Changing a Belimo Actuator: Whatever You Do, Don’t Do This!

belimo actuator from

You don't need any tools to change this Belimo Actuator, but make sure you don't...

Well,  watch the video, it’s a great video and Belimo makes great actuators, in fact, in this how-to-video, you will learn the  proper way to remove and install the QCV and PIQCV zone valve actuators. The QCV and PIQCV easily connect and disconnects to the allowing operators and technicians to install valves quickly, efficiently, and without the use of tools. This helps simplify commissioning and reduces labor costs. The clip position to set the CV or GPM is also explained. To learn more about Belimo ZoneTight Zone Valves, visit, and to purchase this actuators you can go to your local distributor, or a master distributor like or

OK, make sure you don’y try to unscrew the actuator from the valve body, it pops off!

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