The Smart Building Automation Evolution: From Ethernet to Emotion

Join Ken Sinclair, Therese Sullivan and Brad White as they discuss Smart Building controls evolution over the last twenty years.

The smart building controls evolution is closely coupled with the internet. What has changed in the 20 years of the Internet?

Cost is down; speed is up, everything has an IP address, the Internet has become clouded with powerful microcomputers that are out on the edge, self-learning and sharing their intelligence with everyone – and everyone is continuously connected.

As this is Ken Sinclair’s, 20th year of providing education sessions at AHR Expo, he is uniquely qualified to moderate this panel and report on the smart building evolution that has occurred.

In this video,  Ken and the panel, pull from this evolution timeline,the significant events and milestones that are likely  to be part of our next 20 years. Brad White joined the evolution at the halfway mark so  he provides a fresh perspective on the smart building controls history. They share takeaways, provide perspectives from their individual smart building controls journeys, and discusses the crest of change that is coming with digital mindfulness, building emotions, and self-learning edge-bots. One thought from the panel “Instead of trying to make humans more technically savvy, make technology more human.” Great job Ken, Therese, and Brad!

For even more building emotion in smart buildings, be sure to check out, Ken and Lawrence’s podcast Ken and Dr.Lawrence Ampofo discuss how “To succeed at digital transformation, instead of making humans more technical, we need to make technology more human.”Welcome to Digital Mindfulness Unlocking value and opportunities from time well spent digital experiences – Current smart environments operate on a machine level and do not understand people – New paradigm: smart environments can operate at a human level – New technological innovations (AI, Emotive Computing) and advances in scientific disciplines (neuroscience, psychology) will demonstrate this to be possible.

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