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The Internet of Drones has Landed | Why Drones Are the Next Internet
Drones are a game changer and hold vast potential for streamlining and reducing the cost of inspection and monitoring tasks associated with reliability and asset performance.

Drone technology has been democratized and it’s now fast, cheap and out of control. It’s like the Internet all over again.

Once the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) rules for using drones commercially are approved, the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International estimates the economic impact of the industry could reach $13.6 billion in the first three years and climb to $82.1 billion by 2025. Part of that impact will be the addition of 103,000 jobs, paying a minimum of $40,000 for those involved in manufacturing the drones, and more for the engineers and operators. Equipped with new capabilities, such as integrated audio and text with real-time video feeds and the ability to overlay images over existing footage through augmented reality, next generation drones could have significant commercial value for businesses across industry segments.

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