CGNA Web Institute’s Presentation of Schneider Electric’s Building Insights – Control and Management – A Game Changer for Small Buildings

CGNA’s Jim Hayman and Peter Phan host David Moody, Schneider Electric’s North American Sales Support Manager, who rolls out a new Schneider Electric solution — to be made available from a CGNA Member Distributor near you. Introducing Schneider Electric’s Building Insights — a cloud-based Solution for Multi-site Energy Management that is a game-changer for small buildings.

Challenges: Your business. Your challenges. Our solution. Managing multiple sites efficiently is challenging. Owners and operators of small and medium buildings need smart solutions to maintain visibility, optimize operations and reduce costs, while maintaining comfort and driving revenue.

Value Proposition: An unrivaled suite of features provides and end-to-end solution, so you can make smarter decisions and manage your enterprise more efficiently. Take control. React quickly. Reduce energy costs. Improve efficiency. Drive business value. Accelerate ROI.

* Value-driven solution derived from innovation and expertise.
* Up to 30% energy savings in less than two years.
* Fit for enterprises of thousands of small buildings.
* Wireless technology for minimal disruption.
* Secured access to who you want, when you want.

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