ControlTalk NOW for Week Ending April 6, 2014

ControlTalk NOW for week ending April 6, 2014 features Niagara Summit 2014 Powered By Possibilities, and Tridium’s VP of Marketing and Communications, Jenny Graves(@AllThingsJLG). Jenny brings the ControlTrends Community up-to-speed with NS14 and the Niagara Innovator of the Year Award and the Niagara New Product Showcase Award and their respective prizes (HUGE!). With over 350,000 global instances of Niagara in operation, these new awards represent great opportunities for businesses using the Niagara Framework! Submit your Innovation or Product form by April 14, 2014! Winners will be voted on by Summit attendees using crowd sourcing through the social media channels.

ControltalkNow For The week Ending April 6, 2014 from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.

CCControlsContemporary Controls: Three Quick Facts about Our BASautomation Products: Three quick facts from Contemporary Controls: Did You Know – that BASrouters used in pairs can extend your MS/TP wiring? For example if you have a new building or a remote location and you would like to extend your MS/TP wiring to the new cabling without having to pull new wires.

Ken SinclairKen Sinclair’s April Theme for Automated Buildings — Keeping the Cloud Open. Read about the very serious concerns that Ken Sinclair raises regarding the openness of the CLOUD and what the cloud giants may be proposing — forewarning us of how the proprietary cloud noose knot is tied. Excellent articles by John Petze, Therese Sullivan, Toby Considine, Jim Sinopoli, and more.

J2_FinbuilderJ2 Innovations — Visualize Any Data Source with One Technology: With FIN Builder you can now use one technology to visualize a variety of data sources. Whether you want data from a CSV file, Niagara, Sedona, BACnet IP, or content from the stock market, FIN Builder provides the one tool to do it all. Why is this important? You can now train employees in FIN Builder (who don’t need to understand details about Niagara, Sedona, etc.) to build the entire Graphical User Interface (GUI), lowering your total direct costs on the job.

Easy-IOEasyIO is Proud Premier Sponsor at the 2014 Niagara Summit, in Las Vegas. A message from EasyIO’s Mike Marston: EasyIO is delighted and proud, to again be a Premier Sponsor at the 2014 Niagara Summit, in Las Vegas. At this 2014 Summit, EasyIO will release many new features that have been added to its flagship FG Series range of Controllers. The FG is not to be confused with a JACE, as it is targeted at the smaller building’s market sector, however, it does leverage the Niagara Framework, and works perfectly with a JACE or Supervisor, as its Area Controller and/or Supervisor.

jennygravesControlTalk NOW welcomes Tridium’s VP of Marketing and Communication, Jenny Graves(@AllThingsJLG) — who tells ControlTrends what the new Innovation and New Product Awards are all about. Make sure to get signed up for NS14, and for those Niagara Gurus, get your submission forms into right away (Must be received by Tridium NLT 5:00 PM EST to be eligible)!

Johnson-ControlsJohnson Product Update: Johnson Controls Variable Frequency Drives. Ken Smyers gets the 411 on the new and improved Johnson Controls line of Variable Frequency Drives: Micro Variable Speed Drives, Open Variable Speed Drives, IntelliPass Variable Speed Drives, and Enclosed Variable Speed Drives. Johnson Controls Variable Frequency Drives from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.

wattstopper1More Great Energy Savings Products from WattStopper — New Optional Neutral Wall Switch Sensors. Marketing message from WattStopper’s Director of Product Marketing, Carlos Villalobos: I am pleased to announce a new family of Optional Neutral Wall Switch Occupancy Sensors, featuring WattStopper’s patent pending Neutral Sense Technology. This latest innovation from the brand you can trust for rock-solid reliability allows contractors to use any of these devices for two-wire OR three-wire applications, without any special configuration.

TheSmartGridSmart Meter Investments Benefit Rural Customers in Three Southern States. April 1, 2014: Since 2009, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the electricity industry have jointly invested over $7.9 billion in 99 cost-shared Smart Grid Investment Grant projects. Tri-State Electric Membership Corporation’s (Tri-State) Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) project has produced benefits for small, member-owned cooperatives and their customers in rural Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee in several ways.

jade_economizerHoneywell JadeTM Economizer Firmware Update. Honeywell is continuously working to improve the Jade economizer controller. We update the firmware when we make significant changes to the product that will enhance the user’s experience. The last version of the Jade firmware was 1.07 released in 2011.

DozierAdding GM8 Energy Monitors to Entouch Thermostats: Stromquist & Company’s Dozier Mills shows you step by step how to add an Entouch GM8 energy monitoring module to the Entouch thermostats. Entouch Smart Thermostats not only provide great temperature control but do a great job monitoring energy consumption. Great job Dozier !! Keep the videos coming !!!

dglux_building_automation_iconDGLux QR Code Reader Released! “A New Technology For Enhancing Operational Efficiency.” DGLogik releases “A New Technology For Enhancing Operational Efficiency” QR Codes, the 2-Dimensional barcodes that resemble a pixelated square, are a free, open media for embedding links, downloads, geographical data, technical documents, instructions, tutorial videos and other content. The ability to apply a tag (QR Code) to your equipment which is directly integrated with your work order management systems, building automation system, and geographic location is set to become an incredibly useful tool for building operators to increase efficiency.

BillJones_2Mr. Jones Control Tech Tip: How A Maxitrol Gas Pressure Regulator Works. Stromquist & Company’s Bill Jones shares some more of his control knowledge. In this video, Mr. Jones breaks down the Maxitrol gas pressure regulator design and shows you everything you need to know to install and troubleshoot the Maxitrol straight-through gas pressure regulators.

ControlTalk NOW will continue to provide a weekly episode featuring the people, products, and the News of the Week shaping our world of controls, building automation, and the HVAC industry.

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Mr. Jones Control Tech Tip: How A Maxitrol Gas Pressure Regulator Works

Stromquist & Company’s Bill Jones shares some more of his control knowledge. In this video, Mr. Jones breaks down the Maxitrol gas pressure regulator design and shows you everything you need to know to install and troubleshoot the Maxitrol straight-through gas pressure regulators.

Watch Bob Light off a Maxon Burner…….Boom!!!

Stromquist & Company’s Bob Koch demonstrates in a very effective simulation how a typical commercial burner operates, using real and fully functioning parts and pieces (quite professionally, we might add) that create the safest burner environment possible and assure that there is NO BIG BOOM! Bob walks through every aspect of the combustion train, from the main gas pressure and Maxitrol appliance regulators,to the Antunes high-low gas pressure switches, to the MAXON double block and bleed gas safety shutoff valves, to the Honeywell UV scanner and RM7800 series flame safeguard controller with its display module used for start-up and trouble-shooting. Great job Bob!

How to Install a Natural Gas Pressure Regulator

Stromquist and Company handles just about every brand of gas pressure regulator. We stock Maxitrol, Pietro Fiorentini, Itron (Actaris), Sensus, and American Meter. It does not matter what brand gas regulator you are using or if you have a natural gas regulator or a LP Gas pressure regulator they all have one thing in common. If you don’t install the gas regulator correctly it will not work properly.

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Believe it or not nine times out of ten when a gas pressure regulator is not working properly it is one of two things…….. [Read more…]

Maxitrol – 65 Years and Still Regulating

Stromquist has been selling Maxitrol regulators for many years, and we are proud to be an authorized distributor for such a great, time-tested company.  Maxitrol has been manufacturing high-quality regulators for 65 years, and to honor their 65 year anniversary, they are having a cool contest to find the oldest regulator that is still regulating.  [Read more…]

Maxitrol for Maximum Need

Products that perform their job so well that you just do not have to think about them are products that on today’s market seem few and far in between. Maxitrol gas regulators are among this line of products that we as suppliers and contractors have come to depend on.

Founded in 1946 Maxitrol’s headquarters are located in Southfield, Michigan.

The Maxitrol 325 series gas regulators are world renown for their use in the domestic natural gas market. The 325 series allows for inlet pressures up to 10 psig with certified 325 series for 2 and 5 psi systems and vent limiters to reduce the costs of installation by removing the need for a separate gas vent line to be installed by the contractor. New 325-7AL series regulator announced in July of 2010 takes the 325 series to new limits of capacities of over 1,000,000 BTUs. The larger RV series and 210 series are used by OEM boiler and burner manufactures worldwide. [Read more…]

Gas Pressure Regulator Installation

Stromquist & Company handles many brands of gas pressure regulators, including Maxitrol, Pietro Fiorentini, American Meter, Actaris, and Sensus. All regulators have one thing in common:  if you do not install and pipe them correctly, they will not work properly.

Proper installation includes the following:

1) Check to see how your gas regulator can be mounted. Some regulators, like the Pietro Fiorentini, can be mounted in any position (including upside – down).  Others must be mounted per factory instructions to function properly.

2) Use a drip leg immediately in front of the regulator. Any dirt or debris that flows through your pipe should fall into the drip leg so it doesn’t damage the regulator.

3) On start-up use the air pressure used to pressure check for leaks as a dirt blow through the drip leg before introducing natural gas to the regulator. Even brand new pipes and fittings can contain dirt and debris so it is very important to blow the piping in front of the regulator and the drip leg clean before starting up your regulator.

4) Make sure you add a strainer that has a cleanable screen and a blow down plug. Use  line pressure or compressed air as a means of removing dirt and debris via the blow down plug.  Make this part of your preventive maintenance program and you will prolong the life of your regulator.

The enemy of all gas pressure regulators is dirt, foreign matter, welding heads, construction debris, and moisture.

Anything in the piping that can get between the soft seat and orifice area of the regulator can and usually will cause the regulator to over pressure on the down stream side and not regulate.  If debris gets embedded in the soft seat, it will have to be disassembled and cleaned (by a factory trained professional) before the regulator can be recommissioned.

For information on sizing gas pressure regulators check out the video In and out, in and out, cap size

If you are a Stromquist customer or are in GA or FL, call your Stromquist rep for help with your combustion and flow needs. All others, please refer to one of our affiliates at the Controls Group North America site to find a distributor in your area.

The Ventless solution: How to save big on gas pressure regulators

We are really pumped about Pietro Fiorentini gas regulators. Stromquist & Company has the rights to market this unique CSA certified gas pressure regulator in North America. Our customers that have used this regulator rave about it’s performance and the money they have saved because of not having to run a vent line and because of the higher capacities.

For more information check out the PF ( Pietro Fiorentini) videos on Stromquist TV.

If you are not a Stromquist & Company customer, wholesaler, distributor, OEM, or located in Georgia or Florida, please contact Bill or Richard ( 800.241.9471) to find out where you can order this product.