ControlTrends Awards Highlight: Honeywell Wins 2012 Vendor of The Year!

Scott Cochrane and Ron Bernstein jointly announce Honeywell as the 2012 ControlTrends Vendor of the Year. Whether it is Honeywell WEBs-AX™, WebStat® or WebVision™, Honeywell has a building management solution (BMS) that takes all the aspects of your building and occupant needs into consideration to maximize energy efficiency and make management of your facility simpler and more convenient.

On the Red Carpet with Johnson Controls at the 2013 ControlTrends Awards

Johnson Controls’ Vice President & General Manager, Chris Eichmann, King Thomas, Dan Flaherty, and FX Senior Product Manager, Chris Lane join ControlTrends on the Red Carpet for a memorable interview moment just prior to the start of the show. Chris Lane would later become Co-winner of the 2013 ControlTrends Best Technical Support Person of The Year.

Johnson Controls on the Red Carpet 2013 at the ControlTrends Awards from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.

ControlTrends Awards Highlight: Niagara AX Wins 2013 Graphic Tool of the Year

Niagara AX brings home the Graphic Tool of the Year Award. Niagara AX features a comprehensive graphical tool set that enables non-programmers to build rich applications in a drag-and-drop environment. The winning Niagara AX combination brings all the components together to build control strategies, alarming and scheduling applications — as well as create browser-based displays and reports.

2013 ControlTrends Awards Highlights: Live Inside the Winners Circle from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.

Honeywell Walks the Red Carpet at the 2013 ControlTrends Awards

As we prepare for another exciting and entertaining evening of ControlTrends Awards memorable moments, meet Honeywell’s Roger Rebennack, Laura Kevitt, Patty Hall, and the eventual 2013 Executive of the Year, Honeywell’s Tom Rosback as they celebrate the 2013 ControlTrends Awards at NCY’s BB King Blues Club.

On The Red Carpet With Honeywell from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.

2013 ControlTrends Awards Highlight: Eugene Mazo Accepts the Building Application of the Year

DGLogik CEO, Eugene Mazo proudly accepts the 2013 ControlTrends Award for Building Application of the Year. DGLogik’s ability to reduce engineering time, create exceptional graphics and user experiences, and the constant improvement of workflows earned them the coveted 2013 ControlTrends Building Application of the Year trophy!

Ed Merwin and Mike Marston Share the 2013 ControlTrends PID Award

In one of the most exciting moments of the awards event, two of the most recognized faces in the HVAC and Building Automation and Integration Industries, Vykon’s Ed Merwin and EasyIO’s Mike Marston jointly receive the prestigious ControlTrends Award for Passion, Integrity, and Dedication. Join us in Chicago to watch this year’s heroes and superstars take home the trophies.

ControlTrends Awards Highlight: 2012 Building Automation Controls System of The Year

VYKON’s Ed Merwin, shares his excitement after receiving the ControlTrends Awards for the 2012 Building Automation System of the Year. Amongst heavy industry competition, VYKON’s ability to integrate diverse systems and devices – regardless of manufacturer, or communication protocol – into a unified platform that can be easily managed and controlled in real time over the Internet using a standard web browser won the prestigious award.

Philip Henderson Meet John Petze

Great talk by Philip Henderson, who is the senior financial policy specialist for the Natural Resources Defense Council. Philip is speaking at GreenBuild. One of Philip’s points is that 80% of the buildings that are targeted for Vision 2020 and beyond are already built. Building more energy efficient buildings is great, but to reach the objectives of Vision 2020 we must make existing buildings more operationally efficient.

Philip says that energy savings are “routine” and that the big savings come from eliminating the waste from when buildings “stray”. He asks the question, “how do you know if your chiller is on at 2AM?” His research shows that this not knowing when equipment is running inefficiently is very common and advocates reviewing data, provided by smart meters to spot these problems so they can be corrected in a timely manner.

Philip there is a much easier way!! John Petze, from Sky Foundry, Eugene Mazo, from DGLogik, Jason Briggs from J2 Innovation and a host of others from the building automation world can provide you with analyics programs that can monitor all these data points and detect the type of faults you are describing in a fast, efficient way that does not require a building engineer to go through reems of data that is not normalized and easy to understand.The Building Automation Controls Industry has the solutions you are looking for and would love to help.

2015 Building Energy Summit — Early Bird Registration Ends January 31, 2015

building_summitOn March 25, 2015, more than 500 of the nation’s top building owners and managers, along with technology and energy experts, will convene in Washington DC to discuss groundbreaking and innovative solutions for energy efficient buildings. Join us for the 2015 Building Energy Summit® and be a part of the revolution that is permanently changing the way we operate buildings.

The annual Building Energy Summit® is the one event developed by the industry, for the industry. With 16 educational sessions, 3 plenaries, 2 keynotes, and plenty of networking opportunities, the Summit is an event you won’t want to miss.

Here are some of the *Hot Topics* we’ll be discussing this year. Earn up to 5 CEUs for your continuing professional education:

Unlocking the EE Investment Opportunity
Net Zero Energy Buildings
Turning Operational Data Into Real Value
Corporate Enterprise Sustainability Efforts
Engaging Tenants In Energy Conservation Efforts
The Real Value of Building Ratings and Certification
Solar And Renewable Energy Alternatives

Click Here To View The Track Descriptions and Topics.

Can Your Building Automation Control System Do This?

Honeywell might be the only company on the planet that combines building Automation Controls and Access and Security in one JACE, truly integrating ACCESS and Security and Building Automation Controls from one source and one vendor. Savvy systems integrators and owners love the value of this solution. Watch the video below and tell us what you think in comments.

Thanks to the very knowledgable and passionate Roger Rebennack, who gave us a demo of the Honeywell AEBS- AX system at the 2014 ASIS Show in Atlanta. See what makes the Honeywell Webs-AX Access and Security so special. From modular control to seamless integration, WEBs-AX Security offers a range of options for meeting the needs of nearly any size or type of building or network of facilities. WEBS-AX Security is open and scalable, offers complete, seamless integration, and it can provide you energy savings — that’s why you should want WEBS-AX Security in your building!