Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings’ April edition takes a Deep Dive into Adaptation and the Art of Survival

"What has 50 years in the industry taught me? The more I learn the less I know, but 'Adaptation' is our survival superpower." Ken Sinclair, editor

Ken's cites Darwin's quote to attest to the critical nature of adaptation, he explains, "This may best describe my last 50 years, certainly not the most intellectual or the strongest but one of the most adaptable. Growing up as a very small younger brother and with all my friends, and not friends who were all huge, I learned to run faster than most could, with extreme awareness of my present environments. Agility with the ability to go around unmovable objects quickly proved to be a good life skill."

These are must read articles. This is a great collection of Industry Insight!

Adaption,  Marc Petock  Lynxspring, Inc. Editor

demystify the complexity,  Sudha Jamthe CEO IoTDisruptions Editor

Is there a need for Digital Triplets? Quadruplets? Siblings even? Nicolas Waern, WINNIIO Editor

Quantum Digital Twins — from system topologies to AI Troy Harvey, CEO PassiveLogic

Connected Complexity

“The Only Constant is Change” Phillip Kopp, CEO Conectric Networks

What if Less is More?  Andy Frank Founder & Principal Novant

State of the BAS Job Market (Part 1) Skip Freeman BASI Solution

Managing the Edge: Edge vs Cloud

What Data Facility Managers Need to Know Reza Alaghehband, CEO & Founder of Envio Systems

Low-cost Asset Tracking Jim Henry, Spotto – Investor / Business Development Manager

Digital Twin Future of Buildings Paved By APIs?

Haystack Connect 2021 Agenda Takes Shape, John Petze, Executive Director, Marc Petock, Executive Secretary, Project Haystack 

From Y2K to 2021
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