Tim’s Tech Tip: Setting Up a Kreuter “Stop Sign” VAV Controller

In this extensive training video, Stromquist & Company’s, Tim Chamblee teaches you step-by-step how to control a VAV box with the Kreuter pneumatic VAV controller. There are hundreds of thousands of the KMC CSC3011 series of pneumatic VAV controllers. Thanks to Tim, we know how to set them up, calibrate, and troubleshoot these pneumatic VAV controllers.

Bill Jones Tech Tips: Making Liquid Level Gauges Work

Everything you need to know about liquid level gauges but were afraid to ask. Liquid level gauges, like the ones made by Conbraco, are in every equipment room. As simple as they might seem, if you have ever had to replace one, they can be tricky. Not to worry, Stromquist & Company’s, Bill Jones, an expert on Conbraco products, takes the mystery out of liquid level gauges in this informative tech tip. Thank You Mr. Jones!

Tim’s Tech Tips: Understanding Chiller Surge

“Just the Facts ma’am.” No, it’s not Joe Friday from the 70’s television series Dragnet, it’s Stromquist & Company’s,Tim Chamblee. Tim in addition to being a super star salesman for Stromquist & Company is one of the best trainers in the country. In this excerpt, from one of Tim’s chiller classes, Tim gives you “the facts” you need to know about Chiller Surge. Knowledge is power. In this episode of Tim’s Tech tips, he gives you a 357 worth of chiller knowledge to take to a knife fight.

Data Centers: Environmental Monitoring & Best Practices from ServersCheck

This ServersCheck video offers a marvelous overview of the data center application and ServersCheck’s comprehensive and compact solutions as well.

There is more than one way to meet ASHRAE’s recommendations for data centers and servers rooms: Temperature (6 sensors per [Read more…]

HVAC Controls Training: EnTouch Wireless Thermostat Part 3

If you have seen Part 1 and Part 2 of this three part training series you know what cool products EnTouch makes for light commercial applications like portable classrooms and restaurants.

EnTouch is a nominee for the 2012 ControlTrends Awards Thermostat of The Year. EnTouch has very solid competition from Nest, Honeywell, Ecobee, and Viconics for this prestigious Award.
To vote for EnTouch or any of our other nominees you must register to vote. We will send you a voting ballot the first week in January. We will not share your information and will only send you information about The ControlTrends Awards.
Do you want to see an EnTouch system being installed? See our Dozier Mills install and configure the EnTouch Thermostat and the EnTouch Energy Monitor. Cool right?

How NOT To Install RIB Relay

In our continuing efforts to bring to our readers the BEST controls information available we at Control Trends must at times step back and shake our heads in amazement. This install needs NO comment just a BIG WOW. Track Rail is cheap but I guess the box and a little electrical tape is too!!

[Read more…]