Honeywell WEBs AX: In the Hunt for 2014 Building Automation Control System of the Year

Honeywell WEBs AX offers a Smart Solution for your Intelligent Buildings applications. WEBs AX connects buildings with maximum efficiency, reduces maintenance costs with centralized control. Additionally, WEBs AX offfers an open, scalable solution that lets you take immediate control of your HVAC control starting with thermostatic control, IAQ control, lighting, on your way to total access and video surveillance integration. The Honeywell WEBs AX possibilities are endless!

Whether it is Honeywell WEBs-AX, WebStat or WebVision, Honeywell has a building automation solution (BAS) that takes all the aspects of your building and occupant needs into consideration to maximize energy efficiency and make management of your facility simpler and more convenient. Add the power of Spyder or Stryker controllers and you’ll have the versatility to choose from a collection of best-in-class control products ready to evolve and meet all of your HVAC, lighting and security needs.

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