Smart Building Institute: Specifying Automated Integration: Division 25 (Advanced Class)

SmartBuildingsInstitute Upcoming Web Classes: Specifying Automated Integration: Division 25 (Advanced Class) May 14, 2014 – Registration ends May 12. Division 25 is within the specification group of the MasterFormat and part of the Facility Services subgroup which includes fire suppression, plumbing, heating/ventilating/air conditioning, electrical, communications and electronic safety and security. Integrated automation is clustered with all the other sections in which individual building systems may be specified. Division 25 focuses on the interaction and integration between building systems and the optimization of building operations. Click here for more information.

Our Mission: The Smart Building Institute (SBI) is a non-profit corporation organized to facilitate the growth and education of smarter building and smarter building operations.SBI establishes an ongoing and updated series of conditions that qualify a building as “smart”. These conditions are set by SBI Board of Directors. As practices, products, and solutions emerge and evolve, the conditions and versions of the scoring criteria will change to reflect these innovations. Members of SBI are committed to change and innovation in the way buildings are designed and operated.

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