Author: Bill

A Happy New Year

Well, in a couple of days the hands of time will approach the New Year. Before those hands reach the “Twelve O’ Clock” hour, Control

The Christmas Season

No matter what your belief structure is the Christmas/Holiday season is for giving. Thanksgiving is for being thankful for what we have received and Christmas


It’s early, around 5:15 in the morning. The sun is not up and there is a crispy coolness to the morning that brings a small

Veteran’s Day

 ” I Pledged Allegiance”   Photograph by Bill Jones   To all who have served, To all who are serving…. Control Trends says….. ” Thank

Steam Traps

Since the 1970’s with the introduction of “Energy Conservation” steam traps have been elevated in prominence as a good way to conserve energy in steam

How NOT To Install RIB Relay

In our continuing efforts to bring to our readers the BEST controls information available we at Control Trends must at times step back and shake

Cv and What It Means to HVAC Contractors

  There has been a lot of buzz on Control Trends lately on Cv so I thought I would do my best to explain what

Security and Automation Systems

Murry McKay an applications engineer for Siemens has released an interesting White Paper dealing with the security of automation systems. Attacks from malware software to

LOCK UP Gas Regulators: What You Need to Know

 The question of Lock Up verses IRV (Internal Relief Valve) gas regulators has been brought to my attention several times lately so I thought

A look at Siemens

Over the years Control Trends has given you a look at various manufactures of controls and their products. I came across this video the other day

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