Pre-Con’s Smart Building Integrators Summit: Chart Your Next Moves from a Single Building to a Large Portfolio

ibcon_panel_view Realcomm/IBcon 2016 Pre-Con Smart Building Integrators Summit provides a detailed map where the next-generation Master Systems Integrator is — and how you can get there.

Today we are dealing with three different generations of smart building technologies: (1) Past (closed, proprietary, single system), (2) Current (more open and attempting to retrieve data and functionality of the older more closed systems) and (3) Future (IP-enabled, intuitive GUIs, analytics, edge devices pumping data directly to the cloud). But, with all of these new changes comes more and more involvement with IT technologies.

The Smart Building Integrators Summit is designed to give system integrators an opportunity to learn more about what the next generation of Master Systems Integrator looks like. The discussion topics include: emerging technologies; dealing with large portfolios rather than single buildings; developing strategies that are open, integrated and interoperable, and; providing a perspective on the business side of this new paradigm. Understanding the complex business needs of clients and prospects is more important than ever when it comes to this new breed of smart buildings.


This half-day Summit and workshop will be open to system integrators and consultants from Building Automation, HVAC, IT, AV, Multimedia, Digital Signage, Lighting, Security and Industrial Controls who are ready to go to the next level in intelligent building design and delivery. If you’re a traditional integrator looking to expand your service offerings to meet the contemporary needs of today’s intelligent buildings, portfolios, campuses and cities, you won’t want to miss this timely Summit!

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