Testo 310 Versus Bacharach Insight and Bacharach Intech: Who has The Better Combustion Analyzer ?

Check out this excellent in the field side by side comparison of the Testo 310, Bacharach Insight and Bacharach Intech combustion analyzers from our friend Jim Bergmann.

Testo Shows Off Products at The 2012 CGNA Vendor Showcase

Testo was showing off some really cool products at the 2012 CGNA vendor Showcase including the Testo 570 and 557 refrigeration analyzers and the Testo 875 Thermal Imager.

If you are located in Georgia or Florida one of the Control Pros at Stromquist & Company can help you with your Testo and HVAC Controls needs. If you are located in another part of the country one of our affiliates at Controls Group North America has you covered.

How Heat Pumps and thermostatic expansion valves work

Thanks agin to our friend, Fitz Rochester for this great video walking us through a heat pump operation. Check out how Fritz is using the Testo 550 to check temperatures and pressures.

Stromquist & Company customers can mention this post to either your Atlanta or Florida counter person and receive an additional 10% off of the Testo 550 digital refrigeration manifold.

In the Field: Real Contractors using Testo 330 and test 435

Thanks again to Fritz Rochester for taking us in the field to see how he uses the Testo 330 to check for a cracked heat exchanger and a Testo 435 to check for efficiencies in the field.

The Testo 330 and Testo 435 are available at Stromquist & Company for customers located in Georgia or Florida. If you are in another part of the country, click here to locate one of our affiliates at Controls Group North America.

Fall 2011 Combustion Analyzer Program from Testo

It is that time of year again. As it begins to get cooler companies like Testo offer really hot deals on their combustion analyzers. One of the easiest ways to reduce your heating bill is to make sure your boilers are tuned correctly. As you can see in this video you can’t go wrong with the Testo 330 combustion [Read more...]

Testo Live Event 11:45 – 1:00 PM ET

Recorded earlier. Check out this Testo combustion training class recorded 11.16.2010,

and learn how to save money by proper combustion fuel air ratio theory and boiler tuning.

Be sure to take advantage of the Testo and Stromquist Fall specials on Testo combustion analyzers.

Thermal Imaging Cameras What you need to know

When it comes to Thermal Imaging Cameras for the commercial buildings market there are several things to take into consideration.  First , how and where will your thermal imaging camera be used? There are all kinds of thermal imaging cameras with different prices, quality levels and things that they can do. For commercial buildings we like the Testo Thermal Imagining Cameras.


Testo offers a range of thermal imaging cameras specifically for commercial building applications. When buying a camera for building applications you should expect to spend [Read more...]

Testo 330-2 Combustion Analyzer: $200 Rebate !

 So you might be asking why are we doing three different posts on Testo Combustion Analyzers ? The main reason is that we have three different videos on the Testo Combustion Analyzers, and I did not want to put them all in one post. The first video focuses on combustion testing, the second video on the Testo 327 combustion analyzer, and this post highlights the Testo 330 combustion analyzer.

As you can see the Testo 327 and Testo 330 are very similar, with the main difference being [Read more...]

Testo 327 Combustion Analyzer: $200 Rebate !!

Of all the combustion analyzers we handle, which include great combustion analyzers by Bacharach and UEI, I love the Testo Products. Testo Instruments is a world leader in combustion and HVAC measurement equipment. The design of all the Testo products is well thought out and engineered;  Testo’s quality is unsurpassed. Check out this video by Value Testers Jim Bergnann to get an idea of what I am talking about.

As you can see the Testo 327 combustion analyzer has a lot of great features that an HVAC technician needs when working with combustion equipment. But is it the right tool for you? [Read more...]