New Product Release: Onyx™ BACnet™ to Haystack Data Pump

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This just in from our Friends at Lynxspring:

Lynxspring is pleased to announce the availability of our new
Onyxx™ BACnet™ to Haystack Data Pump.

With the number of and variety of equipment, sensors, devices and building automation systems that are available to connect to, the amount of building data available has increased considerably. With this, comes value in having large amounts of data. But, the challenge lies in how to manage and get useful information out of the data; especially as these data sets often come with various formats, naming conventions, and syntaxes.

It is one thing to have access to data. It is another to make it actionable.

While the potential for using data to improve energy and operational efficiencies is significant, the difficulty of organizing and understanding the data can be challenging. One of the challenges of working with data is it can be very hard to organize and use across different applications. It is stored in different formats, has inconsistent naming conventions and lacks information to describe what it means.

Without meaningful, accurate and real-time data management, many struggle making critical and strategic business decisions that impact their company’s bottom line.

The Onyxx Data Pump helps to overcome the data organization challenge and easily enables the use of common naming conventions and tagging for building operational and energy data with one of the industry’s preferred protocols.

Streamlining the interchange of data from BACnet devices and building and systems, The Onyxx BACnet to Haystack Data Pump provides network communication and data exchange. The device handles the protocol translation of BACnet points to manageable Haystack points. Acting as a BACnet client device the Onyxx Data Pump manages all BACnet/BACnet/IP/Ethernet or BACnet MS/TP devices connected to it.

Key features of the Onyxx BACnet to Haystack Data Pump include:

BACnet/BACnet/IP/Ethernet and BACnet MS/TP to Haystack
Converts any BACnet device to a virtual Haystack device object
Compatible with all Haystack servers
Haystack output is client/server based with mass data storage onboard
Pushes data and protects integrity
Operator simply connects to the Onyxx Data Pump utilizing a standard browser
User is presented with all of the configuration screens, documentation, device settings, help, and software tools needed to complete a successful project
Additional Benefits for You:

Direct Connect
Local data storage–Capacity 30 days
3GB free space
Defaults every 30 days, overwrites
No bulky front end
Cost effective

Onyxx BH311 Data Pump Data Sheet
Onyxx BH311 Data Pump FAQs
Additional Project Haystack Background

The data revolution has enabled companies to make better, more informed decisions and discover valuable new insights. The amount of data created by equipment, systems and devices has exploded in recent years.

As data velocity has risen, companies must be able to get the right data, understand it and help solve and address specific issues. Many companies struggle with data, despite their best efforts.

The Project Haystack methodology utilizes tags and semantic data models to define and describe the meaning of data from smart devices of all types and enables software applications to automatically consume, analyze and present data from devices and equipment systems. The methodology includes detailed documentation describing data modeling techniques, libraries of consensus approved equipment models, and software reference implementations to easily enable software applications to consume smart device data that has marked up data descriptions.

Additional Project Haystack Resources

IIBC Project-Haystack White Paper

Contact your Lynxspring Business Development Manager or for more information.

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