Sierra Monitor Networking Conversations — Video Volume 1: Understanding IIoT

This first Sierra Monitor Networking Conversation video is an extremely comprehensive and important overview of the economic impact and changes that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIot) is making within our industry. Join in on the conversation as Sierra Monitor’s CEO, Varun Nagaraj, rewards viewers with a remarkably down-to-earth insight into the most significant and economically vibrant aspects of IIoT and the opportunities these changes represent. The channels and business models for the OEMs, integrators, and facility/building managers are indeed changing. Are you?

EasyIO Global Conference Paris 2015 Update

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 4.09.28 PMGlobal EasyIO Partner Event 2015: Paris, September 20-22! EasyIO is changing the way Building Automation is deployed, while significantly reducing installation costs. EasyIO’s global partner event will unveil awesome new products and features that will further enhance building management and energy solutions — for all building types.

EasyIO has already a reputation to hold up for their amazing event programming. Paris, capital city of France, city of Love and Light, is the host in 2015. EasyIO would love to invite you to their event.

BECOME A SPONSOR! Join Belimo, J2 Innovations, Intellastar, SkyFoundry, and NODON as they address participants from Aulstralia, Asia, Europe, South America, and the USA

REGISTER NOW and get your Early Bird rate! Early Bird € 525 (From July 15th, tickets € 625)

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 1.45.20 PMCome and learn the best new features from EasyIO, especially the new FG series of Open Automation Controllers and Internet ready Field Controllers offering Area Controller capabilities and features, as well built in I/O and huge data logging capacity — all packaged as the future solution for the IoT in Energy and Building Facility Control. The controller also supports multi concurrent protocols and services such as BACnet, Modbus, TCOM, Web Services and both Server and Client services.

Overview of EasyIO Global Conference Paris Program:

Sunday, September 20: Pre-event gathering (casual) from 8:45 PM – 0:00 PM Hard Rock Café Paris, EasyIO Mezzanine area (upstairs).

Monday, September 21: The Business Conference from 9:30 PM – 04:00 PM Mercure Hotel Paris Centre Tour Eiffelics.

Monday, September 21: Dinner and big new Theatre show at the famous LIDO from 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM Cocktail reception at the Lido at the Avenue des Champs-Elysees (EasyIO entrance).

Tuesday, September 22: Unique EasyIO iPad City Challenge in the heart of Paris from 9:30 PM – 03:00 PM Assembling at the Eiffel Tower, start of the iPAd Challenge on the 2nd floor.

Tuesday, September 22: Lunch gathering with the grand finale award announcement to the winner(-s) of the first EasyIO iPad Challenge at 04:00 PM HardRock Café Paris, EasyIO Mezzanine area (upstairs).

(For information and comments about the organization please contact

Sierra Monitor’s Webinar: Introduction to the EZ Gateway

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 11.50.40 AMRegister today for an educational webinar introducing our new EZ Gateway!

Integrating Modbus devices into BACnet networks is a common field application. Completing this integration in an efficient, reliable, and repeatable fashion is a requirement in today’s environment. Our expert instructor, Richard Theron, will discuss how simple it is to connect Modbus devices to BACnet systems with the EZ Gateway and how to lower commissioning time and costs with features such as EZ Profiles and DeviceProxy™. smc3 REGISTER NOW!

What: Introduction to the EZ Gateway
Date: Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm PST SMC_1

The EZ Gateway, the quick and easy Modbus to BACnet solution!

The EZ Gateway Modbus to BACnet is a quick and easy solution to a system integrator’s Modbus to BACnet integration needs, the integrator or contractor does not need to be a protocol expert to connect any Modbus device to a BACnet system using either BACnet protocol.

DeviceProxy™, our unique device management feature allows each Modbus device to be presented as a corresponding virtual BACnet device, thereby providing granular visibility and control over each Modbus device within a BACnet management framework (examples: offline or online status is visible at the individual Modbus device).
With EZ Profiles, integrators can create or upload predefined configuration Modbus to BACnet files into the EZ Gateway for fast configuration & commissioning.

To learn more about our EZ Gateway Modbus to BACnet, visit our website and watch our EZ Gateway YouTube video.

ControlTalk NOW for the Week Ending May 10, 2015

Welcome to ControlTalk NOW for the week ending May 10, 2015. Fred Gordy asks if you’re ready to Pre-Act versus React and shares an incredible experience and insight into cybersecurity’s hat society; Marc Petock and Lynxspring posts: NiagaraAX software updates and NTCP Training Update and Niagara 4 Bridge Course Updates, and Cybersecurity and the Boardroom; Sierra Monitor’s Varun Nagaraj offers Industrial Internet of Things insight and Mike Bonner unboxes and demos Sierra Monitor’s BTL Certified BACnet Fieldserver Router; Belimo valve test lab video tour; Honeywell SmartLine training; Tridium offers webinars on JACE® 8000 and Niagara 4 Licensing; and Carl Johnsen reflects on his 42 year career with Honeywell.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.07.25 PMLynxspring Technical Bulletin: NiagaraAX v3.8.38.1 Module Update. We want to advise you that Tridium has released a software patch for various NiagaraAX modules. Upgrading these modules will correct the issues described in the Product Update Notification recently published for this update. If you are currently using version, please read the Product Update Notification and download the upgraded modules by clicking here and extract the files to a known location.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 10.18.34 AMSierra Monitor’s Varun Nagaraj — IIoT: The Search for Equitable Business Models. In this Sierra Monitor post (first of many), Varun Nagaraj, Sierra Monitor’s President and CEO shares his wealth of experience and industry knowledge positioned as a leader of a premiere global source of electronic communications, safety and environmental instrumentation, network products, and technical solutions. Over the last few years, many of us in the controls industry have been using the phrase “Industrial Internet of Things” or IIoT to describe the evolution of control networking in industrial environments.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 8.00.50 AMWhy Belimo Gets it Right: Watch the Belimo Valve Test Lab Tour. Belimo’s engineering prowess and innovation set the global standards in comfort, energy efficiency, and safety solutions. This video, previewing the Belimo Valve Test Lab, gives insight as to how such unparalleled standards are set and maintained. Belimo’s performance testing verifies that our products comply with industry and trade association specifications, including ANSI, EN, IEC, ISA, MSS, and VDI/VDE. Our testing is performed with ISO 9000 traceability.

Flow1Level and Flow Training Part 1. Learn about Industrial and Commercial Level and Flow Control metering and control with this multi-episode ControlTrends’ live training course, featuring Honeywell Marketing Manager, Tom Brands. Learn about Honeywell’s SmartLine Level Transmitter Applications and the why’s, how’s, and different ways to measure levels and become a better adviser to your customers. SmartLine Level Transmitter uses guided wave radar (GWR) technology and can measure the level of a wide range of liquid products.

CyberFred Gordy Asks– Are You Ready to React or Pre-Act? Critical Information Contained Within! Cyber Evangelist and Cyber Security Advocate Fred Gordy delivers another critical collection of cyber security and cyber terrorism information — as it pertains the building management systems’ world. If you don’t have a policy or internal guidance yet, print this article out and hang it on the break room refrigerator, and use it as a starting kit/tool at your next board meeting, whatever it takes to get yourself and your organization Pre-Acting!

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 7.55.52 AMTridium — Discover the Possibilities: JACE® 8000 and Niagara 4 Licensing. Join us for our next TridiumTalk highlighting the Niagara Framework® With nearly half a million instances worldwide, Niagara is quickly becoming the operating system of the Internet of Things. And with the anticipated release of Niagara 4 and the JACE 8000 controller, the opportunity to achieve operational excellence is even greater than before.

073dcd6ControlTalk NOW guest Fred Gordy answers questions about Cybersecurity and explains the Hat-referencing jargon used with the Cybersecurity world. Basically, white hat = good guys, black hat = bad guys, grey hats = opportunists, and red hat = good guys that challenges your system like a black hat, and identify your possible vulnerabilities. Fred Gordy is anxious to assist system integrators and facility managers with Cybersecurity issues. Please email any questions that you might have for Fred at

CarlCarl Johnsen, and His Amazing 42 Year Career with Honeywell — A Tribute. ControlTrends had a chance to spend some time with one of the great controls people in the HVAC and Building Automation Controls Industry. Carl Johnsen’s career with Honeywell spans 42 years, and it was an absolute delight to interview Carl at the 2015 AHR show in Chicago. From his early days selling and supporting pneumatic controls, to the advent of DDC controls, on to the fully integrated building automation control systems of today, Carl Johnsen met the challenges of changing technology with determined optimism and success.

Mike1Unboxing the Sierra Monitor Dual Port BACnet Router. We had the privilege to review Sierra Monitor’s BTL Certified BACnet Router – the protocol router spearheading the theme of ease-of-use. We’re sure system integrators love saving time and costs, right? Sierra Monitor introduced this great product back in January, and since then, it has gained a lot of traction in the building automation industry. It really is easy to use, with great features like DeviceFind™, their unique BACnet device discovery feature, and two RS-485 ports for connecting up to 64 devices without the use of additional line drivers.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 2.51.07 PMHoneywell’s Security Controller Exchange Program. The SEC-H-201/U WEBs-AX Security controller was introduced in 2007. At the time, this platform was a good product on which to deliver the original stand-alone Web-Based security application. However, over time the security application has grown in both features and complexity and the SEC-H-201/U is no longer suitable to run the latest WEBs-AX Enterprise Security application. An exchange program has been created to allow customers that purchased an SEC-H-201/U security controller the opportunity to exchange them for an SEC-H-602 security controller at a reduced price vs. purchasing a new SEC-H-602 security controller.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 12.37.01 PMMarc Petock’s “Cybersecurity and the Board Room.” Cybersecurity has taken a pole position at ControlTrends and we are grateful to the important content and contributions being provided by HVAC and BAS Cybersecurity professionals. Our industry has a long, long way to go to meet the increasing challenges of Cybersecurity, but we’re getting on track with the guidance we receive from these generous professionals sharing their expertise. Marc Petock’s post contains two very important links that bring some of the world of Cybersecurity to a needy industry’s doorstep, and terms like “Duty of Care” and a CEO’s “Tone at the Top” — as well as equations like Risk = Threat X Vulnerability X Impact, and Risk = Probability X Impact, will become increasing familiar and used in our industry — in the near future.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 9.09.36 AMLynxspring Go Further: Important NTCP Training Update, Niagara 4 Bridge Course Update. Training and knowledge exchange is very important at Lynxspring. We are committed to making each of you as effective as possible with our technologies and products so we can enable you to achieve the very best technical knowledge and expertise you can. With this in mind, I would like to remind you of our upcoming scheduled NTCP Niagara AX Technical Certification Classes (see schedule below). The goal of this 5-day Niagara AX Certification Technical Training course is to educate students to a basic level of technical expertise necessary to effectively and efficiently design, engineer, and program projects using the NiagaraAX Framework.

ControlTalk NOW for the Week Ending May 3, 2015

Welcome to ControlTalk NOW week ending May 3, 2015. Our news begins with the Realcomm | IBcon June 8-10 meeting in San Antonio, TX. Be sure to take advantage of the special ControlTrends Rate: $895.00 — that is valid till 6/1/15. Use Promo Code: IB15CTL1. Highlight coverage of the 2014 ControlTrends Awards winners concludes with our final three recipients: EasyIO’s Lim Hoon Chiat, Tridium’s Niagara AX, and KMC’s SimplyVAV. Watch as EasyIO’s Mike Marston takes the FG-32 controller to the next level. And, make sure to watch Vlad Choulopka’s feature 2014 ControlTrends Awards video “Heroes, Awards, and Elegance,” which portrays hundreds of the awesome people that attended our awards event in Chicago and make our HVAC and Building Automation industries so great.

RealCommGet Ready ror IBcon and RealComm June 8-10, 2015 in San Antonio, TX. If you are a systems integrator, this is a can’t miss event. Where else can you learn about current technologies and spend time with Real Estate owners and engineers? Use special PROMO Code Pkg: IB15-SA-General Online Group Registration-Integrator or Consultant- ControlTrends Rate: $895.00, Valid Until: 6/1/15, Promo Code: IB15CTL1. Click here to register today!

Jim young23Our first guest is the Smart Connected Building prophet Jim Young, the co‐founder of Realcomm Conference Group which produces Realcomm, IBcon, and CoRE Tech, the world’s leading conferences on technology, automated business solutions, intelligent buildings, and energy efficiency for the commercial and corporate real estate industry. Jim talks about the importance and need to attend the June 8-10 Realcomm|IBcon conference in San Antonio, TX. Jim’s interview takes us into the future, as always — with an amazing sense of clarity and accuracy.

Lim2014 ControlTrends Award Best Technical Support Person of the Year — Small Manufacturer. Congratulations to Lim Hoon Chiat from EasyIO — one of the most knowledgeable and affable people in the HVAC business! It was no surprise that Lim won. Those of us in the ControlTrends Community the world over, know that Lim is one of the industry’s most accomplished masters of technology (patents to his credit) and is the overseer of EasyIO’s ambitious product road map. Well done, Lim!

RobRob Allen’s 7 Minutes in Control: Breaking Down KMC’s Connect Lite. This changes everything!! Rob Allen catches up with Mitch Kehler of KMC to talk about KMC’s new Connect Lite solution. Ever thought it would be cool to use NFC (Near Field Communication) to address and assign your BACnet controller even if it’s unpowered and still in the box? In this video Mitch shows you how.

KMCKMC’s SimplyVAV Wins 2014 ControlTrends VAV Controller of The Year.The SimplyVAV series of controllers are an easy and unique approach to operating a wide variety of VAV terminal units. The integrated actuators, internal airflow sensors, and wide variety of application programs make these BACnet Application Specific controllers ideal for either new or retrofit installations.

John SublettNiagara AX Wins 2014 ControlTrends Award. The Niagara Framework is a universal software infrastructure that allows companies to easily build custom, Web-enabled applications for accessing, automating and controlling “smart” devices in real-time over the Internet. This open, Java-based framework unifies diverse systems and devices – regardless of manufacturer, communication standard or software – into an interoperable system creating a platform for value-added application development. Built on Internet standards, Niagara makes it possible for anyone, from anywhere around the world, to control their smart devices from a standard Web browser.

Ken FeaturedOur second guest is AutomatedBuilding’s owner and editor Ken Sinclair, whose May theme is Becoming an Autodidactic Asset — the process of coming to be a self-taught person who is a valuable thing. “I started several months ago with the realization that our greatest assets as an industry are our people, this lead me to the conclusion that we needed to grow our industry by dragging young IoT savvy folks across the skills gap. During this journey, I discovered that our lead industry assets badly need to become autodidactic, bridging their skills gap about IoT and its savvy folks.” Don’t miss May’s AutomatedBuildings, another valuable collection of industry insight and information from the leading minds of our industry.

EasyIO2EasyIO Updates from Mike Marston: CPT Project Management and New FG CPT Backup/Restore Features. Mike Marston and the team at EasyIO keep the press on the next generation plant controller and share their progress with first release APP and an instructional video.
Try this in your FG32 with Firmware8 .38. It flies more nicely in the FG32+, which are available now with CE, FCC and UL approvals. This is a draft of our standard APPs preparation (the first one). Next we will do a small chiller sequence APP. Please note, this APP works much faster in the FG32+.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 10.11.31 AMVlad Choulopka’s amazing and elegant video documentary of the heroes and champions of our industry. This feature 2014 ControlTrends Awards video — “Heroes, Awards, and Elegance,” portrays hundreds of the awesome people that attended the awards show in Chicago and make our HVAC and Building Automation industries so great.

Contemporary Controls’ Gift to the Industry: “Network Communications for Buildings” Free Download

ContemporaryControls_NetworkBookCoverMarch 2015 — The year 2015 marks our 40th anniversary as a company and as we reflect on this milestone, we cannot help but marvel at the technological changes that have impacted both the automation systems we produce as well as how companies are now doing business. We have witnessed the migration from standalone controllers to fieldbus-networked controllers to IP-based network controllers. The open-systems movement has helped smaller companies participate in markets once dominated by larger companies with their proprietary systems. The building automation market is a great example with technologies such as BACnet, Modbus and Ethernet for all to use.

As a company, we have always tried to educate the industry on best practices by publishing application notes, PowerPoint presentations, tutorials and videos. We believe all companies benefit if we effectively educate the industry on the best use of open-system technologies. In that spirit, Contemporary Controls has published Network Communications for Buildings from a collection of prior articles from our Extension and Essentials that were supplements to our print newsletters beginning in 1999. All the articles have been updated to the latest practice so now the best material on network communications can be found in one concise book.

The intention of Network Communications for Buildings is to present the material in a commercial-free format in keeping with the mission of the open-systems movement.

Network Communications for Buildings includes coverage of the following technologies: EIA-485 Physical Layer, Shared Ethernet, Switched Ethernet, Ethernet with Fiber Optic Cabling, Power over Ethernet (PoE), Internet Protocol (IP), Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), Subnetting IP Networks, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN), Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), Modbus, and BACnet. It also includes applications about using Managed Switches and using IP Routers. It concludes with troubleshooting advice and a glossary of terms.

To download your free copy, simply click here and provide your name and email below and you will be given a link to the PDF.

ControlTalk NOW: The Smart Building Podcast/Videocast Week Ending March 15, 2015

This week’s ControlTalk NOW features Blue Ridge Technologies — Unified Lighting Control experts; Acuity’s purchase of Distech Controls; EasyIO’s Partners Event in Paris; 2014 ControlTrends Award winners: Johnson Controls’ FX ASSET Tool, EasyIO’s FG-32, and Lynxspring’s Lynx CyberPro; Marc Petock’s review of Project Haystack and Lynxspring’s Niagara R2 solutions; Mike Marston’s CPT graphics demonstration; KMC’s new BACnet multi-port router; and Siemen’s MD energy meter video. Special thanks to Rob Allen for his ControlTalk NOW introduction and another great 7 Minutes in Control!

BlueRidgeBlue Ridge Technologies — Unified Lighting Control Experts — Show You How! Get distributed Zone Control with Blue Ridge Technologies’ Zone Control(ZC)! ZC is a UL Listed distributed lighting controller in a compact junction box mounted package. ZC may be scheduled from any BACnet BAS, and it is compatible with all low voltage override switches, occupancy sensors, and light level sensors. ZC is suited for new or existing buildings, and may be scaled from basic to advanced control sequences; including daylight harvesting, load shedding, equipment optimization, and trending.

EASY1EasyIO Gets Ready for Next World Wide Partner Event in Paris. What is the best way to get your Uncle Sam to pay for a trip to Paris? Well the folks at EasyIO make it all possible with great controls, great food, and a great location, and although I am not an accountant, I am pretty sure you can write it off as a business expense. “Mad Mike” Marston and the team at EasyIO are preparing the Next World Wide Control Event in Paris France, September 21-23. Don’t wait, reach out to your local EasyIO dealer and tell them you want to be part of the EasyIO World Event in Paris.

Breaking News Key Shows Newsflash Broadcast OnlineDistech Controls is Purchased by Acuity Brands. One of the leading building automation control players in our industry was acquired today. Acuity Brands purchased Distech for approximately $252 million. Acuity, which had net sales of $2.4 billion dollars in 2014, owns a group of companies that work in the lighting and building automation controls market. About Distech: An Innovative Leader in Energy Management Solutions.Distech Controls provides unique building management technologies and services that optimize energy efficiency and comfort in buildings.

JCIAssetJohnson Controls FX Asset Tool Wins Big at the 2014 ControlTrends Awards. Congratulations to Johnson Controls and the FX Asset Tool which was awarded the 2014 Building Automation Controls Programming Tool of the Year by the world-wide ControlTrends Community. To learn more about this incredible product click here for a ControlTrends live Training Rewind or here for a presentation on the power of the FX Asset Tool.

Rob31215Rob Allen’s 7 Minutes in Control: Introduces a New Router from KMC Controls. Rob welcomes Dave Bohlmann from KMC Controls to 7 Minutes in Control. Dave shows Rob KMC’s new single point BacNet Router. The multi-port KMC FullBAC
efficiently and reliably routes BACnet traffic for today’s complex building automation projects that consist of multiple networks. The BAC-5050 provides communication between foreign devices, BACnet IP LANs, the BACnet MS/TP controller network, and an Ethernet 802.3 (ISO 8802-3) network.

Lynxspring_enews-700Lynxspring Offers Four Conversion Options to Take Niagara R2 to Niagara AX. Niagara R2 to Niagara AX –The time has come to replace Niagara R2 in favor of the far more advanced Niagara AX! The Niagara Framework has evolved significantly since the first commercial version; Niagara R2 was first introduced. Since that time, Niagara has become the industry’s open software platform standard that enables the integration of complex and disparate monitoring, control and automation solutions.

Plant Controller of YearEasyIO Wins Plant Controller of the Year at The 2014 ControlTrends Awards. Congratulations to EasyIO for winning the 2014 ControlTrends Awards Plant Controller of The Year. The legendary EasyIO FG-32 (The Beast From the EAST) is known around the world as a powerful, affordable DDC controller, so much so, that the world-wide ControlTrends Community has voted to give this coveted award to the FG-32 for the third year in a row. Truly, an impressive accomplishment!

Mike MarstonEasyIO’s Mike Marston Demos FG’s CPT Graphics. CPT Tool is an executable file and does not require installation. The package is supplied as a zip file. Extracting the zipped file will create the file structure. Note: All of the files need to be located in the same folder in order for CPT to run correctly. CPT is a tool developed by Online Tools Inc. as the new choice for users of controllers based on Sedona Framework. It allows online programming where Sedona had been designed for as the management of the software packages, (kits). The tool also has the capability to do backups and restore of the applications.

SIEMENS_METERSiemens MD Energy Meters Sales Training Video. Siemens Industry’s MD Model Power Meter is a submetering device designed to provide real time, accurate electricity metering to enable proper control over energy costs. The meter can capture kWh/kW energy and demand data, as well as virtually all relevant energy parameters for diagnostics and monitoring on three-phase or single-phase circuit installations. The meter’s flexibility, size, and ease-of use make them ideal tools for gathering detailed consumption information in commercial, industrial, governmental, and retail environments.

HaystackLogo1Making Device Data Self-describing to Enable Seamless Integration Across Multiple Applications. Article by Marc Petock, Vice President Marketing, Lynxspring & Connexx Energy and Member Board of Directors, Project-Haystack. The amount of data created by equipment, systems and devices has exploded in recent years. Today’s automation systems and smart devices produce tremendous amounts of data to the point where we have expanded our reach to a range of devices that can gather and analyze physical data and react to that data in a variety of applications that we’ve never seen before.

CyberProLYNX CyberPro Wins Innovative Product of the Year! Congratulations to the team at Lynxspring for winning the 2014 ControlTrends Awards Innovative Product of the Year with the Lynxspring Cyber Pro (Watch George Hawkins’ presentation). Designed with building operations in mind, LYNX CyberPro creates “shields of security” and preemptive threat protection for the devices and systems across a building network by securing, managing, controlling, tracking and monitoring all account access and activities. The solution supports leading building automation protocols with TCP/IP networks and can be accessed from anywhere without exposing building system devices to the public internet.

ControlTalk NOW: The Smart Building Podcast Week Ending March 8, 2015

This week’s ControlTalk NOW features Daikin’s IoT game-changer, the Rebel RTU; Stromquist’s Tim Chamblee’s VFD Training Part 1 and Part 2; More about KMC’s Conquest Controllers; 2014 ControlTrends Award Winners, Delta Controls and Schneider Electric; and the FieldServer Protocol Revision 12 BACnet Router from the Sierra Monitor Corporation.

Tim vfdTim Chamblee’s Intro Class: Variable Frequency Drives Part 1. Learn the basics of variable frequency drives in this intro class, from Variable Frequency Drives guru, Tim Chamblee. With over thirty years of experience, Tim is a well recognized expert in the HVAC industry and an enormous asset to the Stromquist team. Tim is also a part-time instructor at Chattahoochee Technical College teaching the Advanced HVAC Program.

SeanIn The Winners Circle with Schneider Electric’s Can2Go. Check out Patrick Dumas in the winner’s circle at the 2014 ControlTrends Awards with Sean Johnson. Schneider Electric’s Can2Go (SmartStruxure Lite) won the 2014 ControlTrends Awards Wireless Product/Solution of the Year. Can2Go offers Contractors and Systems integrators one of the most complete hybrid control solutions: Wired (BACNet, Modbus, CANbus), Wireless (EnOcean, ZigBee), and Web (IP/Ethernet). These building automation technologies combine to provide maximum interoperability, control, and energy savings.

ken1Daikin Launches First IoT HVAC Equipment. Rebel RTU Rocks! Ken Smyers caught up with Paul Rauker, VP of Systems and Controls, Daikin Applied, on the ground floor of the 2015 AHR Show. Paul expertly reviews the features of Daikin’s latest Intelligent Equipment, the Rebel RTU — that is the first IoT HVAC RTU. Paul shows us what extraordinary innovation is possible when collaboration takes place between industry and technology leaders, Daikin and Intel.

EKreuterIntroducing KMC New Line of BAS Controllers: Meet Conquest! Thanks to Erich Kreuter for introducing us to KMC’s Conquest line of building automation controllers. KMC Conquest controllers are fully programmable, native BACnet controllers with integrated alarming, trending, and scheduling that maintain logic and data at the edge. KMC Conquest controllers are enabled with NFC technology allowing field configuration with our mobile app: KMC Connect Lite.

DeltaDelta Controls Wins 2014 Building Automation Control System of The Year. The world wide ControlTrends Community spoke with their votes and Delta Controls was named the winner of the 2014 ControlTrends Building Automation Control System of The Year. Congratulations to Jack Nichols, and the entire Delta team, for a job well done. The Delta Controls’ motto, which permeates throughout the organization is “Do it Right!”

Tim vfdVFD Training Part 2: Tim Chamblee continues his Variable Frequency Drive Training with an in-depth explanation of the application benefits, the potential energy savings, and the importance of proper grounding and wiring methods — and then demonstrates how to use a Honeywell Variable Frequency Drive to control a cooling tower fan with a Honeywell T775 controller.

smc3Sierra Monitor Corporation’s FieldServer BACnet Router — First Product to be Certified as Router at BACnet Protocol Revision 12. Milpitas, California – January 12, 2015 – Sierra Monitor Corporation, a provider of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions that connect and protect high- value infrastructure assets, today announced that its FieldServer BACnet Router has been certified by the BACnet Testing laboratory (BTL), having successfully passed the Protocol Revision 12 router tests. Sierra Monitor Corporation addresses the industrial and commercial facilities management market with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions that connect and protect high-value infrastructure assets.

2014 ControlTrends Hall Of Fame Inductee H. Michael Newman

Mike NeumanCongratulations again to H. Michael Newman the father of BACnet on his induction to the 2014 ControlTrends Hall of Fame. To see Automated Buildings’ Ken Sinclair, induct Mike into the Hall oF Fame click here.

Mike has been a member of the Association of Energy Engineers, the Cornell Society of Engineers, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and is a senior member of the Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society. H. Michael Newman recently authored Direct Digital Control of Building Systems: Theory and Practice.

As a Fellow and Life Member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Mike has served on the Research and Technical Committee that supervised the Society’s research program and its technical committees; was an officer of TC 1.4, the technical committee on control theory and application; was the chairman of Standard Project Committee 135P which developed the BACnet® building automation and control network communication protocol and was chairman of the follow-on standing standard project committee, SSPC 135, responsible for interpreting and extending BACnet, up until July 2000.

Mike graduated “with distinction” from Cornell University in 1965 with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics. A year later he was awarded a master’s degree in the same field and subsequently did post-graduate work in astrophysics at the NASA Center for Radiophysics and Space Research. Following 10 years as a pilot and flight instructor, during which he assisted in the design and maintenance of aircraft electronics installations, Mike returned to Cornell to take charge of the installation and development of the University’s computerized energy management and control system. The system now serves over 225 buildings with nearly 980,000 sensor and control points, features extensive graphic display and plotting capabilities, and was one of the first such systems to make use of multiuser, multiprotocol computers in an integrated, multivendor field panel environment. Mike is presently Manager of the Building Automation and Control Systems Integration group within Facilities Services at Cornell University.

In June of 2003 he received ASHRAE’s Standards Achievement Award and in 2010 its Distinguished Service Award. He has served as convener of the committee’s XML Working Group that published the BACnet Web Services addendum, BACnet/WS, and is presently the convener of the Elevator – Working Group. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of BACnet International, the successor group to the BACnet Manufacturers’ Association, the Chairman of the ASHRAE Standards Committee, which oversees all of ASHRAE’s standards work, and a member of Technology Council. He has contributed to the development of the Professional Development Seminar on “Automatic Temperature Control,” and served as a speaker for the PDS on “DDC for HVAC Monitoring and Control” for 12 years. He has contributed to several revisions of the ASHRAE handbook chapter on “Automatic Control.”

In 1999 he co-authored the “GSA Guide to Specifying Interoperable Building Automation and Control Systems Using ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135-1995, BACnet” that was published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and is still used throughout the federal government. He is the author of an award-winning book from Wiley Interscience entitled “Direct Digital Control of Building Systems – Theory and Practice” and his second book, “BACnet – The Global Standard for Building Automation and Control Networks,” was published by Momentum Press in August 2013.

Mike has served as a consultant to the Architect of the Capitol, the National Institute of Building Sciences, and NIST in Washington, DC, as well as to several private companies. He was a member of the United States delegation to the International Energy Agency’s Advisory Review Board on the subject of the use of microelectronic control systems for energy conservation in buildings. He has served as a U.S. expert to the International Organization for Standardization’s ISO/TC 205, Building Environment Design, at meetings throughout the world and is currently Chairman of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group and the U.S. Head of Delegation. In the 1990’s, he was a presenter at the “Forum Home and Building Automation” in Paris; participated in the formation of the BACnet Interest Group – Europe in Frankfurt; and was the keynote speaker at a BACnet seminar in Sydney, Australia. At the Congress Building Performance in 2000, again in Frankfurt, he presented a paper entitled “BACnet – Past, Present and Future.”

In 2001 he was a member of a 3-person delegation to Beijing and Wuhan, China, that presented BACnet to businessmen, academics and government officials of the Ministry of Construction. The same delegation visited Tokyo and Osaka in 2002 to make presentations at the “International BACnet Symposium” sponsored by the Institute of Electrical Installation Engineers of Japan. In more recent years, he visited Seoul to present a BACnet update to the Intelligent Building Society of Korea; attended the launch of the BACnet Interest Group – Middle East in Dubai, UAE and then went on to Moscow to speak at SHK 2004. Over the last 10 years, he has participated in ISO/TC 205 meetings in Seoul, Paris, Cairo, Delft, Kyoto, Sydney, La Rochelle, Stockholm, and Wuxi..

In 1999 Mike was selected by the Twin Tiers Chapter of ASHRAE to receive its Engineer of the Year Award and, in 2001, received an award of the same name from the Broome Chapter of the New York State Society of Professional Engineers.

Mike has been a member of the Association of Energy Engineers, the Cornell Society of Engineers, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and is a senior member of the Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society.

Contemporary Controls’ George Thomas Inducted Into ControlTrends Hall of Fame

George Thomas ControlTrends had the additional honor of inducting George Thomas into the ControlTrends Awards Hall of Fame. George Thomas received his BSEE and MSEE degrees from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois. George completed the American Electronics Association/Stanford University Executive Institute for managing high-tech companies, and has served as a director on several boards such as the MIDCON Electronics Show and Convention, the IEEE-Chicago Section, the STD Bus Manufacturer’s Group, the ARCNET Trade Association, the American Electronics Association, the Chicago Manufacturing Center and the Management Association of Illinois. George Thomas is a life senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and past chairman of the Chicago Section, and is a senior member of the Instrumentation, Systems and Automation society. To read more of George’s outstanding lifetime achievements and prolific career, please read below.

George Thomas Inducted into 2014 ControlTrends Hall of Fame from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.

Professional Activities: Senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society (ISA) . Member of the Americian Society of Quality (ASQ). Past chairman of the Chicago Section of the IEEE and current History chairman. Past chairman of the MIDCON electronics show and convention.

Trade Activities: Past chairman of the Management Association of Illinois. Past director of the Chicago Manufacturing Center. Past director of the American Electronics Association (AEA). Past chairman of the AEA /Midwest Council. Director of the ARCNET Trade Association, Past chairman of the STD Bus Manufacturer’s Group.

Papers and Journals: Published Network Communications for Buildings (2015) to celebrate Contemporary Controls’ 40th Anniversary. Authored several articles on control and industrial networking technology for publications such as Control Engineering magazine. Presented papers at conferences such as Plant Engineering/80, SATECH/85, ISA/87, IPC/88, ControlExpo/89, ICEE/92, FieldComms USA/97, FieldComms UK/00, and ICOA/06. Authored numerous papers for the Industrial Ethernet University — an on-line education forum.