Live Event: Johnson Controls VFD Training at Stromquist & Company

The Stromquist & Company christened their Atlanta facility’s state-of-the-art training center with a live training event streamed to internet viewers, who were able to participate directly in the training session and address their questions to the instructor, Johnson Controls’ Wayne Christy, a bona fide VFD expert. Wayne reviewed the Johnson Controls VSD product platform, many of the standard VFD applications, and highlighted the tremendous energy savings opportunities — available using Johnson Controls VFDs. Look for many more live training events from the Stromquist & Company in the near future.

Energy Department Invests $6 Million to Increase Building Energy Code Compliance Rates

u-s-department-of-energyThe Building Technologies Office (BTO) has awarded $6 million to fund projects that will:
* Measure current residential energy code compliance rate using a methodology that provides statewide results with 90% reliability.
* Implement an education, training, and outreach program designed to increase residential building energy code compliance.
* Measure the post-program residential building energy code compliance rate using the same methodology employed in the pre-program study.
* The projects will investigate whether investing in education, training, and outreach programs can produce a significant change in residential building code compliance rates. If these activities do produce significant change, non-government entities, particularly utilities, could be influenced to make substantial investments in similar programs.

The selectees, who will contribute a total of $1.2 million in cost share, are:
National Association of State Energy Officials (Arlington, VA)
Maryland Energy Administration (Annapolis, MD)
Appalachian State University (ASU) (Boone, NC)
Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (Chicago, IL)
Institute for Market Transformation (Washington, DC)
Performance Systems Development (Ithaca, NY)
Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (Atlanta, GA)

Learn more about BTO’s Building Energy Codes Program.

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Can’t Get Enough of this COMFY Stuff: Where Social Media meets Building Automation Controls

comfy1As a member of the System Intelligence Redefined panel, Lindsay Baker, VP, Research & Marketing, at Building Robotics, addresses the attendees of the 2014 IBcon Smart HVAC Track with High Tech, High Touch technology from Building Robotics that drives participatory comfort attainment and energy savings. The ultimate compliment to any existing BMS BACnet system, COMFY takes VAV Zone Control to the next level. Take a good look at COMFY!

Energy Department Invests $14 Million in Innovative Building Efficiency Technologies

DOE1The Energy Department today announced up to $14 million in funding for 15 research and development projects to support technologies that will contribute to advancing early- stage, breakthrough energy-efficient solutions for buildings and homes. These projects will help building managers and homeowners reduce energy demand, save money and accelerate the deployment of clean energy technologies.

Seven incubator projects will be funded with nearly $6 million to improve heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), water heating, sensors and controls, and building energy modeling. Additionally, eight frontier projects will receive $8 million to address energy efficiency in advanced clothes dryers, windows, and building thermal insulation. Frontier projects seek to improve the efficiency of existing technologies by incorporating new, innovative materials or components.

Cost-shared with a $3 million investment from industry, the projects are intended to dramatically reduce energy consumption in commercial and residential buildings. In 2013, this accounted for nearly 40 percent of all energy use in the U.S., an estimated cost of $413 billion.

“Investments in advanced energy-efficient technologies will help families and businesses reduce energy costs, while reducing carbon emissions,” said Kathleen Hogan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency. “These innovative approaches will improve smart-building technologies, including lighting, lighting controls, highly insulated walls and windows, as well as increase efficiency measures that complement a building’s entire energy management system.”

The incubator projects selected for funding are:

University of Florida (Gainesville, Florida), Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) (Oak Ridge, Tennessee) and Stony Brook University (Stony Brook, New York) – A gas-fired combined water heater, dehumidifier, and cooler that uses membrane-based absorption to cool and dehumidify an interior space, and uses water condensed during dehumidification to heat domestic hot water.

ORNL (Oak Ridge, Tennessee) with Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) (Livermore, California) and University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland) – A high-performance refrigerator that uses a novel rotating heat exchanger that allows for evaporation without the need for a defrost cycle.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) (Berkeley, California) with California Energy Commission (Sacramento, California) – A hybrid energy modeling method that combines physics-based simulations with in-situ measured temperature data to create a more robust model for retrofit analysis.

SNL (Livermore, California) with Creative Thermal Solutions (Urbana, Illinois) – An ultra-efficient air conditioning and heating system based on an air-bearing rotary heat exchanger for building-scale HVAC systems.

QM Power Inc. (Lee’s Summit, Missouri) with United Technologies Research Center (East Hartford, Connecticut) – A higher efficiency HVAC electric motor with a novel parallel magnetic circuit path that will lower the cost of the motor by reducing the size of the conductor loop and using less powerful magnets.

Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio) with Intwine Connect LLC (Chagrin Falls, Ohio) – Transforming ordinary buildings into smart buildings by developing low-cost, user-installable building sensors that are powered without wires or batteries and instead harvest power from vibrational energy in the environment.

ORNL (Oak Ridge, Tennessee) with Richman Surrey LLC (Scottsdale, Arizona) and University of Tennessee (Knoxville, Tennessee) – Improving energy efficiency in small and medium commercial buildings by non-intrusively monitoring load and equipment health of HVAC systems.

July 2014 Issue of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America Update

DOE Building AmericaDear Building America colleague: The July 2014 issue of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America Update newsletter is now available! This month’s issue highlights examples of zero energy ready homes across the country that are delivering outstanding levels of energy savings, comfort, health, and durability.

Read this issue to learn about:
* A 2013 Top Innovation Spotlight on Zero Energy Ready Single Family Homes
* July 11 deadline for feedback on effective power words
* A Building America webinar on boosting space conditioning in multifamily buildings
* The country’s first affordable zero energy ready home—benefitting a U.S. veteran
* Residential building success stories: Proud Green Homes and a multifamily retrofit
* Building America Solution Center’s new Zero Energy Ready checklist
* The latest publications from Building America: measure guidelines, case studies for new and existing homes and technologies, and more!

Read the full July issue for the latest news and information from Building America.

Learn more about the Building America program. And, please forward this notice to interested colleagues.

Honeywell JadeTM Economizer Firmware Update

jade_economizer Honeywell is continuously working to improve the Jade economizer controller. We update the firmware when we make significant changes to the product that will enhance the user’s experience. The last version of the Jade firmware was 1.07 released in 2011.

We are pleased to announce the release of new firmware on new products assembled after April 1, 2014. Listed below are the changes from W7220 (Jade) firmware version 1.07 to version 1.11.

New Features

Added stall actuator alarm suppression to avoid nuisance alarms on dampers that do not go open the full 90 degrees. Operator can suppress the stall alarm in a range of damper motion using the PC tool.
For example, if the damper only opens 50% then the damper alarm stall would initiate. On the 1.11 version the operator through the PC MOD tool can suppress the alarm in a specified range (ex: 35% to 50% open) and the alarm will still initiate out of the selected range (ex: below 35%).

Added Discharge Air (DA) temperature alarms for lower out of range (discharge air temperature too cold) and high out of range (discharge air temperature too high) Ex: if the discharge low end of range is set for 45F and the DA goes below 45F then an alarm will initiate. If the upper end of the range is set for 80F then when the DA goes above 80F an alarm will initiate. The operator can set the range using the input buttons on the Jade or using the PC tool. Default is 45F for the low range and 80F for the high range.

Hid “Factory defaults” so operators in the field cannot go back to factory defaults unless they use the PC tool to turn on the factory default setting.

Increased Fan cfm for DCV auto calibration from 15000 cfm to 50000 cfm.

Added table to instructions for minimum position settings and checkout menu. See table.

There are 4 minimum position settings on the 2-speed fan and CO2 options and only 2 minimum positions checked out in the CHECKOUT menu. Therefore the lowest setting (VENT MIN High Speed fan) and highest (VENT MAX Low speed fan) settings are on the CHECKOUT menu. The table assists the operators in determining what will show on the CHECKOUT menu based on the speed of the fan and DCV settings chosen.

PC Mod tool software has been updated to allow the existing PC tools to communicate with the new 1.11 Jade firmware. You will need to go online to and download the new software for the PC tool on your computer. Follow the instructions on the PC ModTool instruction sheet. The latest software is compatible with all firmware versions of Jade.

More Great Energy Savings Products from WattStopper — New Optional Neutral Wall Switch Sensors

WattStopper_logoMarketing message from WattStopper’s Director of Product Marketing, Carlos Villalobos:

I am pleased to announce a new family of Optional Neutral Wall Switch Occupancy Sensors, featuring WattStopper’s patent pending Neutral Sense Technology. This latest innovation from the brand you can trust for rock-solid reliability allows contractors to use any of these devices for two-wire OR three-wire applications, without any special configuration. Optional neutral sensors are available in affordable PIR and fully featured PIR and dual technology models. They simplify ordering, installation and reduce returns.

Catalog # Description
WS-301 Passive Infrared Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor
PW-301 Passive Infrared Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor
PW-302 Passive Infrared Dual Relay Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor
DSW-301 Dual Technology Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor
DSW-302 Dual Technology Dual Relay Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor

Product features include:
• Compliant with 2011 NEC requirements, or compatible with existing wiring
• Single and dual relay sensors in 6 colors
• Fully featured to complement previously released WattStopper sensors

Dual voltage 120/277V optional neutral sensors in white and ivory will be available on April 1, 2014. The complete product line will be available May 7, 2014.

Best regards and good selling,

Carlos Villalobos
Director Product Marketing

“Just Because” — Improved Energy Efficiency Insights from Marc Petock

“Just Because” — Improved Energy Efficiency Insights by Marc Petock, Vice President, Marketing at Lynxspring. Lynxspring is changing the way devices and systems communicate and collaborate across enterprises. Lynxspring

Energy efficiency continues to be the largest contributing factor to flat-lining electricity use.

Nice article appearing in Greentech Efficiency by Katherine Tweed on how the growth of electricity use has been falling for decades, but it will likely flatten out in coming years to an annual growth rate of less than 2 percent. The decline is due to many factors, from changing weather and economic recessions to the wider adoption of energy efficiency measures. But it is the latter that might explain the trend in recent years, according to a new study from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

Link to Greentech article: Efficiency, Not Just the Recession, Drove US Energy Savings Since 2007

Link to full ACEEE study: Why Is Electricity Use No Longer Growing?

ControlTalk NOW for Week Ending March 23, 2014

This week’s ControlTalk NOW features Tech Tips, Red Carpet Interviews, Meeting Announcements, Product and Solution Infomercials, and HVAC News and Updates. As always, welcome to ControlTalk NOW.

RRHW1 On The ControlTrends Awards Red Carpet with Honeywell: Check out some of the stars from Honeywell: Roger Rebennack, Laura Kevitt, Patty Hall, and Tom Rosback, as they walk the Red Carpet and get interviewed at the 2013 ControlTrends Awards. The Honeywell team took trophies home in four ControlTrends Awards categories: Thermostat of the Year: Honeywell Prestige RedLINK, Marketing Tools and Support of the Year, Building Automation System of the Year: Honeywell WEBS, and Executive of the Year: Tom Rosback.

BillJones_2Mr. Jones’ ControlTech Tips: How to Size A Gas Pressure Regulator: Thanks to Stromquist & Company’s Bill Jones for this great Control Tech Tip. In this episode, Mr. Jones shows you the four things you need to know size a gas pressure regulator. Stromquist & Company has one of the largest gas pressure regulator inventories in the country and can meet your all of your gas pressure regulators needs.

Brian-Turner-Thumb.More on Wireless Lighting Controls — Viable Options from WattStopper, by Brian Turner. After posting our recent article “Limits and Possibilities of Wireless Technologies,” our business partner over at WattStopper, Bryan Pike, got in touch with some concerns. They’ve been making wireless BULIT® (Basic Utility Light Intelligent Transceiver) controllers specifically for outside parking lot installations for a few years now, and we’ve been selling them with some success.

MarkP“Just Because.” In the Field with Marc Petock: The very versatile Marc Petock does it again — in his latest post to ControlTrends that puts us on the other side of the business table. As Lynxspring’s veteran VP of Marketing, Marc shares some of his vast knowledge of the Building Automation industry and marketing expertise. The ControlTrends community can look forward to much more of Marc’s profound industry insight in Marc’s new column, “Just Because.” Thanks Marc!

2014EnergySummitDon’t Miss! Global Visionaries Featured at Town Hall Meeting, April 1, 2014. *NEW* CLOSING TOWN HALL MEETING April 1, 4:30-5:30 p.m. The Closing Town Hall Meeting of the 2014 Building Energy Summit will feature an open mic discussion with The Energy Gang and international visionaries Jigar Shah, Stephen Lacey, Katherine Hamilton, John Picard, and Roger Frechette. What will the coming decades bring for energy efficient buildings? In this town hall discussion, we’ll take a deep look at cutting edge design, technology integration, environmental impact, and the global financial benefits of energy efficiency in buildings.

NewRIBIntroducing New RIB Product! PSH500A-LVC: * High/Low Voltage Separation * Five isolated 100 VA Class 2 outputs * 480/277/240/120 Vac to 24 Vac * 500 VA transformer * Perfect for VAV applications * Also available in PSH200A-LVC and PSH300A-LVC * Low Voltage wiring made easy with our power supply with low voltage wiring made easy with our plugable terminal blocks for easy access.

D.SmithMicrosoft’s Darrell Smith Predicts Seahawks Super Bowl Win and Saves Energy. In addition to optimizing energy savings, Darrell collects 500,000,000 data transactions every 24 hours from 125 buildings that occupy 15 million square feet and house 57,000 people. Darrell was kind enough to share how he uses data to make the Microsoft campus one of the most energy efficient complexes on the planet.

Lynxspring-RobLynxspring Training Streamed Live at Stromquist & Company Part 1: Stromquist & Company had a Lynxspring day at their Atlanta location. We streamed the event live. The following is part one of that Live Steam. In this episode Marc Petock and Clayton Plymil walk us through the Lynxspring portfoilo of building automation products including the JENEsys and Lynxspring CyberPro.

EliteDali1Controlco Partners with Control Network Solutions to Bring Innovation to Lighting Controls: Industry leaders add Big Data capabilities to NiagaraAX® platform. OAKLAND, March, 2014 – Lighting controls demand increasingly more attention from building managers across the globe. In California alone at the end of 2013, the state’s Department of Energy updated its Building Energy Efficiency Program with a lighting requirement that demands multi-level lighting controls (at least three to four levels), putting strain on existing systems that aren’t able to integrate at this volume.

ControlTalk NOW will continue to provide a weekly episode featuring the people, products, and the News of the Week shaping our world of controls, building automation, and the HVAC industry.

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Controlco Partners with Control Network Solutions to Bring Innovation to Lighting Controls

dali_cloudIndustry leaders add Big Data capabilities to NiagaraAX® platform. OAKLAND, March, 2014 – Lighting controls demand increasingly more attention from building managers across the globe. In California alone at the end of 2013, the state’s Department of Energy updated its Building Energy Efficiency Program with a lighting requirement that demands multi-level lighting controls (at least three to four levels), putting strain on existing systems that aren’t able to integrate at this volume.

To address the difficulties that building managers face in the wake of changes to the lighting industry, Controlco, an Oakland-based distribution and systems integrator, has partnered with the UK’s Control Network Solutions to offer their revolutionary elitedali™ software to customers in the United States and beyond.

Elitedali™, a driver for NiagaraAX® that has been disrupting the market since it arrived four years ago, integrates light fixture data directly into the Niagara framework for Big-Data-style analysis. Since each lighting fixture in a building may have within it at least 40 data and command points, there are many opportunities for data mining that have traditionally been outside the reach of Niagara. The elitedali™ driver enables NiagaraAX® to control, maintain, manage and visualize massive numbers of DALI® (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, a global IEC standard for intelligent light fixture communication) light fixtures and reduce the time required to replace light systems and monitor energy usage.

global_dali“DALI is the only global standard enabling the control of lighting according to occupancy and daylight while managing maintenance requirements,” Mike Welch, managing director for Control Network Solutions, says. “The contrast with the combination of elitedali™ and the NiagaraAX® framework is that it provides the most vendor-independent solution available today. It also simplifies the infrastructure for accessing lighting data and control.”

“Integrating elitedali™ into our customer offerings was a natural step for us,” Brian Turner, president of Controlco, says. “We’ve long been known for developing problem-solving drivers on the NiagaraAX® platform. As we’ve been watching the lighting industry become more complicated, it made sense to combine our engineering and implementation expertise with CNS’s innovative and truly market-disrupting driver.”

By harnessing the power of data visualization, the ubiquity of cloud computing and opening up what was once limited and proprietary, elitedali™ gives building managers access to detailed information on their lighting usage. With the combination of hands-on expertise from Controlco engineers, integration into existing systems is seamless.

About Controlco: Controlco delivers leading-edge automation and control solutions, products and services that improve business performance and peace-of-mind for commercial and industrial building operators. With state-of-the-art software and industry leading products as well as a full suite of value-added services, Controlco offers total solutions all energy management needs.

About Control Network Solutions: Based just 45 minutes from London, UK, CNS is a Niagara AX® Developer, Tridium and Honeywell Partner. It has a successful track record of creating both client specific and off the shelf web based solutions to the SMART buildings control environment world. They are based upon open standards network communication protocols and compatible with the “Internet of Things” (IoT) and demands for “big data” cloud based analytics. Control Network Solutions has developed a suite of products for the Framework including elitedali™ for lighting, and cns-enocean™ for wireless/battery-less switches, sensors and actuators.