Introducing KMC New Line of BAS Controllers: Meet Conquest

Thanks to Erich Kreuter for introducing us to KMC’s Conquest line of building automation controllers. KMC Conquest controllers are fully programmable, native BACnet controllers with integrated alarming, trending, and scheduling that maintain logic and data at the edge. KMC Conquest controllers are enabled with NFC technology allowing field configuration with our mobile app: KMC Connect Lite.

The Conquest line looks great, stay tuned to ControlTrends for more new product announcements and for “Control News You can Use

Daikin Launches First IoT HVAC Equipment. Rebel RTU Rocks!

Ken Smyers caught up with Paul Rauker, VP of Systems and Controls, Daikin Applied, on the ground floor of the 2015 AHR Show. Paul expertly reviews the features of Daikin’s latest Intelligent Equipment, the Rebel RTU — that is the first IoT HVAC RTU. Paul shows us what extraordinary innovation is possible when collaboration takes place between industry and technology leaders, Daikin and Intel. This is innovative disruption that may (will) change the way Building Automation Controls are deployed inside of buildings and serve as the precursor of pushing equipment data directly to the cloud. Check it out, and let us know your thoughts in comments.

Get On Board! Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings March 2015 Theme: Creating Self-Learning Cultures

KenSinclair+IBcon Ken Sinclair’s Connection Community Collaboratory has recently invigorated the HVAC and Building Automation industry’s interest with an open challenge to make our industry younger by attracting new talent and bringing these new employees up to speed quickly. Sadly, we lost the use of Star Trek’s Vulcan Mind Meld with the loss of Leonard Nimoy, but Ken’s autodidactic style of learning is indeed, a vital part of the future solution.

Yet, even this intentional paring away of general knowledge to specific knowledge served on self-consuming trays of wearable, digital, video, and other IoT-ed support — still requires the creative transfer of our industry’s knowledge trust, much of which is esoterically held. As an industry we must think of how each of our organizations can leverage its existing resources, policies, collaboratories, and industry partnerships to create greater career pathways that will close the skills gaps faster and ultimately, sustain our industry.

More from Ken Sinclair’s Automated Building’s March Issue: How do we create them? How do we use them to increase the value of our only assets our people?

Our February editorial Growing our only Asset our People How do we motivate them to be curious?, passionate? generated lots of interest and comments from the industry much of which was captured on social media. Thanks for your interest and input please read the Amazing Response to Feb Editorial

To achieve the ability to grow our assets, our people we need to create a self-learning culture within our companies and communities. For the last year I have been exploring ideas in my editorials on how we might achieve this. Some of these editorials are; Autodidacticism, Creating Your Collaboration, The “I of Me” of IoT, and Education for Your Vocation

I have become obsessed with how do we grow our industry younger and create self-learning cultures because I believe this is our only future. I have also learned that these younger minds need not learn everything we know because much of what we all have done as an industry and a lifetime is create standards, protocols, and best practices. They only need to know which of these worked well and move on from there. Experienced folks in the industry need to relearn how to teach in the IoT world. We need to learn how these younger folks learn because they are our only asset for growth. We need to get inside their heads, learn how to use all the communication mediums of our time…yes, the complete myriad of social media platforms…yikes never thought I would say that, but it is true.

Automated Buildings March Articles:

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Tom Phoenix, President, ASHRAE

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Therese Sullivan, BuildingContext Ltd

Wireless Communication Standards for IOT
Cees Links, GreenPeak Technologies

Buildings to Campuses to Cities and Beyond…
Melissa Topp, ICONICS, Inc

Moving Controls from a CapEx to OpEx
Mike Welch, Control Network Solutions

Trojan Horses Bearing BACnet Logos
Matt Schwartz, Altura Associates

Powering the Edge to the Enterprise
Marc Petock, Lynxspring & Connexx Energy

Dedicated Smart Building Networks
Pook-Ping Yao, Optigo Networks

Systems Convergence
Todd A. Finnegan, ACS Services, LLC

Optimized Control Strategy for Operation
Alan F Stewart, Stewart Engineering Services

IP Video Surveillance Tipping Point
Allan McHale, Memoori

The 2015 Connected Community Collaboratory Finishes Strong with Summary and Q & A

Ken Sinclair’s group of Industry experts finished the 2015 Connected Community Collaboratory with a compelling crescendo, then took the conversation to an even deeper level, as they answered several thought-provoking questions from the audience. Great job Ken, Marc, John, Andy, Jim, and Paul.

Part 7 : Collective Community Collaboratory Q&A from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.

Rob Allen’s 7 Minutes in Control: Erich Kreuter KMC Controls

In this episode Rob welcomes KMC’s Erich Kreuter and they talk all about the C word! The 5 C’s as defined by KMC’s new product offering.KMC’s new suite of Smart Building and Building Automation Controls. Check it out and be prepared to be amazed.

Functional Devices Introduces New Wi-Fi RIB Products

RIB_WIFI2 EXPAND YOUR NETWORK — EXPAND YOUR CONTROL — At Functional Devices, the Internet of Things is happening today! Functional Devices is very proud to introduce its new Wi-Fi RIB products!

Functional Devices’ Wi-Fi RIBs are the I/O devices for the next wireless generation of Building Automation and Energy Management Systems. You can turn your devices on and off wirelessly, and monitor your network remotely.

Sweet-spot applications and specs for the next-gen Wi-Fi RIBs include: On/off control throughout network for parking lot lights, air handling units, unit ventilators, boilers, chillers, and motors.

Model RIBTW24B-WI-N4 On/off/monitor control with results throughout network for temperature, humidity, current, flow, pressure, level, and proximity. Model RIBTW2401B-WIUI-N4 24 VAC/DC power input, 20 Amp Relay

Fill out this form to download our Wi-Fi RIB User Manual.

Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions: Delivering World-Class Quality with Lower Costs

Johnson-Controls Guy Holden, VP & GM of Johnson Controls, Global WorkPlace Solutions Europe, Middle East, and Africa, discusses how the Facility Management (FM) industry is responding to demands for improved quality at a reduced cost. In response, some FM companies are specialized either in service delivery or strategic management, while JCI’s Global WorkPlace is investing in both.

Improved quality at a reduced cost from Lyonsdown on Vimeo.

Part 6: Jim O’Callaghan at The 2015 Connected Community Collaboratory

EnOcean’s Jim O’Callaghan brings his unique perspective too the 2015 Connected Community Collaboratory. Among other things, Jim shares his thoughts on how the Building Automation Control World will look when the world goes from the 70 million sensors that exist today to the estimated 100 Billion sensors that will control and influence our world in 2020. Very compelling stuff!

Part 5: Paul Oswald at the 2015 Connected Community Collaboratory

ESI’s Paul Oswald addresses the Skills Gap and the concept of People are a company’s most important asset. IoT has replaced the previous industry M2M buzzword, and some new technological concept will soon replace IoT, but people will remain — and represent the real and sustaining value of any company.

Technology changes rapidly and sometimes radically. Technology is not and end-game. People must create value for customers with each new technology — to make buildings run better. Attracting new talent is critical. We spend too little time developing the next-gen talent and a lot of tribal knowledge is leaving the industry. This is not about technical training. Companies need to add talent development to their business models and use the IoT (sexy) technology to entice new talent to their organizations.

Product Review: Loytec Building Automation Controls

We had a chance to catch up with Daryl Clasen, from Loytec, at the 2015 AHR Show. In addition to a complete line of Smart Building and Building Automation Controls, Daryl introduces us to the Loytec VAV controller with Smart sensor and some of the most gorgeous, flexible touch pad panels you will ever see. Check it out and let me know what you think in comments. Speaking of comments, here is one overheard at the AHR Show, “Loytec is the Ferrari of a VAV controller. Almost 25 I/O, ethernet, web server, wifi, usb, kitchen sink…
… it’s closer to the Dreamliner, with all seats first class! (but more like the cost of the average economy cabin ticket).” Sounds like a deal to me.