Functional Devices Introduces New Wi-Fi RIB Products

RIB_WIFI2 EXPAND YOUR NETWORK — EXPAND YOUR CONTROL — At Functional Devices, the Internet of Things is happening today! Functional Devices is very proud to introduce its new Wi-Fi RIB products!

Functional Devices’ Wi-Fi RIBs are the I/O devices for the next wireless generation of Building Automation and Energy Management Systems. You can turn your devices on and off wirelessly, and monitor your network remotely.

Sweet-spot applications and specs for the next-gen Wi-Fi RIBs include: On/off control throughout network for parking lot lights, air handling units, unit ventilators, boilers, chillers, and motors.

Model RIBTW24B-WI-N4 On/off/monitor control with results throughout network for temperature, humidity, current, flow, pressure, level, and proximity. Model RIBTW2401B-WIUI-N4 24 VAC/DC power input, 20 Amp Relay

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