Next Generation Innovation Episode 5: Teamwork For Better Performance

Episode 5 brings Teamwork and Performance to-the-table, for the Smart Buildings and HVAC community. We use a couple good metaphors in Sports and Music for each.

First-up is (recently Young Gun inducted) Brent Burrows and Chad Erwin from ENTEK. I performed Project Tracker Training with them and was fortunate to witness their exceptional Teamwork; we explore how they’ve become such a good Team and offer suggestions for you!

Next is my Brother, Adam Gorka and Myself! We had just finished our very-first-recording of NGI (including our rocking intro’s and a Thank You episode that’ll come-out later) and I wanted to hammer into something a little different. Among other things, we connect Musical performances with performance on a Job Site. We bounce-around-a-bit, but I think you’ll enjoy this interview; many more to come : )

Listen to “Episode 5 Teamwork equals Results” on Spreaker.

Short and sweet, you’ll be ready for the next-episode!

To hear more of Aaron click here for Episode 4, ” Future Proofing Your Smart Buildings or HVAC controls business” or check out all our smart building controls podcasts on the ControlTrends Podcasting network.

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