Optergy Enterprise + Proton — Tenancy Application Datasheet

Optergy tenancy provides building automation contractors a unique opportunity to differentiate themselves from other contractors by bundling more project scope. Optergy tenancy enables building owners to recover utility costs through billing of tenants for electricity, gas, water, thermal energy (chilled & hot) and after hours air-conditioning override. Optergy produces consumption reports in CSV and PDF or can automatically issue a formal invoice to building tenants.

Dashboards, foyer displays and weather data combined allows the contractor to turn raw data into contextual and meaningful information that effectively communicates to building occupants.

Optergy tenancy features allow the system to automatically generate content for tenants that include:

• Utility billing
• After hours override and billing
• Dashboards
• Foyer displays
• Weather data

Utility Billing

Utilities such as electricity, gas, water and thermal (chilled & hot) can be easily metered/sub-metered and
assigned to tenants for billing based on usage. Tenants that occupy multiple spaces can have multiple meters
contribute to a single final bill per utility type. The bill itself can be configured to reflect property
management branding, tariff charges, how to pay options and configured for automatic email distribution.

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