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Mechanical Valves Part 2 Gate Valves

Gate valves are rather simple valves that should be used as only open/close valves. Media such as steam going through the gate of the valve

Stromquist Announces New Phone System

As the New Year approaches we at Stromquist and Company are excited about what this New Year will hold for us and all of you,

Mechanical Valves Part 1 Check Valves

Check valves are one of the most basic but important valves in a water or steam system. The most common check valves are Ball Check

People Are Awesome

I normally would not do this but as the title says “People Are Awesome” enjoy.

Rebuilding Johnson Controls Pneumatic Valves

Real nice video on rebuilding a Johnson Controls pneumatic valve. Stromquist and Company has Johnson pneumatic valve repair parts in stock. Give us a call

Holidays and the Wholesaler

The last telephone call comes in and it is a good one. I look over at the fax machine and it is empty of faxes,

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving…one holiday not made up by Hallmark…

What is Boiler Horsepower

I have been asked over the years “What is a boiler horsepower” and what is the design criterion of square feet of heating surface per

The Flame Safe Guard Programmer

We have written many articles about flame safe guard controls on Control Trends but we have not really given an explanation on the basic principles

Principles of Fire Tube Boilers Part 2

I know that many of us are visual learners so I was able to locate these videos on fire tube boilers for part 2, as

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