Contemporary Controls: Your Ideal Partners in Network Management

Contemporary ControlsIf you are at the AHR Show in NYC next week, ControlTrends Awards Nominee Contemporary Controls invites you to visit them at Expo Booth 239. Until then, Contemporary Controls has shared this informative Tech Update: Successful Router Installation is available on-line: “Quite a few installers of our BASrouters have a limited knowledge of BACnet. To assist them in achieving a successful router installation, an Information Sheet has been prepared and posted online.”

Great stuff again from the network experts at Contemporary Controls!

Connect-Air Wire and Cable: 2013 ControlTrends Award Sponsor Highlight

Connect-AirTwisted pair cables were invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1881, and ever since — cables and wires have become the ARTERIAL systems of every building and certainly the critical life-lines of every Building Management and Integrated System.

In 1978, Connect-Air International, with an experienced staff and vast resources, emerged as an industry leader in supplying electronic cable, cable assemblies, and solutions. Connect-Air’s extensive knowledge grew early with the industry and they are uniquely poised to provide you with superior technical assistance with your most challenging interconnection applications.

Considering that a typical building structure may have a life cycle of 60 years or more, while a data system life cycle is around 3-4 years; digital voice and video systems with life cycles of 5-7 years; and Building Management Systems ranging 7-14 years (often guaranteed only with specific cable types) you can find yourself working with control cabinets and panels full of incompatible spaghetti, costing you fits and big money!

Electricity travels at approximately 299,330 km per second (180,000 miles per second)! Mistakes and oversights travel almost as fast! Let Connect-Air guide you through your most difficult interconnection needs, especially when you are dealing with capacitance, resistance, attenuation, near-end cross talk, and proprietary bus issues.

With eight strategically-located warehouses and a network of distribution partners, throughout North America, Connect-Air has incomparable industry experience and logistical leverage. Connect-Air is able to provide you all of your cable and wire needs — when you need them, at competitive prices!

ControlTrends Awards thanks Connect-Air for being a 2013 Sponsor! Connect with Connect-Air today!

KMC’S In Touch Newsletter​, Q4 2013

KMC Controls KMC Wins Big in Vegas! Each year, the industry organization, BACnet International, uses the platform of the National Facilities Management and Technology (NFM&T) Exposition in Las Vegas, Nevada to recognize outstanding contributions to the BACnet community. And each year, it seems, KMC walks away as a winner in the BACnet “Leaders of the Pack” awards.

For the second time in 4 years, KMC (and a KMC rep) were recognized with top honors. “Best in Show” for the outstanding BACnet project of the year, went to The Bullitt Center of Seattle Washington. KMC representative, Roger Norman of Northwest Automation, was the controls contractor/system integrator for the project and KMC products highlight this landmark facility.

The Bullitt Center is the first commercial building in the U.S. to meet the requirements of the Living Building Challenge (think LEED on steroids). This 50,000 sq ft space is “off the grid” in every possible sense of that phrase.

Failure is Not an Option: We’ve introduced a new line of ultra-compact, fail-safe actuators that can be used in even very cramped spaces. These petite but powerful direct-coupled actuators provide control for critical dampers or valves in HVAC systems. A minimum torque of 25 (MEP-42xx), 45 (MEP-45xx), or 90 (MEP-49xx) in-lb. is available over the 95° angular rotation. The capacitor-driven fail-safe in this series has many advantages over a traditional spring-return fail safe: •switch-selectable fail-safe direction •easy manual positioning •consistent torque in both powered and fail-safe modes
•smaller size •higher energy efficiency •greater durability •and much lower life-cycle cost. A patent-pending noise reducer provides whisper-quiet operation in both powered and fail-safe modes.

New White Papers: If you haven’t yet visited the Answers & Education section of the KMC public web site, you’re missing out on some great educational information in both web article and white paper format. Both are deigned to bring you quickly up to speed on important topics related to your facility control, automation, and energy savings. We’ve recently added three new white papers to this page of resources. The three new titles include: •BAS Requirements for FDA-Regulated Environments
•Pneumatic to Digital–Open System Conversion •Oh, No! It’s ALIVE! (Or, Do We Really Want Smart Buildings?)

Stay in touch!
Ben H. Dorsey III
Sr. VP of Marketing
LEED Green Associate
KMC Controls, Inc.

CONTEMPORARY CONTROLS: Your Industry Experts in Network Technology

Contemporary ControlsBuilding on BACnet® George Thomas and Contemporary Controls are the reigning experts in network technology for a wide range of applications. The new EIPR-V Skorpion, is a VPN Router that provides secure remote Virtual Private Network (VPN) access to the Internet via a cellular or Ethernet connection. Contemporary Controls offers an unparalleled range of industrial and BAS solutions (see below). Need answers or ideas? Visit Contemporary Control’s extensive learning resource center and video library.

Contemporary Controls is your ideal partner for applying network technology to your BACnet building automation project. The industry is embracing Ethernet connectivity to Direct Digital Controllers (DDC) along with open protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, and Sedona Framework. Access to the Internet is now assumed. Our products include BACnet/IP to BACnet MS/TP routers, BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP remote I/O devices, Modbus Serial to BACnet/ gateways, and Powered by Sedona Framework controllers. Also included are managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches and IP routers – all that is needed to attach your building automation equipment to an IP network.

Network With Us – Contemporary Controls designs and manufactures the system building blocks for networking, integrating and controlling automation processes where performance and reliability are important.

Background – George Thomas established Contemporary Controls in 1975 as a system integration and consulting business focusing on microcomputer and PLC applications.

Industrial Automation Solutions
◾Food and Beverage

Building Automation Solutions
◾Access Control
◾Building Intelligence
◾Life Safety

Commercial Automation Solutions
◾Material Handling
◾Point of Sale

Communications & Networking Solutions
◾Data Security
◾Local Area Networks
◾Wire Area Networks
◾Mobile Communication
◾Wireless Networking

Energy, Utilities & Transportation Solutions
◾Air and Rail
◾Energy Generation
◾Power Distribution
◾Water and Wastewater

Embedded Networking Solutions
◾Homeland Security

Associations – Proud members of several industry associations.

Quality Policy – Contemporary Controls develops, manufactures and markets innovative networking and control products to the benefit of our automation customers worldwide. We are committed to delivering products and services that meet customer requirements and strive to exceed their expectations through our continuous improvement efforts.

Social Responsibility – Within today’s innovative global community, our most significant priority is to meet the needs of the manufacturing sector without forfeiting our commitment to the betterment of society.

Contact Us – Regional contact information.

Contemporary Controls Video: Understanding EIA-485: Connectors, Grounding and Protection

Contemporary Controls Contemporary Controls Update:


EIPR-E Skorpion IP Router Goes Wireless:
We have added a wireless option to the EIPR-E Skorpion IP Router making the automation firewall/router even more useful plus the USB port is available at no price increase. The new EIPR-E wireless router will be released in August.
[Read more...]

KMC Needs Your Vote to Win 2013 BACnet International Competition!

KMC ControlsFor the next couple of weeks a window of opportunity is open for you to acknowledge the role of KMC Controls in the BACnet community. The annual BACnet International Leaders of the Pack award nominations are now underway. We encourage you to take advantage of this open window to nominate KMC or KMC-submitted success stories for recognition.

The “Best of the Show” award is given to a stellar project success story. KMC is responsible for 13 or the 55 success stories on the site including 5 of the 10 eligible in this year’s competition! That’s significantly more than any other member company. LOTP

We especially encourage you to consider The Bullitt Center (Seattle, WA) and the Headway Technologies (TDK) (Milpitas, CA) stories as they are characterized by aggressive goals, media notoriety, and outstanding [Read more...]

BACNet Made Easy: Part 6 BACNet BIIB’s

If you have been following this excellent video training series on BACNet you know in part five the concept of Interoperability was introduced and discussed. In part six you will learn about BACNnet BIIBs interoperability building blocks). Thanks to our friends at Contemporary Controls for this informative video.