2019 Controls-Con is a Complete Success! See Day 2 Business and Technology Track Summaries

Congratulations to Scott Cochrane, Kristina Reid, and the entire team at Cochrane Supply and Engineering for delivering the biggest and best Controls-Con Event ever! ControlTrends will continue our coverage of the 2019 Controls-Con in the near future with more video interviews and articles, so stay tuned.

BUSINESS TRACK: For sales professionals, managers, executives. Evolution: From BAS to IoT to a New Business Model

Implementing an IoT platform has become an art form. The right mixture of trade and IT capabilities has created new and exciting opportunities for business development. This session was comprised of a panel of large end users that already use an IoT framework on a significant scale. Discussions included best practices and real-life examples of how IoT is changed the business we work in.

TECHNOLOGY TRACK: For programmers and engineers. Integration Lifecycle

This session dove deep into concepts and best practices surrounding the “Integration Lifecycle.” Topics included: Network Planning, N4 System Database, Tag Dictionaries and Hierarchy Planning, Templates, Authenticators, Virtual Points, N4 Analytics, and Responsive Panes.

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