Episode 353 ControlTalk NOW features our interview with Tridium’s Director of Strategic Business, Ed Merwin

"We talk about the edge to cloud -- and some of that stuff was just noise several years ago -- it's real, real stuff now. Stacks are a little more complex or what we touch is a little more complex, so the technologies are are changing, too." Ed Merwin, Tridium

Ed Merwin, Tridium’s Director of Strategic Business, has been a leading  force in the Building Automation Industry for over twenty years. Ed’s enthusiasm and excitement about the opportunistic state that our industry is in at the moment — is compelling. As Tridium prepares itself for the Niagara Summit 2020 in San Diego, next month, listen in and hear why Ed thinks this will the best and most diverse Summit event yet: Chip level AI, Cyber Security technologies, MQTT — the BACnet of the Cloud, and much more awaits NS2020 attendees.

"We've seen more change in the last year than we've seen in the previous five years."

In case you missed it...

Project Haystack Selected Among DOE’s Building Technologies Office Energy Efficiency Frontiers & Innovation Technologies (BENEFIT) Funding Opportunity

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA – October 14, 2021 – The Project Haystack Organization (www.project-haystack.org), a collaborative community addressing the challenge of utilizing semantic modeling and tagging to streamline

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