Honeywell RM7800 Fault Codes

Update 8.4.2013 Click here to see a video on how to use the RM7800 Fault codes.

Fault codes are used on the Honeywell RM7800 series of boiler burner flame safeguard controls. These codes help the service technician identify problems that occur with the relay or the components that are wired to the relay.

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NEW Honeywell Combustion Panels COMING SOON

Honeywell has announced they are introducing a series of integrated combustion panels to go along with the awsome Delphi release from last year. These new panels will incorporate Honeywell’s proven combustion technology into complete panels, making equipment upgrades a snap! All panels will be pre-wired, pre-tested, and a built in a certified UL panel shop. Made in the U.S.A.

The initial offering will include: [Read more…]

Testo Live Event 11:45 – 1:00 PM ET

Recorded earlier. Check out this Testo combustion training class recorded 11.16.2010,

and learn how to save money by proper combustion fuel air ratio theory and boiler tuning.

Be sure to take advantage of the Testo and Stromquist Fall specials on Testo combustion analyzers.

Boiler control retrofits made easy: Product Review the Honeywell Echo

Need to replace the older M series Fireye controls?  Honeywell has introduced  the Honeywell ECHO retrofit solution for replacing the Fireye TFM and UVM FSG controls. The ECHO (R7210M series) controls are a Smart Fit series of controls which allow the contractor to replace the older Fireye M series controls without the extensive wiring required in the past.

The Honeywell ECHO system is based on the standard Honeywell 7800 series controls and all of the standard 7800 series components will work with this control. With the Honeywell ECHO you can now expand the functions that were limited on the Fireye M Series controls to include displays that improve diagnostics and troubleshooting and including the addition of Modbus to connect the equipment to a building automation system.

How easy is the Honeywell ECHO system to install? Simply remove the old Fireye M series control, attach the Echo’s metal conversion frame, and plug in the ECHO control… Add the required purge timing card (if needed), the flame amplifier , and the Flame detector for UV systems…It’s that easy…

While your at it sign up for the Stromquist & Company Boiler Vision Program and save even more !!

So when you need to replace an older Fireye M series control give us a call here at Stromquist and Company and listen to the ECHO….

Testo 327 Combustion Analyzer: $200 Rebate !!

Of all the combustion analyzers we handle, which include great combustion analyzers by Bacharach and UEI, I love the Testo Products. Testo Instruments is a world leader in combustion and HVAC measurement equipment. The design of all the Testo products is well thought out and engineered;  Testo’s quality is unsurpassed. Check out this video by Value Testers Jim Bergnann to get an idea of what I am talking about.

As you can see the Testo 327 combustion analyzer has a lot of great features that an HVAC technician needs when working with combustion equipment. But is it the right tool for you? [Read more…]

Testo Combustion Analyzer Kit Rebate

This Fall Testo is offering a $200 rebate on its 327 and 330 Combustion Analyzer kits, so if you’re in the market for a combustion analyzer now would be a good time to get one.  If you purchase a kit between now and December 15, 2010, you will receive a $200 rebate on a great quality product.

The Testo 327 Oxygen Analyzer quickly measures and makes better O2 adjustments with its simple, intuitive operations.  The pre-calibrated sensors use the most modern materials and come backed with a 3-year warranty. [Read more…]

Honeywell Delphi Boiler Control System

Stromquist & Company sold the first Delphi control systems in the United States. We are pleased to report that the installation of this advanced flamesafeguard system was very easy and our customer is thrilled with how well the system is working. Check out Matt’s demo of the amazing new Honeywell Delphi System!

Gas Metering with Honeywell Transmitter

Gas metering is a big part of what we offer customers. One product that has proven to be very successful is the Honeywell Smart Multivariable (SMV) Transmitter.  It is an industry leader – there are no others on the market that work as well.  It measures the gas pressure & temperature and measures a differential pressure across a primary element.  The primary element can be an orifice plate or a Preso Ellipse pitot tube.  It creates a differential pressure that we measure and relate to flow (the square root of the pressure drop is proportional to the flow rate).  The SMV calculates a corrected flow by accounting for the compressibility of the gas along with the pressure and temperature that exist in the pipe.  It is quite an involved calculation that is pre-loaded into the transmitter and set up using a software wizard.  Please keep it in mind for gas metering applications – it is an affordable alternative.  For under $4000 you can measure big flows accurately with easy installation. [Read more…]

Honeywell Controlinks Part 2

The ML7999 Universal Parallel Positioning Actuator allows for a direct connection to fuel valves and dampers in the boiler system, thereby eliminating mechanical linkages. The ML7999 actuator is designed to operate combustion air dampers, butterfly gas valves, oil modulation valves, and flue gas recirculation systems requiring up to 100 lb-in torque. Each ML7999 has its own ID, so when the R7999 communicates with the ML7999 it is communicating with only the ML7999 chosen for commissioning. The R7999 Controlinks Controller is a microprocessor feature driven controller. The controller must be commissioned by using the ZM7999 software on a PC or laptop using a minimum operating system of Windows 95 or the S7999B System Display.

Commissioning consists of five basic steps:

1. Connect the R7999 to the communications port of your PC and logon to the software with a password. The password prevents the changing of your modulation curve without permission.

2. Specify the base configuration: one or two fuels, with or without FGR.

3. Select system parameters such as Low Fire Hold.

4. Specify the characteristics of the actuators (ML7999) and set the valve/damper end points for each actuator.

5. Create a modulation curve (profile) for each fuel and verify it from maximum to minimum modulation. This curve can have up to 20 points on the curve to allow for smooth money saving transitions from start to stop.

ML7999 Controlinks UPPA actuator

Commissioning of the ML7999 basically consists of location of the minimum and maximum open/closed position of the valve/damper and locking down the actuator.

Working together, the ML7999 and the R7999 allow the burner fuel to air ratio to be adjusted independently to maximize burner efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, which typically pays for the Controlinks system within one year.

S7999B1000 Controlinks Touch Screen

Let Stromquist and Company help you with your Honeywell Controlinks needs by calling us at 1-800-241-9471 or contacting one of our many CGNA members.