EASYIO’s New Produal Peripherals. We are Proud to Announce that Produal is our New Partner for Building Automation Measurement!

EasyIO is proud to announce that Produal is our new partner for building automation measurement. We are working jointly with these experts in measurement to offer you efficient, excellent peripheral products with a five year warranty. With this competent peripheral product program, we now aim to be a wide one-stop-shop for our EasyIO Partners.

Our promise: Our partners will benefit from our collaboration with Produal, because the company, just like us, has the know-how and passion for helping customers navigate in the world of intelligent solutions, open technologies and faster projects. That’s a promise.

Products: We can supply various Produal products: sensors, actuators and valves. They’re available for ordering now! Check them out on our new website.

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  1. Hi having problems with controls. How to test sensors. As setpoint is 29.c and temp is 18.c. Unit won’t stop cooling. Program saying comp to run

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