Meet Brett Pascone, Northeast Services, Winner of the 2017 EasyIO Wireless FW-Series Application of the Year

Brett Pascone (middle) and Daniel Edelman (right), of Northeast Services, join Frank Witmer (left), Chief Engineer Support, Broudy Precision, at the ControlTrends Awards in Chicago, January 21, 2018. Brett Pascone was the winner of the 2017 EasyIO Wireless FW-Series Application of the Year Competition and his prize was an all-expense paid, round trip ticket to the 2017 ControlTrends Awards in Chicago.

In October of 2017, Mike Marston and EasyIO launched a competition to market their newly deployed EasyIO Wireless FW-Series to North American. The first 25 responses that correctly answered seven questions about EasyIO and their product portfolio, accompanied with a description of how they, as a contractor, used the FW-Series WiFi Controller to solve a challenging application.

Brett said that he was immediately attracted to EasyIO because of the free tool sets and training, familiar programming environment, and one view wire sheet, EasyIO provided a simpler, cleaner, and complete package that he could put to immediate and profitable use. Brett also added that he is a big fan of Tony Hughes, a veteran EasyIO integration expert from the United Kingdom, who shares his daily exploits in the building automation market.

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