Tim’s Tech Tips: How To Calibrate 4 Different Pneumatic Thermostats At The Same Time

If you ever wanted to know how to calibrate a pneumatic thermostat you have found the right video. Stromquist & Company’s, Tim Chamblee, calibrates 4 different pneumatic thermostats at the same time.

If you are in Georgia or Florida you can contact one of the control pros at Stromquist & Company to purchase pneumatic controls. If you are in another part of the country one of our affiliates at Controls Group North America can take care of your control needs.

What is Easier to Understand: The IRS Tax Code or Instructions on How to Calibrate a Pneumatic Thermostat?

Pneumatic thermostats are still very much in use. Unless you have been around for a while and calibrated one of these devices, they can be a bit time consuming to figure out. The biggest thing to get past is the vocabulary involved. What one vendor calls “proportional band” another calls ” % authority”. Remember these things were state of the art technology when Don Draper and the boys from the TV show Mad Men had three martini lunches and got paid lots of money to make up words to call things.
So if you find yourself having to calibrate a pneumatic thermostat my first tech tip is : DO NOT READ THE INSTRUCTION SHEET. Just remember this video from Jerry Condiff. Jerry is a pneumatic controls trainer, who has calibrated more pneumatic thermostats than the total of all the drinks the MAD Men of the fifties drank not just at lunch put dinner too. Thanks Jerry.

Control Talk: Interview with Dieter Schill from Millennial Net Part 1

Millennial Net makes really cool wireless products including a wireless pneumatic thermostat that allows a building owner the ability to the energy saving and monitoring benefits of a DDC or building automation controls system without having to give up the advantages a pneumatic control system offers.

Stromquist & Company is thrilled to be stocking and selling this innovative product line.

Cv and What It Means to HVAC Contractors

There has been a lot of buzz on Control Trends lately on Cv so I thought I would do my best to explain what Cv is and how does it relate to HVAC systems.

NOTE : I am not attempting to be exact on definitions only practical in field use of the Cv information.

Based on water (media for most HVAC applications) [Read more…]

A look at Siemens

Over the years Control Trends has given you a look at various manufactures of controls and their products. I came across this video the other day that is quite unique in it’s own rite. And you know, it’s time to give Siemens some good old Control Trends Love… We know them… we sell them now let’s look into Siemens a little deeper.


In the HVAC world Siemens supplies Thermostats, Sensors, Controllers, Valves, Damper Actuators, VFDs, Switches and Realys, and so much more. In the future I will be bringing to you (being an old boiler guy) a look at the Siemens controls that deal with the boiler side of our industry. But for now enjoy the “primer” and let’s give Siemens the love they deserve.





HVAC Controls Product Review: Millennial Net Wireless Pneumatic Thermostats

I am posting this for Dieter Schill. Dieter is the president and CEO of Millennial Net. I was unfamiliar with Millennial until Dieter made a comment regarding the Controltrends post “Results of Controltrends 2012 Pneumatic Controls Survey“. Because of Dieter’s comments and because Controltrends is interested in all HVAC control products, I asked Dieter if he would like to educate the Controltrends community on the Millennial Net Control offering. Our sponsor Stromquist & Company does not handle Millennial Net; it looks like a very cool and innovative product offering. If you have used these products, PLEASE PLEASE, tell me about them in comments. I am very curious about this product line.

The following is from Dieter:

Millennial Net Wireless Energy Management Solution Description [Read more…]

Honeywell Pneumatic and Electronic Globe Style Control Valves

Read any Honeywell catalog on control valves and most likely you will end up with red eyes and possibly a bald spot on top of your head from scratching it in frustration.

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Not Just the Hard to Find Parts

Many people think of Stromquist when it comes to buying those “hard to find” parts — the old or obsolete parts or those that just aren’t very common. We’re well known for our great counter and inside sales staff who find matches and replacements for such items. While we do appreciate that you think of us for these, we want you to also think of us for those everyday, run of the mill parts like thermostats, valves, gauges and sensors. Some people automatically go to the bigger supply house chains for these types of parts and only come to Stromquist for the more elusive items. So we would like to ask that you give us a try on your “regular” parts too. We stock a wide range of Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Schneider Electric (formerly TAC/Invensys), Belimo, White Rodgers and many more. And we’re competitive on our pricing. The next time you need that simple thermostat, a relay or pneumatic fittings, give us a call. We’d be happy to pull one off the shelf for you in addition to finding the replacement for that rusty part that’s 25 years old.