Contemporary Controls April Control Network Newsletter: Building Automation During a Pandemic

While the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, the building automation industry is racing to meet the demand for remote solutions and maintain critical infrastructure.

Building Automation During a Pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic has made terminology like “shelter in place” and “personal protective equipment,” commonplace. At our headquarters in Illinois, our manufacturing plant is up and running because our industry is considered essential. But we’re standing in the doorway of someone’s office to talk rather than sitting at their desk. We aren’t sharing tables at lunch and it always smells like disinfectant.
Custom Graphics Feature in Latest BASview3 Firmware
The latest BASview3 firmware (2.09 and later) provides a custom graphics feature. Image files of floor plans, equipment, or custom logos in PNG or GIFF file format can be uploaded to the BASview3 and used in graphic screens.
Monitor Your Facility Remotely
As the need for social distancing becomes increasingly necessary during the COVID-19 outbreak, the benefits of being able to monitor and control building automation systems remotely becomes apparent. We offer several products which can assist you.
Repeated Recognition of Technical Support
Contemporary Controls is a small manufacturing company competing in an industry filled with big players. Customers choose Contemporary Controls because of our products and our trusted technical service. We have an industry-wide reputation for technical support. You’ll hear that from our loyal customers and you’ll see it reflected in the multiple industry awards we’ve received.
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