), Varun Nagaraj, Sierra Monitor’s President and CEO shares his wealth of experience and industry knowledge positioned as a leader of a premiere global source of electronic communications, safety and environmental instrumentation, network products, and technical solutions. Over the last few years, many of us in the controls industry have been using the phrase “Industrial Internet of Things” or IIoT to describe the evolution of control networking in industrial environments.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 8.00.50 AMWhy Belimo Gets it Right: Watch the Belimo Valve Test Lab Tour. Belimo’s engineering prowess and innovation set the global standards in comfort, energy efficiency, and safety solutions. This video, previewing the Belimo Valve Test Lab, gives insight as to how such unparalleled standards are set and maintained. Belimo’s performance testing verifies that our products comply with industry and trade association specifications, including ANSI, EN, IEC, ISA, MSS, and VDI/VDE. Our testing is performed with ISO 9000 traceability.

Flow1Level and Flow Training Part 1. Learn about Industrial and Commercial Level and Flow Control metering and control with this multi-episode ControlTrends’ live training course, featuring Honeywell Marketing Manager, Tom Brands. Learn about Honeywell’s SmartLine Level Transmitter Applications and the why’s, how’s, and different ways to measure levels and become a better adviser to your customers. SmartLine Level Transmitter uses guided wave radar (GWR) technology and can measure the level of a wide range of liquid products.

CyberFred Gordy Asks– Are You Ready to React or Pre-Act? Critical Information Contained Within! Cyber Evangelist and Cyber Security Advocate Fred Gordy delivers another critical collection of cyber security and cyber terrorism information — as it pertains the building management systems’ world. If you don’t have a policy or internal guidance yet, print this article out and hang it on the break room refrigerator, and use it as a starting kit/tool at your next board meeting, whatever it takes to get yourself and your organization Pre-Acting!

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 7.55.52 AMTridium — Discover the Possibilities: JACE® 8000 and Niagara 4 Licensing. Join us for our next TridiumTalk highlighting the Niagara Framework® With nearly half a million instances worldwide, Niagara is quickly becoming the operating system of the Internet of Things. And with the anticipated release of Niagara 4 and the JACE 8000 controller, the opportunity to achieve operational excellence is even greater than before.

073dcd6ControlTalk NOW guest Fred Gordy answers questions about Cybersecurity and explains the Hat-referencing jargon used with the Cybersecurity world. Basically, white hat = good guys, black hat = bad guys, grey hats = opportunists, and red hat = good guys that challenges your system like a black hat, and identify your possible vulnerabilities. Fred Gordy is anxious to assist system integrators and facility managers with Cybersecurity issues. Please email any questions that you might have for Fred at controltrends@gmail.com.

CarlCarl Johnsen, and His Amazing 42 Year Career with Honeywell — A Tribute. ControlTrends had a chance to spend some time with one of the great controls people in the HVAC and Building Automation Controls Industry. Carl Johnsen’s career with Honeywell spans 42 years, and it was an absolute delight to interview Carl at the 2015 AHR show in Chicago. From his early days selling and supporting pneumatic controls, to the advent of DDC controls, on to the fully integrated building automation control systems of today, Carl Johnsen met the challenges of changing technology with determined optimism and success.

Mike1Unboxing the Sierra Monitor Dual Port BACnet Router. We had the privilege to review Sierra Monitor’s BTL Certified BACnet Router – the protocol router spearheading the theme of ease-of-use. We’re sure system integrators love saving time and costs, right? Sierra Monitor introduced this great product back in January, and since then, it has gained a lot of traction in the building automation industry. It really is easy to use, with great features like DeviceFind™, their unique BACnet device discovery feature, and two RS-485 ports for connecting up to 64 devices without the use of additional line drivers.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 2.51.07 PMHoneywell’s Security Controller Exchange Program. The SEC-H-201/U WEBs-AX Security controller was introduced in 2007. At the time, this platform was a good product on which to deliver the original stand-alone Web-Based security application. However, over time the security application has grown in both features and complexity and the SEC-H-201/U is no longer suitable to run the latest WEBs-AX Enterprise Security application. An exchange program has been created to allow customers that purchased an SEC-H-201/U security controller the opportunity to exchange them for an SEC-H-602 security controller at a reduced price vs. purchasing a new SEC-H-602 security controller.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 12.37.01 PMMarc Petock’s “Cybersecurity and the Board Room.” Cybersecurity has taken a pole position at ControlTrends and we are grateful to the important content and contributions being provided by HVAC and BAS Cybersecurity professionals. Our industry has a long, long way to go to meet the increasing challenges of Cybersecurity, but we’re getting on track with the guidance we receive from these generous professionals sharing their expertise. Marc Petock’s post contains two very important links that bring some of the world of Cybersecurity to a needy industry’s doorstep, and terms like “Duty of Care” and a CEO’s “Tone at the Top” — as well as equations like Risk = Threat X Vulnerability X Impact, and Risk = Probability X Impact, will become increasing familiar and used in our industry — in the near future.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 9.09.36 AMLynxspring Go Further: Important NTCP Training Update, Niagara 4 Bridge Course Update. Training and knowledge exchange is very important at Lynxspring. We are committed to making each of you as effective as possible with our technologies and products so we can enable you to achieve the very best technical knowledge and expertise you can. With this in mind, I would like to remind you of our upcoming scheduled NTCP Niagara AX Technical Certification Classes (see schedule below). The goal of this 5-day Niagara AX Certification Technical Training course is to educate students to a basic level of technical expertise necessary to effectively and efficiently design, engineer, and program projects using the NiagaraAX Framework.

Lynxspring Go Further: Important NTCP Training Update, Niagara 4 Bridge Course Update

lynxspring_logoTraining and knowledge exchange is very important at Lynxspring. We are committed to making each of you as effective as possible with our technologies and products so we can enable you to achieve the very best technical knowledge and expertise you can.

With this in mind, I would like to remind you of our upcoming scheduled NTCP Niagara AX Technical Certification Classes (see schedule below). The goal of this 5-day Niagara AX Certification Technical Training course is to educate students to a basic level of technical expertise necessary to effectively and efficiently design, engineer, and program projects using the NiagaraAX Framework.

Niagara 4 Training

Niagara 4 will require a separate certification. This certification will be offered through a full, one week Niagara 4 NTCP course available with the launch of the product here at our training facility as well as through an available CBT- on-line bridge course open to anyone who is NiagaraAX certified at the time of the release of Niagara 4. This will also be offered through Lynxspring.

We recognize that time is money and the CBT is designed to save you both. Partners who are NiagaraAX certified can take advantage of the reduced course cost and capitalize on the time saved by allowing you to take the training when it best fits your schedule and at your own pace.

The availability date and cost for this CBT have not yet been finalized. We will make an announcement as soon as we can.

In the meantime, please note the remaining Scheduled Course Dates for NTCP – Niagara AX Technical Certification below as well as the additional FAQ’s regarding Niagara 4.

May 11-15
June 15-19
July 13 – 17
August 17 – 21
September 14 – 18
October 5 – 9
November 9 – 13
December 7 – 11


What is the Niagara 4 Bridge Course?
The Niagara 4 Bridge Course is a self-paced e-learning course highlighting new features in Niagara 4. The course consists of several modules that provide multiple methods for learning such as expert videos, demonstrations, simulations, and technical documentation. The student will take a mini exam at the end of each module to qualify to be Niagara 4 certified.

Why do I need a new NTCP certification if I am already NiagaraAX certified?
Tridium has announced that NiagaraAX certification is a separate credential than Niagara 4 certification, and users who wish to be certified must be trained on Niagara 4 even if they are already certified for NiagaraAX.

What is the benefit of taking this bridge course instead of the full 1 week certification?
The student can choose to use the content style which suits their learning best and allows them to take the training when it best fits their schedule and complete the training at their own pace. This CBT eliminates the need for the student to travel, thereby eliminating any associated traveling costs and employee

When will eligibility for the Niagara 4 bridge course be cut-off? When must I be NiagaraAX certified by?
Tridium has not announced the final date for which NiagaraAX certification will be accepted for Niagara 4 Bridge course eligibility. The only announcement to date has been that at launch, the Niagara 4 Bridge course will be available for those who are already NiagaraAX certified. The upcoming NiagaraAX NTCP courses at Lynxspring will definitely qualify based on Tridium’s announced launch window is: May 11-15 2015, June 7-13 2015 and July 12-18 2015. We also have multiple openings available on the calendar this summer for offsite courses if desired. We will provide further guidance when announced by Tridium.

I am already AX certified, when can I register for the Niagara 4 bridge course and begin my certification?
The bridge course is in its final testing stages and is expected to be ready no later than the launch of Niagara 4. Lynxspring is working closely with Tridium and we will update you as soon as the course is officially open for enrollment.

Please contact our training team if you have any questions.
Toll free: 877-649-5969 | E-mail: training@lynxspring.com.

Thank you,

Marc Petock, Vice President Marketing
Lynxspring, Inc.
marc.petock@lynxspring.com | Phone: 877-649-5969

Marc Petock’s “Cybersecurity and the Board Room”

Cybersecurity has taken a pole position at ControlTrends and we are grateful to the important content and contributions being provided by HVAC and BAS Cybersecurity professionals. Our industry has a long, long way to go to meet the increasing challenges of Cybersecurity, but we’re getting on track with the guidance we receive from these generous professionals sharing their expertise. Marc Petock’s post contains two very important links that bring some of the world of Cybersecurity to a needy industry’s doorstep, and terms like “Duty of Care” and a CEO’s “Tone at the Top” — as well as equations like Risk = Threat X Vulnerability X Impact, and Risk = Probability X Impact, will become increasing familiar and used in our industry — in the near future.

MarcPetock Marc Petock, Vice President Marketing, Lynxspring & Connexx Energy: Our connected business world means there are thousands of entry points in and out of companies. The exploding number of access points means we now have thousands of potential openings into our companies. What has been traditionally seen as a simple component of an organization’s infrastructure, throwing a firewall and antivirus solution down as an adequate cyber strategy, has evolved into something that can keep one awake at night. The scary truth is that network security does not work as well as we thought.

As cybersecurity has emerged as the number one priority today, it is becoming a front business issue and a board room issue. After a series of high profile data breaches and warnings, corporate boards find themselves dealing with cyber threats and security issues. Not long ago, cybersecurity was a term rarely, if ever, heard in the boardroom. Rather, information security was deemed to be a risk managed solely by the chief information or technology officer or the IT department. Those days are gone. With the long list of high profile cybersecurity hacks and the after effects that include drop in shareholder value, decline in sales, brand and customer erosion, regulatory inquiries and litigations, cybersecurity has become an increasingly challenging risk that boards must address.

According to The Wall Street Journal, in 2014, 1,517 companies traded on the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq Stock Market listed some version of the words cybersecurity, hacking, hackers, cyberattacks or data breach as a business risk in securities filings. That is up from 1,288 in all of 2013 and 879 in 2012.

Board Governance when it comes to cybersecurity is indeed a subject that is complicated and requires a deep understanding of the situation, careful consideration of the risks and implications, and decision making as to how to proceed. A recent report sums up the situation, “it has long been recognized that directors and officers have a fiduciary duty to protect the assets of their organizations. Today, this duty extends to digital assets, and has been expanded by laws and regulations that impose specific privacy and cyber security obligations on companies”.

Here are two reference documents that provide a collection of information that may be of interest to those responsible for or researching the subject of Cybersecurity and Governance within the context of a Board of Directors.



Today’s reality is this, no matter what business you are in, no matter where in the world you are everything on a network is at risk. One thing we can be sure of is that cyber threats aren’t going to go away. There is a pressing need for proactive cybersecurity vigilance and it is all of our responsibility to take an active role.

About the Author

Marc Petock is Vice President, Marketing at Lynxspring and Connexx Energy where he leads corporate and product marketing strategy and execution, brand management, public relations and communications to support both companies strategic and growth initiatives. Marc is a contributing author, noted speaker and recognized industry leader having earned Realcomm’s “Top 35 People to Watch” for the last seven years in a row, Who’s Who in M2M, a Digital Impact Award and several other industry accolades. Marc also serves on the board of directors of Connexx Energy and Project Haystack and is an advisor to Realcomm.