ACI Releases NEW BACnetTM Sensor Line

Committed to engineering a better sensor solution, ACI has launched the BN Series Temperature and Humidity BACnetTM Sensor Line. This new line has been designed to meet the sensor needs of network-based control systems. ACI’s initial offering includes single point temperature or humidity sensors along with dual point combination temperature and humidity sensors. ACI BACnetTM sensors are available in standard configurations of room/wall, duct, immersion and outside units.

Our single and dual point BACnetTM sensors offer a cost-effective solution for monitoring remote locations and can reduce the need for additional input modules or building management controllers when a limited number of inputs are available.

ACI BACnetTM Sensor Features:

 BACnetTM MS/TP Communication Protocol
 Dip switches to set address and baud rates
 Auto baud rate detection
 Connection “Status” LED
 Temperature unit selection (°F, °C, K) via BACnetTM
 Setting of temperature and RH offsets via BACnetTM
 Conformally coated PCB (duct,immersion, and outside)
 BTL Certified & Listed
 CE Certified

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