ACI Announces 2 New Pressure Sensor Products that Deliver High Quality at Winning Prices

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ACI has always focused on customer Satisfaction. We have one of the lowest return rates in the industry. Our highly skilled sales staff and customer service department is ready and willing to help you with your next sensor application. ACI has twice been awarded “Wisconsin Manufacture of the Year”.

ACI_LP2ACI has two new products to combat the major hurdles on a successful pressure sensor bid with the following:
-Accuracy (Proven +/- 0.3% Accuracies on new A/DP2 Series)
-Reliability (Sturdy design with ACI’s quality behind it)
-Cost(25-40% less than competitor’s equivalents)

Beware that competitive brands might take a single-diaphragm design and scale it into much lower pressure ranges to simplify their product offering. ACI knows this will reduce the accuracy at the lower ends of the sensing ranges and refuses to compromise this important aspect of a pressure sensor. [Read more…]

Honeywell STD3000 Differential Pressure Transmitter High and Low Ports

In this video, from our friends at BTC Instrumentation, see what the High and Low ports mean on a differential pressure transmitter and how to use this knowledge when setting up a Honeywell STD 3000 differential pressure transmitter. [Read more…]

Going Wireless: Why run wire when you can go Wireless and save? Find out how !

Wireless technology has advanced so much in the last few years and the acceptance and value of these controls is gaining immeasurably. All phases of the market have now been touched by wireless thermostats, controllers, and sensors including industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

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Using Differential Pressure to Measure Flow

Check out this demo to see how differential pressure transimitters can be used to measure flow. For more information contact your friends at Stromquist & Company