Belimo ZoneTight™ Zone Valve Launch Video

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 10.58.34 AMControlTrends picked this Belimo video on a Twitter feed from Lars van der Haegen, new CEO of the Belimo Group, commenting on Take Your Daughter to Work Day – Learn about all the great product features and benefits as Dad shows off his newest invention, the Belimo ZoneTight zone valve. As Lars says, “Watch this outstanding example of a Launch Video for a new Zone valve. This Video was created by the Marketing Team of Belimo Americas. Belimo is the global market leader for HVAC actuators and control valves. B2B videos do not have to be boring!”

Energy Department Invests $600,000 in University-Industry Partnerships to Enhance Building Efficiency

ENERGY.GOV12_ The Energy Department today announced $600,000 in funding to help American universities to establish stronger partnerships with industry and business in the area of building efficiency, supporting the Obama Administration’s goal of doubling energy productivity by 2030 and developing the nation’s clean energy workforce.

A recent study by the National Research Council found that increasing the competitiveness of American universities in building energy efficiency research and development is of great importance, and that universities need to develop stronger partnerships with business and industry in this area. In addition, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers has emphasized the need for expanding manufacturing education at all levels, including undergraduate and graduate students.

The selections for the Building University Innovators and Leaders Development (BUILD) awards support efforts by American universities to more effectively compete for building energy efficiency research and development funding, develop partnerships with industry, and improve manufacturing education. Each selected project will receive $200,000 in funding; more than 50% of expenditures in each project will be used to support undergraduate students.

The projects selected for award negotiations are:

Drexel University (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania): The Drexel University project will develop an innovative and cost-effective automated fault detection and diagnostics tool that integrates statistical process control, machine learning, and rule-based methods to reduce building energy consumption. To enhance the tool’s plug-and-play capability and potential market penetration, it will be compatible with VOLTTRON, an open-source software platform that is highly interoperable.

Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, Georgia): Georgia Tech will support 20 student project teams in developing building energy efficiency technologies through a capstone design project. Students will gain hands-on product design experience, including the manufacturing and testing of a prototype solution, as well as publically demonstrating the solution at the Capstone Design Expo. Student teams partner with company sponsors, which will foster student employment in the building energy efficiency sector.

University of California, Davis (Davis, California): University of California, Davis will have undergraduate students work with industry partners to develop and validate a new EnergyPlus solution to model hybrid rooftop air conditioners. This model will integrate the function of multiple cooling elements to gain climate-specific advantages in comfort and efficiency.

The Energy Department’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) accelerates development and facilitates deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and market-based solutions that strengthen U.S. energy security, environmental quality, and economic vitality. EERE supports innovative technologies that reduce both risk and costs of bringing energy efficient building technologies online. Learn more about the Department’s efforts to help homes and buildings save energy.

ControlTalk NOW Week Ending June 28, 2015

ControlTalk NOW week ending June 28, 2015 features products from BASSG, LLC, and ACI; DOE’s latest Crowdsourcing Initiative; interviews with Newcombe and Boyd’s Donny Walker, and SmartCore’s Will Winn; Mike Marston’s Inaugural BAS Pub Talk; Honeywell’s Niagara 4 Head Start Program and Momentum 2015; and the ControlTrends Event Information Calendar Update previewing a variety of HVAC and Building Automation information announcements and industry events. Help ControlTrends help you — by forwarding your organization’s up-coming events, training, webinars, and product releases — and we’ll gladly post them ControlTrends!

AlperAlper Üzmezier, BASSG, LLC, Presents Cool New Thermostat from The ever inventive, Alper Üzmezier, BASSG, LLC, introduced us to a very cool thermostat at Haystack Connect. This is more than your average commercial thermostat. With a port on the back of the thermostat, you can control your Dali Lighting ballast directly from this thermostat, you can add remote I/O, and get data from the thermostat via modes on BACnet MS/TP.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 8.54.24 AMACI’S NEW A/CO2 SERIES: Room and Duct sensors only strengthen an already distinguished product lineup. The A/CO2 Series sensors are a cost-efficient means of monitoring carbon dioxide levels in industrial, school, and office-type environments. Output data can be used in conjunction with a Building Automation System or Demand Control Ventilation System.

ENERGY.GOV12_DOE’s Crowdsourcing Initiative Seeks to Solve Buildings-Related Problems (Watch Video). Calling all building technology innovators! The Building Technologies Office is partnering with the successful SunShot Catalyst crowdsourcing initiative to identify and solve problems related to software development, data, and/or automation. Individuals who submit a problem statement will have a chance to win a $1,000 cash prize! Problem statements need to be submitted by July 15, 2015.

Donny WWhat Kind of Consulting Engineer Shows up at Realcomm|IBcon? What kind of consulting engineer shows up at shows like Realcomm|IBcon? Well, the enlighten ones, like Donny Walker do. It is refreshing to see more and more consulting engineers coming to conferences like Realcomm|IBcon and getting the 411 on the latest building automation controls technologies and solutions.

Mad MikeInaugural Episode of BAS Control Pub Talk with Mad Mike Marston. We affectionately refer to EasyIO’s Mike Marston — as Mad Mike Marston, because of his effervescent scientific approach towards building solutions. In the first relaxing hours after an intensive 2-day conference show, ControlTrends adjourned with Mike, to a near-by microbrewery restaurant.

WillSmartCore’s Will Winn on Making Your Building Cyber Secure. I had a chance to catch up with Will Winn from SmartCore at the 2015 Realcomm|IBcon conference. Based in Charlotte, NC, SmartCore provides a five‐tiered framework that encompasses building management systems, physical security systems, digital media systems, network communications systems, and operational support solutions.

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 3.06.11 PMGet an Edge with Niagara 4 Head Start Program!As the excitement builds for the release of the next generation of the Niagara Framework®, now is the time to take advantage of its features and benefits before the official launch. This program introduces the Niagara 4 Head Start bundle for current Niagara AX TCP certified professionals.

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 3.53.09 PMHoneywell MOMENTUM 2015 — IT STARTS HERE! BUSINESS-BUILDING INSIGHTS — Join Honeywell Building Control Systems in our mission to drive technological innovation, sustainability and profitable growth. We’re advancing the industry with unprecedented speed and power, but it’s only with you that we can transform our momentum into true success.

Hot key for breaking newsControlTrends Event Information Calendar Update: Use ControlTrends to help keep you on track and up-to-date with all of the HVAC and Building Automation information announcements and industry events. Help ControlTrends help by forwarding your organization’s up-coming events, training, webinars, and product releases — and we’ll gladly post them ControlTrends!

ControlTalk NOW: The Smart Building Podcast Week Ending March 8, 2015

This week’s ControlTalk NOW features Daikin’s IoT game-changer, the Rebel RTU; Stromquist’s Tim Chamblee’s VFD Training Part 1 and Part 2; More about KMC’s Conquest Controllers; 2014 ControlTrends Award Winners, Delta Controls and Schneider Electric; and the FieldServer Protocol Revision 12 BACnet Router from the Sierra Monitor Corporation.

Tim vfdTim Chamblee’s Intro Class: Variable Frequency Drives Part 1. Learn the basics of variable frequency drives in this intro class, from Variable Frequency Drives guru, Tim Chamblee. With over thirty years of experience, Tim is a well recognized expert in the HVAC industry and an enormous asset to the Stromquist team. Tim is also a part-time instructor at Chattahoochee Technical College teaching the Advanced HVAC Program.

SeanIn The Winners Circle with Schneider Electric’s Can2Go. Check out Patrick Dumas in the winner’s circle at the 2014 ControlTrends Awards with Sean Johnson. Schneider Electric’s Can2Go (SmartStruxure Lite) won the 2014 ControlTrends Awards Wireless Product/Solution of the Year. Can2Go offers Contractors and Systems integrators one of the most complete hybrid control solutions: Wired (BACNet, Modbus, CANbus), Wireless (EnOcean, ZigBee), and Web (IP/Ethernet). These building automation technologies combine to provide maximum interoperability, control, and energy savings.

ken1Daikin Launches First IoT HVAC Equipment. Rebel RTU Rocks! Ken Smyers caught up with Paul Rauker, VP of Systems and Controls, Daikin Applied, on the ground floor of the 2015 AHR Show. Paul expertly reviews the features of Daikin’s latest Intelligent Equipment, the Rebel RTU — that is the first IoT HVAC RTU. Paul shows us what extraordinary innovation is possible when collaboration takes place between industry and technology leaders, Daikin and Intel.

EKreuterIntroducing KMC New Line of BAS Controllers: Meet Conquest! Thanks to Erich Kreuter for introducing us to KMC’s Conquest line of building automation controllers. KMC Conquest controllers are fully programmable, native BACnet controllers with integrated alarming, trending, and scheduling that maintain logic and data at the edge. KMC Conquest controllers are enabled with NFC technology allowing field configuration with our mobile app: KMC Connect Lite.

DeltaDelta Controls Wins 2014 Building Automation Control System of The Year. The world wide ControlTrends Community spoke with their votes and Delta Controls was named the winner of the 2014 ControlTrends Building Automation Control System of The Year. Congratulations to Jack Nichols, and the entire Delta team, for a job well done. The Delta Controls’ motto, which permeates throughout the organization is “Do it Right!”

Tim vfdVFD Training Part 2: Tim Chamblee continues his Variable Frequency Drive Training with an in-depth explanation of the application benefits, the potential energy savings, and the importance of proper grounding and wiring methods — and then demonstrates how to use a Honeywell Variable Frequency Drive to control a cooling tower fan with a Honeywell T775 controller.

smc3Sierra Monitor Corporation’s FieldServer BACnet Router — First Product to be Certified as Router at BACnet Protocol Revision 12. Milpitas, California – January 12, 2015 – Sierra Monitor Corporation, a provider of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions that connect and protect high- value infrastructure assets, today announced that its FieldServer BACnet Router has been certified by the BACnet Testing laboratory (BTL), having successfully passed the Protocol Revision 12 router tests. Sierra Monitor Corporation addresses the industrial and commercial facilities management market with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions that connect and protect high-value infrastructure assets.

Tim Chamblee’s Introduction to VFD’s Part 2

VFD Training Part 2: Tim Chamblee continues his Variable Frequency Drive training with an in-depth explanation of the application benefits, the potential energy savings, and the importance of proper grounding and wiring methods — and then demonstrates how to use a Honeywell Variable Frequency Drive to control a cooling tower fan with a Honeywell T775 controller.

2014 ControlTrends Awards VFD of the Year Nominee: Franklin Control Systems P-Series VFD’s

logo_franklinAnother exciting candidate for 2014 VFD of the Year is the Franklin Control Systems P-Series — Energy savings for fans and pumps: The P-series is optimized for fans and pumps — and features an automatic energy saving mode that minimizes losses by optimizing flux control. In PID, sleep and wake up modes conserve power and extend motor and drive life. Take a look!

* Application based commissioning allows parameters to be automatically set based on industry standards
* Applications: Basic, circulating pump, supply fan, exhaust fan or cooling tower
* Selectable units include PSI, °F, °C, inWC, inM, Bar, mBar, Pa, kPa
* Belt loss protection
* Cleaner sine wave as compared to typical V/Hz control. Motors run cooler and last longer
*Maintain a constant control of pressure, flow or water level. This function includes Pre-PID, Sleep and Wake up and output inverse sub-functions
* Dual PID for external PID control or cascade PID control
* Multi-Motor
* Control up to 4 motors
* Adaptive flux control for varying loads (e.g. damper loading)
* Increased energy savings by deactivating drive during low demand
* Prevents trips, rough starts, and drive damage from regenerative power from heavy fan inertia rotation
ƒ* Optional: Profibus-DP, LonWorks, BACnet

2014 ControlTrends VFD of the Year Nominee: Siemens’ BT300 VFDs — Redesigned, Re-tooled, and Ready to Meet Rigorous Demands!

bt300_3 The 2014 ControlTrends VFD of the Year category is one of the most heavily contested categories of the awards! With its Onboard kWh Meter, Mulitpump/Fan Application. and Fire Mode features, the Siemens BT300 takes VFD to the next level of efficiency.

While constantly expected to do more with less, managing energy consumption and optimizing occupant comfort remains of utmost importance to facility managers. They also require products that will integrate seamlessly into existing equipment and building management systems. The highly efficient BT300 delivers all this and more.

Siemens engineers have retooled and field tested our VFD portfolio to ensure it delivers optimum results! Available in frame sizes up to 250 hp, the BT300 is well-suited for demanding HVAC environments. Using the BT300 helps save 20-50% of energy compared to equipment with little or no control. Built-in features – like a real-time clock, energy savings optimization programming, and a sleep function – help measure energy savings.

An easy-to-use, read and understand interface uses built-in wizards that get HVAC equipment up and running quickly and accurately. Anyone can safely and quickly commission the BT300 using default parameters that are optimized for typical HVAC applications. In addition to the HVAC functions, BT300 drives provide a special control function in the event of fire. The ensures escape routes are kept free of smoke. Simplify the maintenance of motors, pumps and fans.

The maintenance of motors, pumps and fans is simplified with VFD components that are designed to last. The drive’s diagnostic alert function informs staff if a belt is broken or a pump is empty or jammed, reducing the time it takes to diagnose and fix a problem. An always available and easy to understand built-in manual highlights possible causes and remedies to situations.

Integrates with today’s open protocols, including APOGEE and BACnet Easy network integration means the BT300 VFDs are ready to communicate with Building Management System, embedded RS485 and Ethernet HVAC protocols:

■ P1 protocol for APOGEE
■ BACnet MS/TP
■ Modbus RTU
■ Johnson Control – Metasys N2
■ BACnet IP, Modbus TCP, Optional LON Interface

SiemensWorld-class technical support available for the life of the product. Siemens is trusted for innovative solutions, advanced technology, and superior quality. We also strive for excellence in customer service. No matter how easy the BT300 is to install and commission, it is reassuring to know help is available locally. Count on our technical expertise and services for the life of the product, from integration to ongoing service and support.

November 2014 Issue of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America Update Newsletter

building_americaDear Building America colleague: The November 2014 issue of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America Update newsletter is now available! Read this issue to learn about:

A new DOE Funding Opportunity Announcement for Building America Industry Partnerships for High Performance Housing Innovation; The 2015 Race to Zero Student Design Competition registration deadline and a free webinar about proven strategies for designing zero energy ready homes; The November 18 webinar, High Performance Space Conditioning Systems, Part II; DOE’s newest Solution Center for energy efficiency programs; BEopt Version 2.3 with enhanced new features; Residential success stories highlighting technologies for winter preparation; Zer Energy Ready Home technical training in December; The latest publications from Building America: measure guidelines, case studies for new and existing homes and technologies, and more!

DOE_FUNDINGThe U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is soliciting applications for the Building America Industry Partnerships for High Performance Housing Innovation Funding. This photo shows two brick homes that have been upgraded into high performance homes. Building America research teams design, test, and demonstrate efficient technologies and practices that result in cost-effective, marketable home performance. Opportunity Announcement (FOA) DE-FOA-0001117, which will award up to $4 million for research and development (R&D) projects that advance high-impact residential building efficiency technologies and practices. Concept papers are due December 12, 2014; the deadline for full applications is February 4, 2015.

This FOA funds applied R&D in real-world houses to demonstrate strategies that will spur the residential building market to adopt energy-saving measures that will enable 50% savings in new homes by 2025 (based on the 2009 IECC) and 40% energy savings in existing homes by 2030. Project teams will focus on developing and implementing high performance solutions to three core technical challenges: building envelope assemblies and systems; optimal comfort systems for heating, cooling, air distribution, and humidity control; and ventilation systems and indoor air quality strategies.

Read the full November issue for the latest news and information from Building America.

Learn more about the Building America program, which is about Bringing Building Innovations to Market. And, please forward this notice to interested colleagues.

Why the World Loves The Belimo Energy Valve

See why the Belimo Energy Valve is a finalist for the 2014 ControlTrends Energy Savings Solution/Product of the Year and the 2014 ControlTrends Awards Innovative Product of the Year. The Belimo Energy Valve was recognized and nominated by the world-wide ControlTrends Community. Good luck to Belimo and all the finalist for the 2104 ControlTrends Awards to be held January 26, 2015 in Chicago.

ControlTalk NOW for the Week Ending November 2, 2014

delta_controls_logoWelcome to this week’s ControlTalk NOW where the 2014 ControlTrends Awards finalists are featured. Congratulations to all of the finalists. ControlTrends thanks our Platinum sponsor Delta Controls. Delta Controls is a global leader in Building Automation Systems (BAS), with over 300 distributors, and many thousand of installations in more than 80 countries. Delta Controls is recognized as a market leader in the manufacture of open-protocol BAS.

ChicagoPicIt has been a very exciting week! Marc, Eric, and I visited Chicago and McCormick Place to reveal this year’s nominees as voted by the world-wide ControlTrends community. Join us in celebrating these heroes and superstars, and the products and solutions that make our HVAC and Building Automation industries so successful. And be sure to join us this January 26th, 2015, in the Hyatt’s Prairie Ballroom (a fabulous and convenient venue) for the 2014 ControlTrends Awards Show. [Read more…]