The Crystal Ball is Out: January, 2014 Issue!

automatedbuildingsAutomatedbuildings January, 2014 Issue is on-line ready for your perusal featuring a host of industry insight and 2014 industry forecasts by two of the smartest guys in the business: Marc Petock and Jim Sinopoli, along with interviews with the following industry leaders: Control by the People, Lindsay Baker – Building Robotics; Visualize Big Data, Brian Turner – Controlco; Internet of Things, Varun Nagaraj – Echelon; The Truth Behind Automation, Zach Denning; “Life Cycle Costing Buildings” Ron Zimmer – CABA; Connection Communities, BACnet International, Andy McMillan; and Niagara Community, John Sublett.

Brief Preview of Marc Petock’s and Jim Sinopoli’s articles:

LynxspringMarc Petock, Vice President, Marketing, Lynxspring: 2014 is sure to be an interesting ride. While it is never easy to predict with certainty what is likely to happen, I believe as we prepare for 2014 there are some trends that will impact our industry and we should keep our eyes on. In looking at the changes we’ve seen in technology and the evolving demands of the market that have taken place in our industry over the last several years, combined with the ones taking place now, I believe we will see unprecedented growth when it comes to anytime, anywhere, real time information and business intelligence that further drives the way we manage and operate facilities. Also the industry will continue to shift in how facilities are managed being driven not just by the technology side, but by the business side. As a result, we are experiencing a shift in the value equation, moving beyond the important goal of energy efficiency to a more holistic view encompassing overall performance of buildings and their increasingly sophisticated equipment systems as assets to be exploited for increasing value to the business’s bottom line.

smartbuildings Jim Sinopoli PE, LEED BD+C, RCCD Managing Principal, Smart Buildings LLC, Smart Buildings Predictions for 2014: The next big leap will be the development of software applications that not only can identify a system fault, but can automatically correct it. ALL DAY ALL SYSTEMS ANALYTICS: If an airplane can flight eight miles above the earth on “autopilot” why can’t a building on the ground do so? STRUCTURAL MONITORING: What could possibly be monitored in the building envelope and related structure that would assist in measuring and managing the building’s performance? Turns out there is plenty.

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