Better Buildings Bulletin: August, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.09.13 PMThe Better Buildings Bulletin is a monthly feature to help keep you up to date on partner successes, program updates, opportunities to participate, and more. View the Bulletin online.

At the 2015 Better Buildings Summit, over 200 speakers presented their solutions. These presentations are posted to the Solution Center where you can easily browse presentations using filters for building type, solution type, building size, sector, technology, location and cover a variety of topics including financing, high impact technologies, data driven results, partnerships, portfolio–wide strategies, behavior change policies, and more.

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Check it out: 70+ Better Buildings Summit Presentations Now Available in Better Buildings Solution Center

Announcing New Partners: Better Buildings Alliance’s Interior Lighting Campaign (ILC)

Over 65 organizations are partnering with the Energy Department and co-organizers, to advance the installation of efficient–interior lighting. These cities, manufacturers, utilities, retailers and other private sector companies have come forward as leaders to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of market-ready interior lighting technology. Participants will replace old lighting technologies and systems with more advanced and efficient models. Supporters will feature their energy-efficient solutions, as well as the products or services their customers can use to join the campaign. The campaign co-organizers will support participants in the first year goal of replacing 100,000 troffer lights and include the Building Owners and Managers Association International, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, the International Facility Management Association, and the U.S. General Services Administration.

Read the Energy Department progress alert.

Better Buildings Beat Blog: New Partner Ithaca Wastewater Treatment Facility, Whole Foods Article in Edison Electric Institute, & Salt Lake City’s Project Skyline Awards

A Passion for Energy Efficiency Takes Ithaca Area Wastewater Treatment Facility to New Heights in Energy Performance

Whole Foods Featured in Edison Electric Institute’s Electric Perspectives Publication

Salt Lake City’s Project Skyline Challenge Awards & Infographic

APPLICATION DEADLINE: July 15, 2015 — Seeking Prototypes & Posters for Emerging Technology Pavilion

ENERGY.GOV12_ Building Technologies Office: Calling all innovators! Apply to share your early stage technologies at Energy ConneXions’ Emerging Technology Pavilion. This event brings together leaders in the federal government and the private sector to advance collaboration, and offer viable solutions for improving outcomes and reducing costs at federal sites.

Technologies being sought: Solid-State Lighting • HVAC (including water heating and appliances) • Sensors & Controls • Windows & Envelope • Modeling & Tools

Posters and prototypes are welcome! There is no cost to display your poster or prototype.

Applications will be reviewed and selected for a limited number of spaces.


Energy ConneXions Trade Show
August 10-12, 2015
Phoenix Convention Center | Phoenix, AZ

Contact Matt Scallet ( with the following information:

The name of your technology
Your contact information (name, phone, & email)
Your organization name
A 50-100 word description of your technology
Indicate if you are looking to share either a prototype or poster
Indicate if you are a DOE funded technology

INCLUDES ACCESS TO: One 6 ft. draped table & two chairs during Energy ConneXions (August 10-12).
The Energy ConneXions opening event on Monday, August 10 from 5-7 pm, with FEMP Program Director, Dr. Timothy Unruh. Networking opportunities with other professionals in industry and government.

Additional Opportunities

August 11-13, 2015
Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix, AZ

Organized by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), the Energy Exchange will introduce you to the projects and processes that are shaping the future of federal energy management.

Attend sessions focusing on federal technology demonstration programs and hear how they are transitioning to the commercial market.
Share in discussions about the latest renewable energy technologies and new building auditing tools and approaches.
Hear the latest news and trends from keynote speeches by EERE’s Dr. David Danielson, Philip Enquist from SOM, and other leading experts from government and industry!
Access the Energy ConneXions trade show for no additional charge.
Government Employees & National Laboratory Staff: $125

Private Sector (industry; including vendors & federal agency contractors): $350

Learn more:

August 10-12, 2015
Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix, AZ

Exhibit opportunities for market-ready technologies are currently available at the Energy ConneXions trade show. Meet decision-makers responsible for energy management, building operations, renewable energy and more!

Learn more: and

Put New Tools and Content on the Building America Solution Center To Work for You!

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 11.43.05 AMJoin us for a free webinar on July 22, 2015, presented by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Building America program! Each month’s webinar will offer information about the latest advances in residential building technologies and practices, presented by Building America research team and national laboratory experts, and DOE Program Managers.

Date/Time: July 22, 2015; 3:00–4:30 PM EST. Register now!

The Building America Solution Center is known for its easy-to-follow, illustrated, step-by-step guides for installing the measures that make up high-performance homes. A number of updates have been implemented that offer exciting new tools and content that builders and industry professionals can put to work immediately. Tune in to this webinar to learn about the latest Solution Center improvements, including:

The launch of a new sales tool that will help builders and sales professionals best describe the house features that make their products unique and of higher value to consumers. This feature also allows users to customize sales brochures with their company information.
Expanded topics on existing homes and a new set of navigation features that help users easily find guides and information on these topics.
A new checklist manager to help builders who want to label their homes as Indoor airPlus. The checklist leads to expanded content on finding and using low-polluting products and practices.
Presented by:

Michael Baechler, Electricity Infrastructure and Buildings Division Senior Program Manager, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Register now!

The presentations will be followed by an interactive Q&A session. Questions? Please contact Heather Stafford.

Keep current on upcoming Building America webinars by visiting the Meetings Web page.

DOE Building America

Belimo ZoneTight™ Zone Valve Launch Video

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 10.58.34 AMControlTrends picked this Belimo video on a Twitter feed from Lars van der Haegen, new CEO of the Belimo Group, commenting on Take Your Daughter to Work Day – Learn about all the great product features and benefits as Dad shows off his newest invention, the Belimo ZoneTight zone valve. As Lars says, “Watch this outstanding example of a Launch Video for a new Zone valve. This Video was created by the Marketing Team of Belimo Americas. Belimo is the global market leader for HVAC actuators and control valves. B2B videos do not have to be boring!”

Energy Department Invests $600,000 in University-Industry Partnerships to Enhance Building Efficiency

ENERGY.GOV12_ The Energy Department today announced $600,000 in funding to help American universities to establish stronger partnerships with industry and business in the area of building efficiency, supporting the Obama Administration’s goal of doubling energy productivity by 2030 and developing the nation’s clean energy workforce.

A recent study by the National Research Council found that increasing the competitiveness of American universities in building energy efficiency research and development is of great importance, and that universities need to develop stronger partnerships with business and industry in this area. In addition, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers has emphasized the need for expanding manufacturing education at all levels, including undergraduate and graduate students.

The selections for the Building University Innovators and Leaders Development (BUILD) awards support efforts by American universities to more effectively compete for building energy efficiency research and development funding, develop partnerships with industry, and improve manufacturing education. Each selected project will receive $200,000 in funding; more than 50% of expenditures in each project will be used to support undergraduate students.

The projects selected for award negotiations are:

Drexel University (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania): The Drexel University project will develop an innovative and cost-effective automated fault detection and diagnostics tool that integrates statistical process control, machine learning, and rule-based methods to reduce building energy consumption. To enhance the tool’s plug-and-play capability and potential market penetration, it will be compatible with VOLTTRON, an open-source software platform that is highly interoperable.

Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, Georgia): Georgia Tech will support 20 student project teams in developing building energy efficiency technologies through a capstone design project. Students will gain hands-on product design experience, including the manufacturing and testing of a prototype solution, as well as publically demonstrating the solution at the Capstone Design Expo. Student teams partner with company sponsors, which will foster student employment in the building energy efficiency sector.

University of California, Davis (Davis, California): University of California, Davis will have undergraduate students work with industry partners to develop and validate a new EnergyPlus solution to model hybrid rooftop air conditioners. This model will integrate the function of multiple cooling elements to gain climate-specific advantages in comfort and efficiency.

The Energy Department’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) accelerates development and facilitates deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and market-based solutions that strengthen U.S. energy security, environmental quality, and economic vitality. EERE supports innovative technologies that reduce both risk and costs of bringing energy efficient building technologies online. Learn more about the Department’s efforts to help homes and buildings save energy.

DOE’s Crowdsourcing Initiative Seeks to Solve Buildings-Related Problems (Watch Video)

ENERGY.GOV12_Calling all building technology innovators! The Building Technologies Office is partnering with the successful SunShot Catalyst crowdsourcing initiative to identify and solve problems related to software development, data, and/or automation.

Individuals who submit a problem statement will have a chance to win a $1,000 cash prize!
Problem statements need to be submitted by July 15, 2015.

In the first, “Ideation” phase of the initiative, those working in the building technology space are invited to submit problem statements describing challenges that need to be overcome in order to promote better engagement with building occupants and to improve the ability to balance energy and occupant comfort objectives in a building. In addition to submitting problem statements, participants are invited to vote and comment on ideas that have already been submitted. To browse buildings-related statements that have been submitted, follow this link.

So what are you waiting for? Go and submit your problem statement by clicking here. You will need to:

Add a title and description of the problem statement
Make sure that “Ideation” is selected in the Campaign drop down box
Use “Buildings” tag for your problem statement
Add up to 5 URL links to the idea (optional)

For more information about the SunShot Catalyst and complete contest rules, visit the SunShot Catalyst website.

Competition phases following Ideation will focus on developing products that address submitted problem statements, and contestants will have a chance at up to $1,000,000 in total prizes. If you would like to find out more about the SunShot Catalyst and how it works, you are invited to attend Catalyst Jamathon @ WeWork in Washington, DC on Thursday, June 25 from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Visit the SunShot Catalyst website for event details. A building-related Jamathon will be scheduled for later this summer.


Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 8.54.24 AMRoom and Duct sensors only strengthen an already distinguished product lineup. The A/CO2 Series sensors are a cost-efficient means of monitoring carbon dioxide levels in industrial, school, and office-type environments. Output data can be used in conjunction with a Building Automation System or Demand Control Ventilation System to limit energy consumption. This in turn creates a healthier indoor air climate.

Tim Chamblee’s Introduction to VFD’s Part 2

VFD Training Part 2: Tim Chamblee continues his Variable Frequency Drive training with an in-depth explanation of the application benefits, the potential energy savings, and the importance of proper grounding and wiring methods — and then demonstrates how to use a Honeywell Variable Frequency Drive to control a cooling tower fan with a Honeywell T775 controller.

2014 Energy Savings Solution Product of the Year Nominee — Belimo Energy Valve

BelimoBelimo’s Energy Valve is a strong favorite to win the 2014 Energy Savings Solution Product of the Year because of its incomparable engineering sophistication and bonafide performance that takes HVAC energy savings to the highest levels. Belimo is delivering the future of energy savings — today!

Overview:The Energy Valve is a pressure independent valve that measures and manages coil energy by using an embedded electromagnetic or ultrasonic flow meter, along with supply and return water temperature sensors. The Energy Valve also has the patented Power Control and Belimo Delta T Manager™ logics built-in that monitors coil performance and optimizes the available energy of the coil by maintaining the Delta T. In addition to the standard analog signal and feedback wiring, it communicates its data to the Building Management System (BMS) via BACnet MS/TP or BACnet IP. The built-in web server collects up to 13 months of data that can be downloaded to external tools for further optimization.

How a VFD Pays for Itself

ga powerThis week Stromquist hosted a Drive to Savings Day with Siemens and GA Power to educate our customers on the benefits of Variable Frequency Drives and GA Power’s current rebate programs for VFDs and other HVAC equipment. Most people already know that installing a VFD can save money by cutting back on the energy it takes to run equipment, but not everyone is aware that there are additional savings to reap by taking advantage of GA Power’s rebate opportunity. For any NEW drive installed on existing equipment, GA Power will issue a $50 per HP rebate. So a 20 HP drive will bring a $1000 rebate. Add that to the money saved in energy costs, and the new drive will pay for itself very quickly!

If you are in Georgia and would like to install some new VFDs, call Stromquist at 404-794-3440. We sell great, competitive drives from Honeywell, Johnson Controls and Siemens. We’d be happy to help you put some money back into your budget. Then maybe you can roll those savings into a new chiller that will also qualify for a GA Power rebate. To get more information on GA Power’s Rebate Programs, click here.