Rob Allen Breaks Down 2014 ControlTrends Awards Finalist Blue Ridge Technologies

Don’t let the fact that Blue Ridge Technologies is a new comer to the ControlTrends Awards fool you. This lighting solution provider is a powerhouse,  they specialize in Unified Lighting Control.

Unified Lighting Control completes the BAS, incorporating lighting and HVAC controls on the same network. This network consolidation eliminates surplus hardware required for stand-alone and gateway lighting control. As a result, installation and maintenance costs decrease while simple and complete building control increases energy savings. This approach provides more savings for less cost.

Our Rob Allen investigates Blue Ridge Technologies and Unified Lighting Control on this episode of 7 Minutes in Control.

Many believe that when a complete Building Automation System (BAS) is required, Unified Lighting Control is a superior lighting control solution. We will know January 26, 2015 if the world-wide ControlTrends Community agrees with this statement when their votes will be heard. Nominated for the 2014 Lighting Integration Provider/Solution of the Year Award, we wish Blue Ridge Technologies all the best.

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