Lynxspring Offers Four Conversion Options to Take Niagara R2 to Niagara AX

lynxspring_logoNiagara R2 to Niagara AX –The time has come to replace Niagara R2 in favor of the far more advanced Niagara AX!

The Niagara Framework has evolved significantly since the first commercial version; Niagara R2 was first introduced. Since that time, Niagara has become the industry’s open software platform standard that enables the integration of complex and disparate monitoring, control and automation solutions.

Niagara R2 is no longer an effective solution as it has reached its product end-of-life. As of December 31, 2015, we will see the end of distribution of Niagara R2 products as well as the end of transfer of existing R2 to AX licenses. In addition, technical support will discontinue.

The time has come to replace Niagara R2 in favor of the far more advanced Niagara AX.

Lynxspring has been involved in hundreds of R2 to AX conversions. We have made it quick and easy to migrate from R2 to AX. The Lynxspring Niagara R2 replacement program offers you a choice of 4 conversion options that deliver a high performance solution and meets the challenges of today’s more advanced facilities with increased capacity to handle more connectivity, more integration, and more interoperability delivering a high ROI for you and your customers.

To find out more about our R2 to AX conversion program, contact

Marc Petock
Vice President, Marketing
Lynxspring, Inc.

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