EasyIO’s Mike Marston and Lim Hoon Chiat Discuss the FW Wireless Controller “That Will Change the World!”

This is the first video of a series from EasyIO’s Mike Marston and Lim Hoon Chiat, who share their visions of the FW Series wireless controllers — that they believe will change the world of Building Automation. Lim cites how WiFi, the defacto protocol for wireless networking, has been around for over 20 years, and because it’s so pervasive and each generation is inherently compatible, it’s ideally suited for the HVAC and Building Automation industry. Plus, WiFi keeps up with the constant challenge of security issues. Manufacturing is a game of volume and millions of routers are manufactured every year. By adding I/O to an existing low cost router, EasyIO is able to take advantage of latest and greatest IOT technologies, especially the processor speeds and expanded memory. EasyIO’s FW Series Controllers are freely programmable using the CPT and SOX Sedona tools, and are readily adaptable for wireless-to-wired requirements, making them ideal for VAV, RTU, and Fan Coil applications. More to come.

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2 Responses

  1. Mike and Lim

    Most existing VAV systems do not have power in the ceiling. Typical VAV retrofits require a circuit breaker connected to a transformer panel then 24V cable installed to the various VAV boxes. If you have to run 24V cabling then you might as well run communications cable at the same time. If your VAV box is fan powered than the wireless module will provide installation labor savings. If existing is pneumatic you will have to replace with electric actuators.

    LoRa wireless technology can communicate from the first floor wireless end node device to the 50th floor gateway location. Plug-in repeaters are also available if required.

    Great pricing, software and good for RTUs/ fan coil units.

    If you would like licensing for my patented wireless control the ecWizard please let me know.


    George Fincher

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