Siemens’ New RDY2000BN with BACnet

RDY2000BNSiemens Building Technologies has taken the already impressive RDY2000 commercial thermostat and added BACnet capability.  This new thermostat is ideal for schools, medical offices, retail space, and restaurants and can now communicate with any BACnet system in the building.  You can bring more buildings and zones under control, reduce energy costs and maximize comfort with this easy to install thermostat loaded with built-in features:

  • Multiple built in IAQ applications manage wide range of conditions (CO2, Humidity, Demand Ventilation…)
  • Multiple inputs and outputs provide for flexible sensing and control schemes
  • Customizable, backlit touchscreen display simplifies user interaction


● Controls conventional systems with up to 3 stages heating and 3 stages cooling.

● Controls heat pumps with 1 or 2 compressors and up to 2-stage auxiliary heat.

● On-board temperature and humidity sensor.

● Multiple configurable inputs and outputs enable advanced control strategies.

● Set-up Wizard enables rapid system configuration.

● No special tools required for installation or commissioning.

● Seven-day (2- or 4-event) occupancy scheduling.

● Sleek design with backlit 5-inch LCD touchscreen.


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  1. I am shandong chenxuan valve manufacturing co., LTD,I would like to inquire about the price and delivery date of RDY2000BN.The number is 40。It has arrived in jinan, shandong province, China. Please reply as soon as possible! thank you

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