Three Steps to Being Controlling – Start by Measuring! The Sarah Connor Controls Chronicles

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!” Whether it is the quest to save the planet from energy inefficiencies, or just to find a great way for a building to save money, it all starts with one thing.  MEASURE it!  How can Stromquist, as a leading distributor of HVAC and lighting controls, help you in your quest? Take a minute today to think about your current projects, and make sure that you’ve covered these three important steps.


Now remember that I, Sarah Connor, being female, love to control everything.  Control success always follows three steps.  Digress for a minute, and imagine that instead of controlling energy consumption, you are trying to control your weight.  (You know, Spring Break is almost here!)  The same three-step plan that works for weight loss will also work for controlling energy inefficiencies!


Step 1 – MEASURE it!  If you want to lose weight, you need to measure your current weight regularly, then measure caloric intake and usage.  The same thing applies for energy management.  Measure electrical consumption: install energy sub meters,like those from Honeywell, on all larger electrical loads. Then measure water and gas consumption with meters you can get from your local control pro at Stromquist & Company. View these measurements regularly in one easy-to-reference dashboard. I really like the Prophet Suites dashboard.  Stromquist can help you identify the best products for handling this critical function.


Step 2 – MANAGE it!  Just like in weight loss, you have to use the measurements in order to create a plan for managing the opportunities for improvement.  Too many calories consumed and too little energy spent means too much excess fat storage.  To lose weight, you have to enact a diet and exercise plan.  To reduce a building’s energy consumption, you need to manage not only the total energy used, but also manage efficiencies for that necessary energy.  Look at using controls technology so excess energy isn’t wasted, but also remember to consider natural efficiencies such as daylighting.  Integrating security systems may provide the on-demand control necessary so that only occupied areas of the building are kept lighted and comfortable. Turn to Stromquist when you need just the right control for every situation.


Step 3 – MEASURE IT AGAIN, and report it!  And how will you know if your diet plan is working?  You step on the scales. You try on the jeans.  Constant measurement is the critical feedback that reinforces what is working, and identifies further opportunities for improvement.  Real-time data reporting shows the CFO that the bottom line is affected by controls implementation.  Again, Stromquist knows the products available for this real-time reporting, and the best experts in the control industry are ready to help.


Measure, Manage, Measure to Report.  With great products and expert Stromquist support, now is the time to go and take control!!

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