ControlTalk NOW for Week Ending June 2, 2013

Johnson Controls announces Platinum Sponsorship for the 2013 ControlTrends Awards: The ControlTrends Awards Steering Committee extends it sincere thanks to Johnson Controls and Chris Eichmann for being Platinum Sponsors for the second year. The 2013 ControlTrends Awards will be held at the BB King Blues [Read more…]

Live from Chattanooga, TN — Haystack Connect 2013

Haystack1The Haystack Connect 2013 Day One’s General Session opened with two dynamic Keynote Speakers: DOE’s George Hernandez’s: Sensors and Controls — How Smart is Smart Enough, followed by eRupublic’s Marina Leight, GOVERNING’S Associate Publisher for Infrastructure’s presentation: There’s Something Happening Here: Creating Great Places to Live for the People Who Live There.

Hosted by the top experts and solution providers in their respective fields, the First Day Sessions focused on: Data Modeling, Light Control Technologies, Data Visualization, [Read more…]

Johnson Controls: See What’s Possible in Building Efficiency — The Boom Heard ‘Round the World

Johnson Controls


Technology has had a profound effect on our lives and changed the way we do business, interact with one another, and the way we live. Where will the next great technology boom occur — Silicon Valley, Bangalore, or Eastern China?

It’s happening right now, here, and everywhere — with Building Efficiency! Stand-alone buildings, once inanimate objects are being transformed into thinking, sharing, organisms of energy and active participants in their own operation and management. Invest 2.32 minutes of your time to watch this super cool video The Boom Heard Around the World from Johnson Controls.

There’s a New Sheriff In Town, The Johnson Controls ASSET Tool, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

GOOD: Johnson Controls, Inc (JCI) promised they were going to release some exciting new products and tools — and they have delivered! The JCI Application System/Selection and Estimation Tool (ASSET) is just plain awesome. The ASSET tool evolved from JCI’s branch tool, which now avails this successful application largess to its ABCS distributors and contractor partners.

ASSET allows you to select and refine systems from the project library, generate proposals, submittals, and ordering documents for your project, significantly reducing your overhead in all phases of the process.

The comprehensive menu driven program walks you through the Preparation, Take-off, Refine, Bid, Submit, and Order sections, while all of the related documents are being collocated within the project folder. [Read more…]

Johnson Controls FX: The Good, The Bad , and The Ugly

Johnson Controls: If I took one thing away from my last meeting with my Johnson Controls distributor and his Johnson Controls sales rep, it was Johnson Controls commitment to the 2-Step Distribution Channel and the independent controls contractor. This channel has huge growth potential! Johnson Controls has delivered a host of great FX and FX-PCG products. Enhanced options on the communication platform including Bluetooth, and new software tools will support channel growth! I was impressed! [Read more…]

Open Building Automation Control Systems Made Easy

If you are a building owner, engineer, or HVAC contractor you hear terms like open verses proprietary building controls system and Lon and BACnet. These concepts and terms can be a bit daunting. Thanks to Honeywell’s national account manager and technical control wizard, David Witherspoon, these concepts just got a whole lot easier to understand. Check out David’s presentation by clicking [Read more…]

Johnson Controls AX Software Overview

In this video our friend Kelly walks us through the Johnson Controls AX software platform in preparation for his programing of the Johnson Controls FX 20 controller.

Johnson AX
Stay tuned to controltrends for more of Kelly’s training videos, you might also want to check out hie online training course.

How to set up a Johnson Controls FX20 DDC Control Part 1

Our friend Kelly did these great videos on how to set up a Johnson Controls FX20 Building automation control. Using the FX Tools Kelly shows just how easy it is to connect to and program a Johnson FX20 control.

Look for more “how to videos” from Kelly on controltrends. For more information on Kelly’s online training program go to his website.