Episode 365 ControlTalk NOW — Tim Vogel, Director of IoT — tells us about the KMC Commander, and the Secret Sauce at KMC Controls!

"KMC has taken a very IT-centric, modern SaaS software approach and we're applying it to an industry that is resistant to change -- that has been built primarily on buying a project out, locking it down for ten years, and making all the money on the backend." Tim Vogel, Director of IoT, KMC Controls


Tim Vogel returns to KMC Controls as Director of IoT. His former roles in marketing and business development have prepared him well.  “KMC has a firm foundation and legs to stand on because we don’t have to convince you of our quality, we’ve proven that over the last fifty years.” Great interview with someone who looks forward to great success ahead.

KMC Commander is Open, Secure, and Scalable -- Whether it's one single small building or a 600 building project!

KMC Commander is an open, secure, and scalable IoT platform that businesses can use to optimize processes and increase efficiency. Using the Dell Edge Gateway 3000, you can connect to building systems and devices easily and securely. The devices are then quickly discovered, profiled and tagged for easy data collection.

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