Introduction to DDC Controls Part 2

Don’t let the Introduction part of this training class throw you, this training offers a little something for everyone. In part 2, Rob Allen continues exploring the different components and concepts that comprise the modern day Building Automation Controls System.

Live Event: Introduction to DDC Controls Part 1

In Part 1 of a Live Event DDC Controls, Rob Allen, Stromquist’s DDC guru gets the group up to speed on the basics of DDC Controls. This course was designed for control techs that are relativity new to building automation controls and as a review for more experienced DDC controls professionals. There are six more parts to follow, please check back soon.

Stromquist Atlanta Upcoming Classes – Updated

The following classes are held at Stromquist at 4620 Atlanta Rd, Atlanta, GA and begin at 7:30 a.m. unless otherwise noted. Prices include training material and certificate of completion, plus continental breakfast and full lunch.  For more information contact  To register, click the Class Registration tab at the top of the page.

Basic Pneumatics — September 9 — $200

You will work hands-on with pneumatic equipment to learn fundamentals of pneumatic controls. The class will cover limit controls, P.E. switches, solenoid valves, relays, valve and damper operations, and thermostats.

VAV and PIU Fundamentals — September 10 — $200

In this class you will learn the fundamentals of VAV and PIU boxes. You will get to practice on equipment and troubleshoot given hypothetical problems. Instruction covers velocity formulas, CFMs, and static pressures.

Boiler Basics — October 7 — $200

This class will explain different types of boilers and boiler operations. Topics will include flame safeguard, proper piping and gas trains.

Chiller Workshop — October 8-9 — $350

This class focuses on basic operations, maintenance and troubleshooting of chilled water systems. Topics will include basic refrigeration cycle of water chillers; design and overall op-eration of chilled water systems; refrigerant types, handling and record keeping; pumps and piping systems; chiller plant optimization; chiller math and log analysis.

Intro to DDC and Bldg Automation — October 23 — Free

This is a half day class (8:00-12:00) with a thorough overview of the basics of DDC. Topics will include Comm Protocols, Field Controllers, Supervisory Controllers, Wiring, Building Automation Theory, Intro to Niagara AX, and Proprietary vs Open Systems. You will also get an intro to Programming, AX Workbench, Configurable vs Fully Programmable controllers, and Field Controller Programming basics.

Which Variable Frequency Drive is the Easiest to Set Up?

With all the great Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) available in the HVAC and Building Automation Controls market, we were curious which one was the easiest to set up. To find the answer, we consulted with 9 year old Bryce Williams the son of Stromquist & Company’s Chuck Williams. With a little coaching from Stromquist & Company trainer, Tim Chamblee, music from the very talented Dozier Mills, and video support from Seän Johnson, Bryce shows us how to set up his favorite Variable Frequency Drive. Take a look!

Fall into Stromquist Atlanta Classes

It’s that time again – school is back in session. These classes fill up quickly so get registered right away!  The below classes will be held at Stromquist at 4620 Atlanta Rd, Smyrna, GA. Price includes training material, certificate, plus breakfast and lunch (the half day Controller class does not include lunch).  Start time is 7:30 a.m.  Email for more information. [Read more…]

Orlando Spring Training

Making Sense of Sensors                                   April 10, 7:00-8:00

  • Temperature Sensors:
    • 10K -20K
    • Nickel – Platinum
    • Duct – Wall – Immersion – Strap-on – Outside Air
    • Averaging – Button – Stainless Plate – Freezer – Bullet
    • Relative Humidity Sensors
      • Duct – Wall – Outside Air – Stainless Plate
      • Operating Environment – Duct; Outside; Room
      • Accuracy (%)
      • 2 wire – 3 wire
      • Output – 4-20mA; 0-5 VDC; 0-10VDC

Wire Less with Wireless                                    April 24, 7:00-8:00

  • Definition of wireless
  • Reasons for wireless
  • Types of wireless networks
  • Wireless thermostat systems

Get Caught in the Web                                     May 15, 7:00-8:00

  • Mobile and web interfaces for HVAC automation
  • Smart thermostats
  • Complete building integration

 All classes in this series are FREE and include a continental breakfast, but you must register in advance. Classes will be held at Stromquist, 5125 Adanson Street, Ste 250, Orlando, FL. For more information, e-mail nancy@stromquist.comClick here to register.

Spring Into Classes

We have had several inquiries about when we will be having Pneumatics and VAV classes in Atlanta again.  Wait no longer – they are scheduled for early March.

Basic Pneumatics, March 11 & 12, $350

You will work hands-on with pneumatic equipment to learn the fundamentals of pneumatic controls. The class will cover limit controls, P.E. switches, solenoid valves, relays, thermostats, valve and damper operations.

Variable Air Volume,  March 13 & 14, $350

You will set up ductwork and connect to VAV boxes and practice on the equipment, given hypothetical problems by the instructor.  The class will cover air velocity formulas, CFMs, and static pressures.

For more information, e-mail nancy@stromquist.comClick here to register.

Marshall Thurber’s Success Secrets For The 21st Century: Part 6 of 6

Many thanks to Marshall Thurber, one of the truly great business teachers of our time, for sharing six success secrets, from his course The Future of Business. Mentored by W. Edwards Deming and Buckminster Fuller, Marshall offers a unique and important perspective on how to be successful in business in todays dynamic environment. If you are lucky enough to attend one of Marshall’s courses be sure to say “Thanks from the HVAC Industry”.