2020 JACE 8000 Trade-Up Program & Niagara AX End-of-Life Reminder

Move to Niagara4 NOW and Save!

Dear Niagara Community Member,

Niagara4 is in its ninth release, so if you are still on a legacy Niagara Framework® platform, you are missing out on powerful new graphics visualization, provisioning, tagging and analytics enhancements. If your goal is smart buildings that deliver greater comfort and energy savings, edge control should be part of your strategy.  New functionality built into Niagara4 supports critical edge control of field equipment  as well as the ACE engine for fast restart times. Plus, Niagara4 customers with active licenses can be confident that their software incorporates the latest cyber-security upgrades and cyber defense features. Niagara4’s enterprise customers are welcoming Niagara’s new Security Dashboard, for example.

Tridium has launched a series of incentive programs to enable our loyal Niagara AX customers to smoothly transition to Niagara4. Our channel partners, migration tools and support resources are in place now. We have designed these incentives to encourage all Niagara AX customers to act as soon as possible. Not only will these incentives expire soon, total costs for delaying Niagara4 migrations to beyond July 1st, 2021, risk being much higher, as AX software licenses will no longer be sold and replacement parts for AX-era hardware will no longer be stocked.  If you still have AX deployments, we encourage you to upgrade any of your older hardware now to JACE® 8000s to keep your systems operable while migrating to the latest Niagara4  release.

There are a number of current programs that end June 30, 2020: 

  • JACE-IO Trade-Up Program:  When customers replace an older JACE with a JACE 8000, they can get 20% off the IO-R-16 and IO-R-34 units that complete the bundle. Click for the program brochure.
  • Intelligence at the Edge: This program is your opportunity to replace legacy JACE 234/334 units and non-IP-based plant controllers with Niagara Edge™ 10 + IO-R-34 modules. By acting now, customers can get 20% off an IO-R-34 to pair with an Edge 10 and position themselves for success in edge control at a very attractive price/performance point. Click for program brochure
  • Get Connected Initiative: Tridium is now offering volume discounts of 20% to accommodate the need to connect more devices through this program designed for IoT deployments with high volume requirements. Click for the program brochure.
  • Niagara Enterprise Security Trade-Up Program: Get the Niagara Enterprise Security bundle for 20% off and start integrating access control, identity, video surveillance, intrusion and visitor management systems into Niagara Framework. Click for the program brochure.

Tridium has also launched a new JACE Trade-Up program that will run until December 15, 2020: 

Customers that take advantage of this program will realize substantial hardware, software and software maintenance discounts when replacing legacy AX JACEs. Any  AX JACEs purchased after January 1, 2017 are eligible for an additional savings!  Click for the program brochure
FOLLOW UP with your Tridium Niagara provider for discount details!


  • February 12, 2020: Niagara AX 3.8 U5 is released. This will be the last Niagara AX release for legacy JACE platforms. (JACE 2, 3E, 6, 6E, 7, Sec JACE 6)
  • October 1, 2020: AX Supervisor models no longer available for sale. Niagara 4 model may be purchased with AX downgrade.
  • July 1, 2021: 
    • Sales of all Niagara AX licenses and license options end
    • Sales/replacements for Legacy JACEs end
    • Fixes for defects and cyber issues end

Download the Niagara AX overview and FAQ document for additional information. 

These incentive programs are only in place for a limited time. Contact your Tridium account manager or Niagara partner today to get started. Hardware pricing will never be more advantageous. By acting now you can avoid any AX end-of-life crunch and the risk of non-support. Plus, your facilities and cyber-defense teams will appreciate all the powerful productivity features and cyber-defense improvements built into Niagara4!

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