How To Power Your Smart Building with Your Smart Car: Which is Really….Smart?

How to power a building with your car:

Listen up Control Pro, do you think a building can be powered by a car? the answer is yes! And this will change everything, As you will hear in this interview segment with renowned futuristic Sudda Janthe, explains how this is even possible and how it will affect smart buildings and the companies that serve them. Go to to see the entire interview, and please subscribe to our YouTube Channel if you have not already. How do you think this new technology will affect your Smart Building or HVAC Controls Service business? We would love to hear from you in comments.


Transcript HighLights: Welcome Sudha Jamthe to ControlTalk Now The Smart Buildings Podcast. Welcome to the show.

Sudha Jamthe: Thank you for having me to pleasure.

Well, I guess the first question I’ve got to ask you is how did you become a futurist? I come from a tech background where I built products and what the technology industry. My last corporate job was at eBay and I used to work with data hitting that mobile analytics division. So it was focused on how do you use, how do you show up from the phone and iPad and across different platforms. And I was watching this word off everything getting connected, and it was started with the variables for me. And so I get excited about new technologies. I knew that all my life and being in operational experience, bringing operational experience from industry kind of grounds me and I started thinking about, okay, is this hype or is this real? And I realized that it was so much hype and noise about Internet of things. And Yeah. Dot. Artificial intelligence and how things are going to be connected, but nothing was set in stone. So I got excited and started thinking they searching and then I wrote my books and that’s how I became a technology futurist where I predict, stick my head out and say 2020, there’s going to be AI or autonomous vehicles or 2030 is my prediction for autonomous cars. 2020.

I see, uh, AI everywhere.

Sudha Jamthe: that was about how buildings can be powered using autonomous vehicles. So everybody thinks I’m anonymous. Vehicles as is as heving., you don’t need to drive and a car is just going to drive us. I don’t have any back into reality for everything that gets connected. We need energy. And so that are these batteries, which are for electric makers becoming two ways. So the, the Vaco can charge itself and then hold the chart in the, in the battery so that it can dry. So now what Nissan did, and a few other companies have also tested this out in Europe, but Nissan brought it to us and said, hey, via just not, uh, only, uh, having to do a badly for the car to hold the chart, but we are going to show you how it can charge a bending. And so they have actually forward their own headquarters here. And so that thinking, and that is called V two G, which is vehicle to grid. Essentially the car can give the charge back to the electric grid. And if you think about it, it is drawing from the grid, but it is also sending back to the grid. But it is managing what is called as demand response. And that got me thinking and that’s what this article is about. So we V to G, what is the, if there’s a blackout you could just get the autonomous Vehicle driving up and charging the building back. And that’s the core concept of that article.

Sudha Jamthe: So, um, like I said, the need energy for anything that’s going to be connected and the new one of everything getting connected, there is a whole concept of Vaco, not just vacant. I wonder to thank you for that option. So buildings are going to need charge. Buildings are going to need electricity, not just for the regular functioning, but as more and more devices get connected inside the building. So to bring this charge, the building itself have solar panels, solar panels in my house and it goes back to I get it. It doesn’t just fall on my holistically. It’s possible that could happen. But what does he living? And you mentioned blockchain. What is evolving is that small and microgrid that’s being created by many startups using blockchain where there could be a little substation just made sore your building or for an office complex and so it doesn’t have to bring charges from somewhere across the country and go through transmission in bad weather. It just on demand need to produce what you need. I need to give it to you. And in fact I was talking to somebody recently who works in an x, which is the Italian utility company and ad and d unit here. And she was talking about how she uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to actually look at every meter in a building and predict what should, what would be the demand and what is the optimal time to turn on certain instruments in the, in the complex

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