ControlTalk NOW Week Ending August 2, 2015

ControlTalk NOW for the week ending August 2, 2015 has two provocative cyber security posts from SmartCore’s cyber security evangelist and guru Fred Gordy, who shows us the ballistic cyber world with real-time Threat Maps and Shodan. Fred warns, “If you have setup a customer’s system that is directly connected to the internet, Shodan has either found it or will find it and put into its database for the world to see.” Read Ken Sinclair’s AutomatedBuildings and the August theme: Transformational Change our Mission Possible. DOE funds STEM training; Lynxspring Exchange updates; Easy IO’s Mike Marston with more Control Pub Talk; and Angie Jarvis and ProLon have a VAV Solution for you!

Norse Corp Threat MapReal-Time Threat Maps: If you haven’t seen these maps, it can be eye opening. These are real-time and/or near real-time threat maps that are readily available online. Various companies who are touting their cyber security offering like to throw these up behind them during photo ops. They are impressive, but more importantly they show us the unseen cyber world and the fact we are under attack.

shodanResultShodan – Are Your Sites Listed?If you haven’t heard what Shodan is and why do we care, I would suggest you get familiar with it. Shodan has been called the “Google” for the internet of things (IoT). Shodan is continually cataloging web facing, connected devices such as control systems, computers, CRACs, power systems, etc. Why should we care? We should care because if you have setup a customer’s system that is directly connected to the internet, Shodan has either found it or will find it and put into its database for the world to see.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 8.56.47 AMLynxspring Exchange 2015 Announces Sponsors and Supporters: LEE’S SUMMIT, MO-July 29, 2015 Lynxspring, a premier developer and provider of open, IP-control solutions for building automation, energy management, cyber protection, and device-to-enterprise integration today announced the latest sponsors and supporters for The Lynxspring Exchange and Partner Conference being held October 26th-28th at the Argosy Hotel and Casino in Riverside, Missouri.

AngieProLon: The Easy Way to do Zoning. Are you looking for an easy to use and configure zoning system — that has the capabilities of a much more complex zoning system? We caught up with Angie Jarvis and the team from ProLon at the 2015 CGNA Vendor Showcase and ProLon just might have the answer! Check this video out and see just how easy it is to set up a zoning system. Reach out to your local CGNA controls distributor and try ProLon on your next zoning job.

ENERGY.GOV12_Energy Department to Fund Master’s and Doctoral Training in Power Electronics ($10 Million)! Energy Department to Fund Master’s and Doctoral Training in Power Electronics. As part of the Obama Administration’s commitment to accelerating American manufacturing and Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz’s support of STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to create the next generation of engineers and manufacturers.

Mad mikeHow to Make Beer with the EASY IO FG Controller. In episode 2 of Control Pub Talk with “Mad” Mike Marston, Mike shows us the EASY IO FG-32 Controller being used in several unique applications. Want to make beer? The powerful FG32 is the control solution of choice for micro brewers in the know. Could you control vending machines with the EASY IO Controller? Watch this video and find out!

Ken FeaturedAutomated Building’s August Theme: “Transformational Change our Mission Possible.” Transformational change is the process of altering the basic elements of an organization’s culture, including the norms, values, and assumptions under which the organization functions. Getting some great comments directly, off the record and in articles and comments in our August issue about the “Transformational Change” that is happening to allow the Map of the possible.

How to Make Beer with the EASY IO FG Controller

In episode 2 of Control Pub Talk with “Mad” Mike Marston, Mike shows us the EASY IO FG 32 Controller being used in several unique applications. Want to make beer? The powerful FG32 is the control solution of choice for micro brewers in the know. Could you control vending machines with the EASY IO Controller? Watch this video and find out!

2014 ControlTrends Award Best Technical Support Person of the Year — Small Manufacturer

Congratulations to Lim Hoon Chiat from EasyIO — one of the most knowledgeable and affable people in the HVAC business! It was no surprise that Lim won the 2014 ControlTrends Award for Best Technical Support Person of the Year — Small Manufacturer. Those of us in the ControlTrends Community the world over, know that Lim is one of the industry’s most accomplished masters of technology (patents to his credit) and is the overseer of EasyIO’s ambitious product road map. Well done, Lim!

2014 Best Techincal Support Person from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.

ControlTalk NOW for the Week Ending April 12, 2015

Welcome to ControlTalk NOW for week ending April 12, 2015. Our special guest this week is Varun Nagaraj, President and CEO of Sierra Monitor Corporation, providers of FieldServer protocol gateways and Sentry IT fire and gas solutions. Firstly, a review of the upcoming conferences: Niagara’s Open 4 Innovation , CGNA Synergy Conference, and Haystack Connect 2015; See industry superstars on the Red Carpet and more 2014 ControlTrends Award Winners: Laura Kevitt, DG Logik, and EasyIO’s Gordon Chan; Mike Marston and Rob Allen review the FG32+; and don’t miss Tim Chamblee’s training on KMC’s CSC 3011.

SMC_2FieldServer Helps Levi’s Stadium Meet Environmental Expectations and Achieve LEED Gold Certification. Sierra Monitor Corporation took great pride knowing that many of Levi’s Stadium’s enormous, yet intricate water systems were integrated to the BAS using their FieldServer protocol gateways (FieldServer Case Study — Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, CA).

Rob nad MikeRob Allen’s 7 Minutes in Control: EasyIO’s Mike Marston. Rob Allen welcomes Mike Marston from EASYIO to the show and asks Mike some compelling questions. In addition to discussing the new Beast, the FG32 Plus, and new data base features and functions, Rob asks Mike the big one, When will EasyIO be sold ? Mike’s answer will surprise you.

Laura KHoneywell’s Laura Kevitt Wins 2014 ControlTrends PID Award! The ControlTrends Passion, Integrity, and Dedication (PID) Award is one of the most competitive and prestigious award categories. Standing in the company of an incredible cast of deserving industry stalwarts, Laura Kevitt prevailed and set yet another important milestone — becoming the first woman to win a ControlTrends Award. On behalf of the ControlTrends Community, we congratulate and thank Laura once again.

DGLogDGLogik Wins Big at the 2014 ControlTrends Awards! DGLogik wins the 2014 ControlTrends Awards 3rd Party Visualization Software of the Year! DGLogik’s DGLux5 visualization tool — took the honors again. DGLux5’s winning visualization product enables the unification of data systems and multiple data providers into a singular interface adding comprehensive functionalities along with its amazing data visualization tool. Congratulations again, to the team at DGLogik!

Tims tech Tip1.001Tim’s Tech Tip: Setting Up a Kreuter “Stop Sign” VAV Controller. In this extensive training video, Stromquist & Company’s, Tim Chamblee teaches you step-by-step how to control a VAV box with the Kreuter pneumatic VAV controller. There are hundreds of thousands of the KMC CSC 3011 series of pneumatic VAV controllers. Thanks to Tim, we know how to set them up, calibrate, and troubleshoot these pneumatic VAV controllers.

GordonEasyIO’s Gordon Chan Wins 2014 ControlTrends Executive of the Year Small Manufacturer. Congratulations to Gordon Chan. EasyIO’s chief won Executive of The Year Small Manufacturer. Gordon was awarded this honor by the world-wide ControlTrends voting community. EasyIO is a company that has been and continues to be on the move in building automation controls. The Easy IO Beast from the East won the Plant Controller of the Year and say building automation controls systems integrators around the world use these powerful controllers.

Red CarpetOn The Red Carpet at the 2014 ControlTrends Awards. The superstars of the HVAC and Building Automation Controls Industry were out in full force at the 2014 ControlTrends Awards. It is impossible to do justice to all the great people in our industry. Hopefully, this video captures a little bit of the excitement of this year’s Event. A special Thanks to all our Sponsors, who make the ControlTrends Awards possible.

Easy IO’s Gordon Chan Wins ControlTrends Executive of the Year Small Manufacturer

Congratulations to Gordon Chan. Easy IO’s chief won Executive of The Year Small Manufacturer. Gordon was awarded this honor by the world-wide ControlTrends voting community. Easy IO is a company that has been and continues to be on the move in building automation controls. The Easy IO Beast from the East won the Plant Controller of the Year and say building automation controls systems integrators around the world use these powerful controllers. Keep up the good work Gordon.

2014 HVAC Executive of the Year Smaill Manufacturer from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.

The ControlTrends Young Guns — Class of 2014

ControlTrends is extremely proud of the Young Gun Awards and what we believe to be another important industry initiative to draw young talent to our industry. There is no better way to enhance the image of the HVAC Industry than recognizing these marvelous professionals and career role models, each of whom have already made an important impact. We need to collectively seek parity and positive recognition for our HVAC industry and attract more of the young minds and talent that will sustain our industry. We look forward to the continuing support of the ControlTrends Community to help us identify next year’s Young Guns.

Special thanks to Ken Sinclair, editor and owner of Automated Buildings, for his inspiration and assistance with the Young Guns and to Brad White, SES Consulting. Brad was an original member of Young Energy who presented the awards — after sharing his personal story and the importance of mentoring and the need to do a little bragging about your job.

se_jciSabrina Eder is currently an Account Executive at Johnson Controls in the Greater Milwaukee Area. The following is a partial list of Sabrina’s responsibilities: Grow product sales volume and meet set sales plans and objectives through OEM, ARW, and ABCS distribution channel accounts. Use and promote sales process to aid in cultivating and managing long term relationships and in seeking out new sales opportunities. Represent product and technology offerings during sales process to end customer.

rob_allenRob Allen is currently Building Automation Contractor Sales Support Specialist at Stromquist & Company, Inc. As a building automation controls specialist and systems integrator, Rob makes sure users know how to connect HVAC, Access and Security, and lighting controls to optimize building performance and save energy. With access to a portfolio of top of the line Control Systems including Honeywell, Johnson Controls, EASY IO, and Loytec, Rob provides building owners easy to understand building control solutions for any type building and any type of budget.

tommy_hTommy Hagenes is currently the Nordic Representative EasyIO Europe B.V. Bergen Area, Norway and a Specialist in Industrial Automation, as well as Owner of Energy Control AS. Formerly, Tommy was Head of SCADA and integration at Hoist Energy Em Systemer AS, and System Engineer at Celsius Teknikk. Tommy shares the goal of EasyIO Europe to deliver Energy Management Systems that increase the well being of human beings, by optimizing the interaction between humans, buildings, and work.

chris_ryan_lynxChris Ryan is presently Director of Engineering at Lynxspring, Inc., where he is committed to excellence, high-quality service, and client satisfaction. Previously, Chris was Technical Support Engineer at Tridium focused on Best Practices for Navigation, Graphics and Export Tags. Additionally, Chris represents Lynxspring at conferences and trade shows, such as BACnet Plugfest and ASHRAE. Chris attended Illinois Institute of Technology where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Business Management.

chris_schneiderChris Schneider is the owner of Open BMCS and a bonafide expert in Computer Software, Communications, and Building Management Control Systems. A few years ago Chris looked into the lack of open software in the BMCS industry and after some research and quite a few designs Chris and his team decided to create their own Building Management and Controls System. Chris looked to IT industry standards to fulfill Open BMCS requirements and created a full Building Management and Controls System without the complexity of installing software or complex licensing. Open BMCS features a simple web based controller with everything on-board.

jason_houck1Jason Houck is presently Director of IT & Integration at Hepta Control Systems and an expert at Smart Building Infrastructure Design and Implementation, Multi-brand Building Automation, Lenel Access Control and Security Surveillance Service and Implementation. Additionally, Jason’s expertise includes Integration of HVAC Controls, Lighting Controls, Electrical Metering, Fire Alarm Systems, Electrical Equipment and Elevators via multiple protocols such as BACnet, LON, Modbus, OPC, Obix, and DDE. Programming, start-up, and commissioning of the following brands: Honeywell Home and Building Control and Johnson Controls (FPU, DSC, DX-9100, FX Line), Automated Logic, Invensys, Trane, Vulcain, KMC, and Delta Controls.

erich_krueterErich Kreuter is currently a Product Manager at KMC Controls, Inc., focusing on hardware based products and coordinating product strategy for KMC’s hardware products over the product lifecycle. Erich is responsible for market specification and research, functional requirements, and field application support working closely with Sales and Engineering. Previous position was Hardware Design Engineer, where Erich designed hardware for embedded controls focusing on digital systems based around Freescale Coldfire microprocessors, power supply design, and design for regulatory compliance (FCC), and circuit and PCB design functions.

ControlTrends Around the World: India

Do you want to know what it takes to be a successful building automation controls system integrator or smart buildings controls provider in India? India is one of the fastest growing markets in the world for building automation and smart building controls and we had a chance to talk with the top movers and shakers in this expansive market.

Our guests include:
Vinayak Sane
Principal Consultant & Chief Technical Architect
Mumbai Area, India Environmental Services

Bhartesh Jamdade
GM-Sales & Operations (BMS Division) at GMP Technical Solutions
Mumbai Area, India Security and Investigations

Ajay Shirgurkar
Sangli, Maharashtra, India Design

Pradip Sheth_Gmail
Ahmedabad Area, India Design

L D engineering college, Ahmedabad, India

Sunil Gupta has an unmatched experience in an industry (IT Infrastructure Services – IDC, Hosting and Cloud)) that’s barely over a decade old. He is best known as the person who has built and run the most number of data centers in India. With an experience of setting up 12 data centers spread over 12,000,000 sq.ft. of space, he can guide an organization who wants to build and operate large data centers both from a macro and micro perspective.

Thanks to Easy IO for introducing us to our new friends at the Easy IO world conference in Madrid, Spain. Remember, “Pound the rock and release the beast.”

Why You Have to be at the EASY IO World Event!


We truly live and do business in a World Economy. Sometimes, the world comes to you and sometimes, you have to go to the world. Need a good reason and great opportunity to take a break from the daily grind of business as usual in the good old USA and see the world? No, don’t join the Navy, instead make plans to attend EASY IO’s World Event taking place in Madrid, Spain this September 15-17. The event is filling up fast! So, act now or a navy recruiter might be your next best option for a European tour.

Need more reasons? Let’s see, (the mix is incredible): The sights (beautiful women) and sounds (flamingo dancers), and exotic foods of historic Madrid; training on the CTA award-winning FG-32 DDC Controller of the Year, the Beast, the new Mega Beast, and other Easy IO products; Golfing at Los Angeles de San Rafael Club de GOLF and tour of the Santiago Bernabéu Real Madrid football stadium; the one-of-a-kind expert training and the application knowledge of Mad Mike Marston, the Man, the Myth, the Legend; and more tango dancing and “the sights.” Do you need more reasons?

Click here for more details on the Global EasyIO Partner Event. madrid1

Still need another reason? Well, I’m not an accountant, but I’m pretty sure yours would tell you that this is a legit way to go to Europe and write it off on your taxes. I’m just saying…

Click here to reserve your place.

Premiere Sponsor Easy IO at the Niagara Summit

ControlTrends got chance to catch up with Mike Marston and his team at the 2014 Niagara Summit vendor showcase. Easy IO, who was one of four Niagara Summit premiere sponsors, showed us their Easy IO controllers and hinted that their formidable “Beast From The East Controller” might be getting a bigger more powerful brother in the near future.
Congratulations to Mike and Easy IO, who won the coveted “DDC Controller of the Year” at both the 2012 and the 2013 ControlTrends Awards.

7 Plus Minutes of Enchantment — Inside the HVAC Industry’s 2013 ControlTrends Awards

The ControlTrends Awards is an amazing concept of cohesive goodwill. It is a time when we come together as an industry and celebrate as kindred spirits. We encouraged Vladamir Chaloupka to take complete artistic license in capturing the 2013 ControlTrends Awards and apply his professional lens and talents to our HVAC Industry, and this Vlad certainly did. This 7 Plus minute video is a tour de force of recognition and prestige; excitement and entertainment; and in perhaps one of the most positive and important HVAC Industry commentaries to date, Vlad’s video is a fait accompi in capturing some of the world’s best corporations, best products and solutions, and most importantly, the superstars and heroes of our HVAC Industry within a celebrated and memorable occasion.

As Eric said so eloquently at the close of the show, “We want to thank our sponsors and we want to thank all of you for just being the amazing people that you are, and it’s a privilege to know you, and work in the same industry together. So, thanks!”