ControlTalk Now for the Week Ending May 5, 2013

Haystack Connect 2013 is once again this week’s ControlTalk NOW sponsor. Congratulations to Haystack Connect for an outstanding networking extravaganza and industry first. Industry Evolution and the impact of nHaystack, Big Data, Network Security, Lighting Solutions, ADR, Powerful Controllers, and much more to follow.

Pick Siemens for PIC Valves: Siemens’ unique design integrates three functions into one single device: control valve, adjustable flow limiter and automatic pressure regulator. [Read more…]

ControlTalk Now for the Week Ending April 7, 2013

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ControlTalk Rewind: Interview with Belimo’s Gary Weber, a proven distribution channel wizard. Also, review the Belimo ZIP Economizer and the 2012 CTA Commercial Product of the Year, the Belimo Energy Valve, as well as the MIT study on the energy savings.

Haystack Connect 2013: Connecting Community and Technology. This meeting is almost sold out. The automation control genies are out of the bottle and meeting in Tennessee. [Read more…]

More on Honeywell’s CAC – Fast Track Project Management Tool

Honeywell 180x120From estimation to installation, Honeywell’s new Fast Track program helps you keep projects on time and under budget. This easy-to-use project management and product configuration tool can help you turn estimates into orders while reducing application engineering, delivery and installation time.

Belimo Retrofit Solutions

Valves and actuators play an integral part in the proper functioning of HVAC systems.  When properly installed and functioning correctly they boost the performance and efficiency of integrated building technology. But like with any equipment, there comes a time when valves and actuators need to be replaced for a variety of reasons.

Damaged linkages and/or actuators lead to poor functioning of the HVAC system, which results in loss of energy efficiency, consumer comfort, time, and labor. Replacing a valve along with the actuator, or trying to determine how to fix an airside linkage, is not always a sensible solution. Taking a system off-line to replace various components is not only laborious, it’s expensive. Facilities can lose thousands of dollars a day during maintenance shut-down. With Belimo’s retrofit solutions, this problem goes away. Valve and damper applications can be quickly and conveniently restored without any interruption in service. In fact, entire systems can often be updated in a day. A poorly functioning or even non-functioning system can be transformed into a high functioning, more efficient system.

Belimo provides many retrofits that are compatible with all major control systems, so there is no need to replace other system controls. MFT Technology is also available and can be re-programmed to suit your controller needs with just one MFT model actuator.

If it’s time to replace any actuators or valves in your building or plant, consider a retrofit solution from Belimo.  Someone from Stromquist, along with Belimo, will be glad to assist you with the change.

Honeywell Pneumatic and Electronic Globe Style Control Valves

Read any Honeywell catalog on control valves and most likely you will end up with red eyes and possibly a bald spot on top of your head from scratching it in frustration.

[Read more…]

Mounting a Belimo TF Series Actuator to a Belimo Ball Valve

While I was in the Orlando office the other day Pat Marley took a call from a client asking how to mount his Belimo TF series actuator to his Belimo ball valve using the WTF mounting adaptor kit. Sadly the Belimo WTF mounting adaptor kit comes with no instructions on how to undertake this proceedure. Pat, being Pat using the speaker phone walked the client through the mounting proceedures and was kind enough to walk through the installation again for my camera also so we could present this article to you… our clients.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10

Step 11

Step 12

Step 13

Step 14

I hope this series of photographs takes the mystery out of installing this Belimo actuator to the Belimo ball valve. At Stromquist and Company we will continue to take the “MYSTERY” out of controls for you. If there are any more controls mysteries we can solve for you give us a call in Atlanta at 1-800-241-9471 or in Orlando at 1-800-638-7829.

HVAC Control Technical Tip: The Sunshine State Weather Protector

The idea for this article came across my computer in the form of an e-mail sent to me by a fellow employee of Stromquist and Company with an attached photograph.

I know we all strive in our chosen industry to do things right with as much professionalism as our clients will afford us. I also realize at times even the best of service personnel will make installation mistakes. Some of these mistakes are quite humorous, some are quite expensive to fix, and some of these installations could be quite possibly dangerous.

Since the Control Trends website is duty bound to get, you our readers, the best information on new controls, controls installation, and new trends in the control industry would it not be appropriate to also show how not to install a product?

We at Control Trends will not mention anyone’s name or any company name we do this only as an insight to possible installation mistakes and how to avoid these mistakes.

This first installation is quite humorous to me and I call it “The Sunshine State Weather Protector” [Read more…]

The Belimo Code

This article is taken from a flyer written by Belimo about four years ago called “The Belimo Code” We thought we would revive the article to help our clients remember or for the newbie’s to learn from. This article will cover most of the Belimo actuators you will see in the field, for the others, give us a call and we will “Break the Code” for you.

The first part of the Belimo code is why Belimo? Belimo is a Swiss company so the name Belimo is derived from its Swiss meaning…

BEraten                Consulting

LIfern                    Delivering

MOntieren             Mounting

Now that we have the Belimo name code “cracked” lets breakdown the actuator codes…The first letter of the actuator code is all about TORQUE…

G             360 in-lb              G= GIANT

A             180 in-lb               A=AWESOME

A             133 in-lb               A=AWESOME

N             90 in-lb                 N=NORMAL

L              35-45 in-lb            L=LITTLE

T              18 in-lb                 T=TINY

The second letter of the actuator code is about MOTOR ACTION…

F=SPRING RETURN (on power failure the motor will return to its normal position)

M=NON-SPRING RETURN (on power failure motor will stay in its current position)

The third letter is about motor speed…note: non-spring return actuators can combine a forth letter to designate MOTOR SPEEDS…

Q=Quickest running                        (non-spring return)

C=Fast running

A=No Position Feedback              (spring return only)

No Letter= Normal Speed



Next will be a set of numbers…These numbers are about POWER SUPPLY…

24=24 VAC/DC

120= 120 VAC

230= 230VAC

After the POWER SUPPLY numbers (stick with me) are the CONTROL letters/numbers…

Blank=On/Off (spring return)

-1= on/off (non-spring return)

-3= Floating Point (spring return)

-3= On/Off, Floating Point (non-spring return)

-3-P5= On/Off, Floating Point with 5Kohm Feedback (non-spring return)

-3-P10= On/Off, Floating Point with 10Kohm Feedback (non-spring return)

-SR= 2-10 VDC

-PC= 0-20 volt (Phasecut)

-MFT= Multi-Function Technology (program what you want)

-MFT95= 0-135ohm

-MFT-20= 6-9 VDC 20 VDC power supply (spring return)

At last we have our last letter which will deal with actuator OPTIONS…

-S=Built in auxiliary switch

-T= Terminal Block

Blank=Cable Version

We have now broken ‘THE BELIMO CODE” until Belimo introduces more actuators, then we may need to add to our code breaking article. If you need Belimo actuators give us a call at Stromquist and Company @ 1-800-241-9471(Atlanta) or at 1-800-638-7828 (Florida)and we will be “Code Breakers” together.