Doesn’t the Honeywell Delphi Boiler Control System Make Absolute Sense to You?

The Delphi Combustion Efficiency Panel integrates flame safeguard control, fuel-air ratio control, O2 Trim, variable frequency drive (VFD) control, and proportional integral derivative (PID) control into a single, integrated, pre-wired panel with a PC touchscreen for easy, user-friendly commissioning. Honeywell

The Mystery of the Delphi: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Mystery of the Delphi

It was the oracle at Delphi that told Honeywell to build it, “build it and they will buy.” But the oracle was having a bad vision day.

GOOD: The idea of optimum efficiency is a golden fleece. Sobers up everyone in the room instantly. Instinctively, they inch forward in their seats. They’ve heard this odyssey a thousand times, but they still pay very close attention. The Delphi is a marketing muse and withstands the harshest scrutiny — with all her bells and whistles. But that’s where the siren ends. Delphi sinks and we don’t know why. [Read more…]

A Boiler Upgrade that saves Fuel, Energy, while Reducing Operating Costs

Traditional boiler safety control has been virtually the same since long before any of us were born. On a call for heat: check your limits, light a pilot, sense a flame, open gas valves and continue to run your boiler until your load is satisfied, or one of your limits trips, or you no longer sense a flame. Easy, unless your boiler shuts down and you are the one who has to figure out how to make it start again. [Read more…]

Principle of Fire Tube Boilers Part 1

Stromquist and Company does not sell fire tube boilers but we do sell a vast amount of controls for these boilers from manufactures such as Conbraco, Honeywell, Asco, McDonnell & Miller, Maxitrol, and numerous other control manufacturers. The understanding of these boilers is a major concern in our continuing efforts to keep our readers informed.


In a fire tube steam boiler, heat and gases of combustion pass through the tube surrounded by water. Fire tube boilers steam boilers maybe either high or low pressure boilers. The three types of fire tube steam boilers are horizontal return tubular boiler, scotch marine boiler, and vertical fire tube boiler.

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Honeywell RM7800 Fault Codes

Update 8.4.2013 Click here to see a video on how to use the RM7800 Fault codes.

Fault codes are used on the Honeywell RM7800 series of boiler burner flame safeguard controls. These codes help the service technician identify problems that occur with the relay or the components that are wired to the relay.

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Stromquist Radio Interviews Lisa Holmberg

Eric sits down with Lisa Holmberg. Lisa is the Senior Channel Market Manager for Honeywell’s Commercial/Industrial Combustion Controls Division. Honeywell is the world’s premier manufacturer of flame safeguard (burner/boiler safety) controls. Lisa’s influence and guidance help keep Honeywell on top.

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Lisa and Eric discuss the  amazing new Honeywell Delphi system, the tremendous value that Honeywell’s distribution network provides customers, the potential dangers and perils of using rebuilt controls, Honeywell’s new C3 contractor program, and what the future holds for the burner/boiler control industry.

Boiler Vision: A new way to order your boiler controls

Finding the right part number to order your replacement boiler controls is not always easy. The main reason is that there are a lot of different controls and controls manufacturers that make up a boiler control system. Each manufacturer has a different part numbering system and location for the part number on the boiler control. Let’s face it the last thing you want to be doing in a hot boiler room is trying to figure out what the part number is and where it is located.

Stromquist & Company has developed a new and easy way for you to order your boiler controls and save time and money. [Read more…]

Honeywell Delphi Boiler Control System

Stromquist & Company sold the first Delphi control systems in the United States. We are pleased to report that the installation of this advanced flamesafeguard system was very easy and our customer is thrilled with how well the system is working. Check out Matt’s demo of the amazing new Honeywell Delphi System!